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MassageExchange.com Overview
How to Connect
Search: Click Search from the home page to find partners near you.
Contact: Send e-mails via send e-mail to those of interest.
Meet: After exchanging a few e-mails with someone you click with, agree to meet.

Even free members may search our entire database!


Click Search on our Home page for a list of members matching your search criteria. Click a member's username to view their detailed profile.

Your search criteria (distance, age range, etc. ) may be viewed/changed by clicking Search -> Edit Search from the top menu bar.

Contacting & Replying

You may contact members by sending an e-mail or greeting card, or by replying to a message you've received:

Sending a personal e-mail requires either (1) a paid membership subscription or (2) tokens. *

Most members purchase a membership subscription, available in a variety of durations, from 1 month to 1 year. A subscription allows you to contact as many members as you wish during your selected subscription period.

If there are few members near you that pique your interest, you may prefer to pay-per-contact with tokens. With Token e-mails you both can correspond back and forth for free for 90-days from the last reply (the correspondence can potentially continue indefinitely!)

Send a free pre-written "greeting card". These are intended to be ice-breakers to get a conversation going, however beware -- some members ignore, or even block, greetings and prefer e-mails only. So use greetings with caution. E-mails work best.

E-mail Reply
While reading a message in your Mailbox you may reply by clicking E-mail Reply. *

Greeting Reply
A Greeting Reply may be used by Free members unable to e-mail or when you'd like to send a quick pre-written response.
Send a quick polite No Thanks response. (Free members can send these.) Please use when applicable — members appreciate closure.

To become a subscribing member, click Subscribe, or to purchase tokens, click Buy Tokens, both on your home page.

* It's free to e-mail or reply to a member who's e-mailed you within the past 90 days if the sender: (1) is currently a Gold Membership Gold member, or (2) sent you a T-mail (a Token e-mail).

Communication via Subscription or Tokens

E-mailing communication is enabled via a subscription or tokens.

Subscription - Most flexible - Communicate with many members

To communicate with the most members, a time based subscription is the best choice. Subscriptions are available in a variety of durations, and both recurring and non-recurring subscriptions are available. See Subscription Pricing.

My Membership Who may I communicate with?
Gold memberGold
  • I can e-mail all members and reply to all members.
  • All recipients (even free members) can read Gold e-mails and reply!
Silver memberSilver
  • I can e-mail all members and reply to all members.
  • Silver & Gold recipients can read and reply, but not Free recipients.
  • Free members must upgrade to read Silver e-mails and reply.
Silver is "shared" membership - both sender and receiver must be members to communicate.
If desired, you may upgrade from Silver to Gold at any point in your membership for just the pro-rated difference.
Free memberFree
  • I can read e-mails from Gold Membership Gold members and reply for free for 90 days, providing sender is still Gold Membership Gold.
  • If I receive a T-mail, I can read it and reply for free for 90 days.
  • I would need to upgrade (to Silver or Gold) to read messages from Silver Membership Silver members or reply to them.
  • I cannot send e-mails, unless it's a reply to a Gold Membership Gold member or a T-mail.
Effect of Subscription Activation and Expiration
  • Effect of Activation: All messages sent prior to your subscription activation will automatically be upgraded to your current membership level and remain that way until your subscription expires. All e-mails received, including those received prior to your subscription activation, will be readable.
    1. Sent e-mails: If you upgrade to Gold memberGold on June 1, all messages sent prior to June 1 will upgrade to Gold memberGold (i.e. recipient may reply for free). Messages you've sent will remain Gold memberGold until your subscription expires.
    2. Received e-mails: If you upgrade to Gold memberGold on June 1, all e-mails, even those received prior to June 1, will be readable until your subscription expires.
  • Effect of Expiration: Your rights as a paid subscriber exist during your subscription period only. Premium features do not linger beyond your subscription expiration.
    1. Sent e-mails: E-mails you've sent as a paid member revert to Free memberFree status when your subscription expires. As you're now a Free memberFree member, your recipient would need to be Gold memberGold to read them, if you choose not to renew.
    2. Received e-mails: If you receive Silver memberSilver or Free memberFree e-mails during your subscription but don't read them, they'll be unreadable after your subscription expires.
  • Reading "read" e-mails: any e-mails you've read at any time will remain readable regardless of your membership level (until deleted or they pass our 90 day e-mail retention period, below.)
  • E-mail retention:
    Free memberFree: Messages in your Mailbox are retained for 90 days.
    Silver memberSilver, Gold memberGold: Messages in your Mailbox are retained FOREVER, as long as your Silver memberSilver or Gold memberGold membership remains in effect, or until: (1) the sender or recipient removes their account, or (2) the message is deleted by both the sender and receiver.

Tokens - Communicate with a few members

Tokens may be used to send one-off e-mails. However they're only economical for extremely low volume – say 1 member every few months. For communicating, a subscription will usually be far more economical than tokens.

  • A T-mail (e-mail sent using Tokens) costs 50 Token . This charge is applied to only the initial T-mail.
  • Free members can reply to T-mails for free.
  • Subsequent replying to/from the recipient continues for free for both parties for 90-days from the most recent T-mail. So free e-mailing may continue for years if there is no T-mail gap > 90-days.

Token Pricing / Buy Tokens

Tokens - Enable Special and Fun Features

Tokens may also be used to enable special and fun features:

Gift You may send another member a Gift – an attractive or touching image (photo) to express your interest or appreciation. Gifts received are featured on the receiver's profile.
Special Delivery When you send a message, you may mark it Special Delivery to receive special attention.
  • Your message will appear before standard messages at the top of the recipient's Inbox.
  • Your message is highlighted with a bright icon.
  • The recipient wil be told a *SPECIAL DELIVERY* message was sent to them.
DC Delivery Confirmation When you send a message, you may sent mark it for DC Deliver Conformation. We'll e-mail you when the recipient reads your message.
E-mail Retention

Messages are retained in your Mailbox according to your membership level:

Free memberFree Messages in your Mailbox are retained for 90 days. *
Silver memberSilver & Gold memberGold Messages in your Mailbox are retained FOREVER, as long as your Silver memberSilver or Gold memberGold membership remains in effect, or until: (1) the sender or recipient removes their account, or (2) the message is deleted by both the sender and receiver.
* After 90 days, messages are first moved to a "recycle bin" where they can be restored by upgrading within 90 days . After that (180 days total), the messages are permanently deleted.
How do we know when we receive a new message?
When a member sends a greeting or e-mail :
  1. The message will be copied into the sender's MassageExchange.com Mailbox Sent box and recipient's MassageExchange.com Mailbox Inbox, and
  2. A "You Have New Mail" notice will be sent to the recipient's MassageExchange.com registered internet e-mail address (along with the sender's profile photo, if one).
  3. We remind members (at their internet e-mail address) every 7 days over 30 days (4 times) if any Inbox messages remain unread.
How do I read my e-mails and reply?
1. Click My Mailbox (center panel of home page or from the top menu bar)
2. Click the message you wish to read. (You may click the icon or sender name.)
3. Click while viewing a message to reply.

See Membership Subscriptions - Communication above for read/reply capabilities.

Further Help
Most questions may be answered by clicking Help in the top menu bar and asking a question. From there you may also contact our staff.
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