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Streaming Highly Recommended
St Helier, Jersey
I met with streaming after some initial online correspondence. Streaming is a very competent masseur and I felt relaxed from the start of our meeting. Great massage with learning opportunity for me. We agreed to exchange equally sharing the allocated time. For me personally, I would have preferred longer however time circumstances dictated. Totally recommend Streaming for a relaxing and well engaged massage. I really enjoyed my opportunity to further develop skills with such a nice guy. Happy to massage again. Thank you Streaming, sorry for delayed review!
Reviewed by Zerco, 2016-02-06 [ID 13275:P]

ketan1812 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
ketan1812 has a very pleasant and friendly personality. He made me very relaxed and comfortable. Very good in executing his hands. Competent massage with long firm strokes and good pressure. Recommend him to others.
Reviewed by chilax24, 2016-02-05 [ID 13274:P]

mukesh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
mukesh is a nice person, welcoming and friendly. Room ambiance was good and comfortable. His strokes were structured and just the right pressure. Would happily recommend and swap again.
Reviewed by chilax24, 2016-02-05 [ID 13273:P]

freemassage116 Highly Recommended
Rockville Centre, New York, United States
Freemassage is oneof the most caring and considerate people I have ever met. He is very aware of the other persons preferences. I have many sessions with him and he always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable.
Reviewed by bodyneedsit, 2016-02-05 [ID 13272:P]

AlexP Recommended
Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom
I met with AlexP for a massage exchange this week and can report a very positive experience. It had been easy to chat with Alex and make arrangements in advance of meeting, and he was a delight to meet in person. We chatted over a drink for some time both before and after our exchange; Alex is relaxed, friendly, interesting and easy to chat with. He was concerned to make sure that I was happy with our arrangements and was enjoying his massage, and i did very much, feeling very relaxed and comfortable with the soft flowing strokes he used. I have no doubt that as he continues to practice his massage skills and experiences a variety of techniques from those he exchanges with, he will be a sought after exchange partner. Alex was also a pleasure to massage and I enjoyed the exchange very much. Thank you very much Alex!
Reviewed by Elouise, 2016-02-05 [ID 13271:P]

chilax24 Highly Recommended
Loughton, United Kingdom
l met chilax24 today for a nice session. Picked him up from the station and had a chat before we started the massage. Chilax24 is a very nice gentleman.His massage was very good and his pressure was execellent!
l thoroughly enjoyed his company ,time just flew over 3 hours of continous massage. His strokes were long and firm, just like a professional.lam going to swop with him very soon. Anyone gets a chance please grab the oportunity.
My body feels full of energy, i would definately give him 10 stars if it was there,but yes 5 stars Chilax24
Reviewed by mukesh, 2016-02-05 [ID 13270:P]

jag21 Highly Recommended
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
We've had several exchanges, each and every session has been completely enjoyable.
jag has relax setting with Table, candles, music and oils/lotion set to ad to the overall experience.
We both have become comfortable enough with each other to share and identify areas of need and additional focus.
jag has a great touch, pressure and attention to muscle tensions, I would put him in the "has been professionally trained" category. I never think twice about his invitation to an exchange.
Reviewed by MDBhandsharing, 2016-02-05 [ID 13269:P]

dw Highly Recommended
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
My wife and I have been looking for a sensual massage for her. She and I met dw last weekend. She got a couple of massages and I think is still smiling. We will be visiting again this weekend. He is a perfect gentleman and his massage skills far exceed what is in his profile. His easy-going personality made us feel welcomed and totally comfortable. We told him what we were looking for and he more than accommodated us. I watched and learned even though before the massages he invited me to join if or when I was so inclined. Neither my wife not I wanted that.

Until now my wife has not had a sensual massage by anyone other than me. She is now hooked as am I on future visits to dw.

I badgered him over the course of our visits to allow me to try my therapeutic massage skills out on him. He finally relented. I hope I get a good score, lol.
Reviewed by tim75, 2016-02-05 [ID 13268:P]

tuil Recommended
Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
I recently met with Tuil, and had a marvelous morning.

She is a delightful, sincere lady and wonderful company. Within minutes of meeting her I felt that we were close friends. Unfortunately there were time constraints so that neither of us has as long as we would have liked to massage or be massaged. She is both strong and gentle when massaging, if that makes sense, and also appreciates being massaged.

