Photo Uploading


Unlike internet e-mail, photos on are not "sent" as attachments. Instead, members upload photos to their photo gallery for others to view.


Everyone has two galleries: Standard and Private. Members may upload up to 26 photos in each of their two galleries for a total of 52 photos.
  • Photos you upload to your Standard Gallery will be attached to your profile for any member to see. Since they're attached to your profile, they'll be "sent" automatically with each message (e-mail or greeting) you send.
  • Photos you upload to your Private Gallery will be visible only to members to whom you send a Photo Pass.

    That is, Private gallery photos will be "sent" along with each message (e-mail or greeting) you send where you have clicked Photo Pass in the message dialogue box as shown at the right. If the Photo Pass button is not checked, they will not be visible to the message recipient (or any other member).

Primary Photo

The photo displayed on your profile is called your Primary Photo. When members do a search or receive your message, your Primary Photo is attached, so it's pretty important to have a Primary Photo.

Primary Photo Requirements:
  • It must be a clear head-shot, with your face filling at least 50% of the photo, and
  • be either square or narrower.
Sample Primary Photo
You may select any conforming photo from your Standard gallery as a Primary Photo by clicking the Set as Primary Photo button below the smaller ("thumbnail") version of the photo.

Uploading Photos

1. Click My Photos (Quick Links panel of home page), or Profile My Photos from the top menu bar.
2. Select a Gallery tab:
  • Standard Gallery - these photos will be visible to all members
  • Private Gallery - these photos are viewable by permission only. You must send a "Photo Pass" (via an e-mail or greeting) to grant a member access to your Private Gallery.
3. To add a photo, either:
  • Drag a photo into the Photo Upload box. (Uploading begins automatically.)
  • or
  • Click the Photo Upload box to open a file browser. Then select a photo, and confirm. Uploading then begins.

If you're using an old browser, use the Browse... or Choose File button to open a file browser.


Trimming ("cropping") a photo you've uploaded
Use the Crop button (below the image) to trim a photo, perhaps to make a head-shot from a photo, or to remove extranous material.