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Photo Tips

1. Overview
  • You may upload up to 26 photos in each of two galleries for a total of 52 photos.
  • Your MassageExchange.com account has both a Public and Private photo gallery. Public photos may be viewed by all members. Private photos may be viewed only by permission from you. You may extend a "Photo Pass" (via an e-mail or greeting) to those you grant permission to view your Private Gallery.
  • The photo displayed on your profile is called your Primary Photo. It must be a clear head-shot. The remaining photos are displayed in your photo gallery, one click away.
2. Saving photos from a web page / e-mail

To save a web site photo:

  1. Right click the image with your mouse and select Save Picture as... or Save Image As...

To save a photo received as an e-mail attachment:

  1. Click on the photo or attachment inside the message with the left mouse button and keep the left mouse button pressed while you drag the photo/attachment to your Desktop (or inside a folder) then release the mouse button to drop it there.
3. Photo Editing
When an image is too large / needs editing, try one of these free programs:
4. Uploading Photos
  1. Click My Photos (center panel, home page) or ProfileMy Photos from the top menu.
  2. Select a Gallery tab:
    • Standard Gallery - these photos will be visible all members
    • Private Gallery - these photos are by permission only. You must send a "Photo Pass" (via an e-mail or greeting) to grant a member access to your Private Gallery.
  3. To add photos, in the blue Photo Upload section, drag a photo there or click to browse. If you're using an older browser, use the Browse... button (or Choose File button if you're using Safari) to locate the photo in your computer.
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