I hope to exchange with her again before she goes back to NZ, but when she does go it will be Australia’s loss and New Zealand’s gain. Any fortunate person who exchanges with her will have not only a delightful massage partner, but great company too.
Reviewed by agentlemasseur, 2016-02-05 [ID 13267:P]

healinghandsoz Highly Recommended
Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia

I can see why this guy has got rave reviews from you all.

I'm so grateful for his sharing what he knows with me. He has so much to offer.

Reviewed by tuil, 2016-02-05 [ID 13266:P]

Pipajmose69 Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia
I met Pipajmose69 the other day, very friendly, down to earth and pleasant personality. He make me felt very comfortable in that nice, clean and fully equipped environment for a nice massage. He seems to listen to my body before I do and pampered me from head to toe, fulfilling all the needs. Happy to recommend him to everyone especially shy people as Pipajmose69 is great to hear human body without saying word.
Reviewed by shak, 2016-02-05 [ID 13265:P]

Waterloom4m Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure to receive a massage from waterloom4m recently. He's very accommodating and seems a nice man. He has a separate massage room with massage table and he kept it warm and cozy with matching music to set the mood. I've received many massages but his massage I'll classify his massage to be one of the best I've had. The long, slow , deep strokes that he used took away all the stress I had after work. I left his place feeling rejuvenated and slept very soundly after. I highly recommend this lovely man and looking forward for another session soon.
Reviewed by Londonboy18, 2016-02-05 [ID 13264:P]

badger1964 Recommended
Brenzett, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting Badger 1964 today for a swap. He is a very pleasant guy with a nice smile. For a newbie he a had a very enjoyable touch and techique that was really relaxing. He picked up a few tips from me and incorporated them into his massage. Given more experience he will be quite a proficient masseur. Recommend him since he is eager to learn and gain new skills. Well done!
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-02-04 [ID 13263:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Had the the pleasure of meeting John today for the first time for our Massage exchange we got to know each other first - john explained what he was going to do through each process of the massage which was really nice, nothing was rushed at all the room was nice and warm for our session as i am new to massage it was a pleasure to be Massaged by john as he has taught me a lot in a few hours look forward to our next massage exchange..
Reviewed by badger1964, 2016-02-04 [ID 13262:P]

Elouise Highly Recommended
Aldershot, England, United Kingdom
I have had numerous professional massages which have been great but not as good as the massage I received yesterday from Elouise.I could learn a lot from her.
She has a talent and is also an intelligent,attractive woman who is great company .
Highly recommended.
Reviewed by AlexP, 2016-02-04 [ID 13261:P]

shak Highly Recommended
West Ryde, New South Wales, Australia
I had a very satisfying exchange with Shak yesterday. He was punctual and a friendly personality when he walked through the door. We spen a few minutes acquainting ourselves and also discussing our various massage experience. Shak's picked up his massage knowledge down the family line, a decidedly therapeutic and socailly conscious element of his country's heritage. When he worked on me I felt a pair of strong hands who knew exactly what they were doing and where to press hard to relieve the knots. Deep tissue +! His attitude was professional and thorough. I look forward very much to our next exchange and have no hesitation in recommend him.
Reviewed by Pipajmose69, 2016-02-04 [ID 13260:P]

Tennisfan777 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Met with Tenissfan77 and although we did not have enough time to have a massage exchange Tenissfan77 was great to work on.
I will echo all his other reviews and say just what a decent, likeable and easygoing guy he is. He keep me abreast of his arrival time and was very punctual , despite getting slightly lost and arrive freezing cold -poor thing. A hot drink and shower soon remedied that.
We very quickly got on. Tennisfan77 is very open easy conversationalist and I imagine puts anyone in his company at ease. I enjoyed massaging him as he was open to new techniques. Although we didn't have time to exchange due to time constraints,I am really pleased he enjoyed his massage and look forward to meeting with him again next week.
Reviewed by Mackiv, 2016-02-04 [ID 13259:P]

agentlemasseur Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
This review is really for the ladies...you guys will probably be put to sleep.

A very presentable gentleman. Clean, well dressed non-smoker. Good communication and arrived as he said he would. Genuinely wanting to please and not pushy. Says the woman is in control of things and he had the actions which followed the words. Not professionally trained but a gentle polite fellow who will do as asked and has some experience. So I recommend him on that basis.

I appreciated that he stopped at the chemist on the way over and bought almond oil as we were both out. Also that he listened to me talk about what was troubling me and he shared his experience as a parent as he had had similar issues to me. It was also nice that he appreciated my body..I'm a "large" body size.

I was glad he came as i could easily have had a most unproductive day but since he came over mid morning I was up, showered, had things straightened up. Then afterwards i felt a lot better and was off to lunch, looking in shops and did the weeks groceries.

Planning to head to Wylies womens outdoor pool after a wee lie down. Feel like singing "grey skies are guna clear up...put on a happy face" with gusto! Lol

Thanks to massage exchange! Off to a great start.
Reviewed by tuil, 2016-02-03 [ID 13258:P]

chilax24 Recommended
Loughton, United Kingdom
Chillax gave me a superb massage. He might not have formal training but he has learnt a lot and gave a massage I both really enjoyed and learned from. His hands moved confidently and firmly, with lighter touches too.

It was easy to set up a session and he was perfectly on time.

I look forward to meeting again for an exchange soon.
Reviewed by Benoxf, 2016-02-03 [ID 13257:P]

sbboy Highly Recommended
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
SBBOY is a kind-hearted, sincere masseur who's very willing to adapt his strokes and his pressure to suit your preferences. In his Profile he admits to “No formal training” so I was more much satisfied with his massage than I expected to be. His profile also says “You be the Judge” and I “judge” this attractive, soft-spoken fellow to be an ideal massage partner. You won’t be disappointed.
Reviewed by Heathcliff, 2016-02-03 [ID 13256:P]

Benoxf Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Benoxf is friendly and courteous gentleman. Who makes me comfortable and at ease. Very welcoming and hospitable host.
he massaged me with an appreciative and intuitive touch. i found him a grateful and receptive recipient. Look forward for the next massage trade.
Reviewed by chilax24, 2016-02-03 [ID 13255:P]

Tennisfan777 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
I had a meeting with Tennisfan777 and all I can say is that it was brilliant. I felt respected and cared for from the beginning. He gave me a slow but effective massage which was sheer bliss. I so enjoyed his company and conversation which made the whole experience great. He has a firm but tender touch and a great sense of humour. Treat yourself and ask for one of his massages. He too so long that I was not able to reciprocate, but next time..
Reviewed by ianrugby, 2016-02-03 [ID 13253:P]

Mackiv Highly Recommended
Wallington, England, United Kingdom
Recently I had a wonderful massage with Mackiv. One word comes to mind..care. I was welcomed, offered a drink (tea or coffee) and then interviewed. (Mavkiv is trying to be a professional though from what I experienced he needs no further training.) I have had 'professional massages' before but his waster superior. I was treated with dignity throughout and almost fell asleep with pleasure. He took so long that there was no exchange but plenty of conversation which made the whole thing an enriching experience. I wish I lived closer so I could go 'daily.' It would be good for my mental health. I could not recommend a visit more highly.
Reviewed by ianrugby, 2016-02-03 [ID 13254:P]

MDBhandsharing Highly Recommended
Sarasota, Florida, United States
My session with MDBhandsharing was an amazing experience! His demeanor was friendly and relaxed during the entire exchange. From the beginning, the mood was set with candles, music and calming smells that rivaled any high-end spa. His attention to every area of the body was exquisite - with the perfect amount of pressure to the back and areas that tend to hold knots and tension. He also introduced a fair amount of stretching to the legs, arms and extremities that felt amazing. It was surely a rejuvenating and very pleasurable experience...very much looking forward to our next exchange!
Reviewed by dfreshie, 2016-02-03 [ID 13252:P]

dfreshie Highly Recommended
Odessa, Florida, United States
Experience with dfreshie was a great experience. Casual and calm introduction, and setting.
Mutually enjoyed the massage exchange.
He has a great touch and pressure with dedication to working out the knot spots.
It was a pleasure to work on him and his body. I hope and look forward to a future exchange!
Reviewed by MDBhandsharing, 2016-02-02 [ID 13251:P]

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