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Robertmasage Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
I have known Robert for a while now and he is friendly and pleasant to chat with. He is genuine and respectful of others. From the start of our exchange, he gave me a sample of his message and it was a fabulous experience! He is very good, superb techniques and talented hands! He made me feel relaxed and comfortable during the session. We had a couple more exchanges and he always delivers and never let me down. He is trust worthy, hygienic and professional in everything he does.. Then we organised another exchange recently and that was a 5 star treatment from him, he gave me the "posh" massage that he promised and that was beautiful and relaxing! He is good looking as a person, super talented and very professional and that's what warmed me to him! He is indeed a unique person, good communication skills and wholesome in every way! Thanks for the pampering and experience mate! See you next time!
Reviewed by Franko777, 2015-10-05 [ID 12643:P]

londonguy1 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Uxbridge, Greater London, United Kingdom
I had a great exchange withlondonguy1, he had a great massage technique used various of strokes and pressures which very professional. He made me fell very relaxed and comfortable
Reviewed by bhong, 2015-10-05 [ID 12642:P]

samfinch Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a lovely massage from Samfinch. It lastest over an hour and was conducted in a very professional manner on a massage table. I was very tight around the legs and got a proper treatment to loosen me up. It was a full body massage I will remember.

Reviewed by jch, 2015-10-05 [ID 12641:P]

Friendly Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
I had a very nice massage exchange with Friendly. He is as his name suggests. He has a very relaxing sensitive and sensual touch. His back, hips, and thigh work were particularly good. I highly recommend him for a trade.
Reviewed by SomaPrana, 2015-10-05 [ID 12640:P]

intuitivetouch Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Valley Village, California, United States
Without question one of the BEST massages ever, and I have had lots of massages, from well trained LMTs and CMTs, to countless visits to Burke Williams and other high-end spas, to a few swaps here on ME. And I can easily say this ranks among the best.Intuitivetouch has great energy, a warm & inviting home,and possibly the friendliest dog you'll ever meet. Who very politely left us alone for the ~2.5 hrs of massage trading. Deep and intense, incorporating stretching techniques that my generally tight body craves. Big thumbs up!!!
Reviewed by mdrm4m, 2015-10-05 [ID 12639:P]

therealtalcorath Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Anaheim, California, United States
therealtalcorath was on time and was very sweet . We talked about our boundaries since we were doing sensual massage and what would work for the both of us.

When it was my time we talked again to check in and he started working on me and he has a great touch and very equal to do an exchange with. Very sweet energy and talented in his touch. He would check in with me to make sure his touch was deep enough and that he was working on the areas I needed the most work. What I liked was that he would check in and ask if there was anything else that need more attention and was happy to work on that area which he did an amazing job with.

I am looking forward to our next exchange it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thank YOU!
Reviewed by GentleGiantBear, 2015-10-04 [ID 12638:P]

b1962j Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Met up with b1962j after exchanging some emails and making arrangements with a friend of mine to host us and make use of his massage table. B1962j arrived with a bottle of wine for our host as a thankyou which was unexpected but warmly received.

B1962j is a very nice lady with an outgoing nature and an engaging personality. For me lt was a pleasure to meet and massage her as l enjoy pleasing others as much as massage exchanges.

lt was well worth the trip into the city and back to meetup. She was quite complementry with regards to my techniques and l value feedback. Thankyou it was a pleasure ,let's meet again when time permits
Reviewed by letsmeet, 2015-10-04 [ID 12637:P]

SomaPrana Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
i had a great massage exchange with SomaPrana last week. He was the perfect host. His massage room was very nice with soft music playing and the window was open to hear the rain falling outside. I felt very relaxed after our trade. I would recommend him very highly if you want a great trade.
Reviewed by Friendly, 2015-10-04 [ID 12636:P]

GentleGiantBear Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Los Angeles, California, United States
GentleGiantBear's home is easy to find (and worth the drive).

The atmosphere of his place is very pleasant, music, temperature, etc. Plenty of space to work around the table and a shower for before/after.

His touch is deep enough to get the knots and sensual enough to keep your body electrified.

He is very open and respectful of boundaries. I look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by therealtalcorath, 2015-10-04 [ID 12635:P]

Reply from GentleGiantBear of 2015-10-04
Thank you it was a pleasure to exchange with you as it is not always when you get to exchange with someone that has the same talents and knows how to do the bodywork

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
What do I have to say more than all the other reviews have said?
I felt lucky to meet up with G.E.M. it was a wonderful exchange. He is a lovely and charismatic person, he knows what he is doing and it is a pleasure to spend time with. As he said I look forward to practising this 4-hand exchange because it will be the time where I can learn a lot. Needless to say highly recommended
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2015-10-04 [ID 12634:P]

Vanbrugh Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
Exchanged a great massage with Vanbrugh. Very accommodating and an excellent massage - it's hard to believe he isn't a pro as the whole experience felt very professional. Will definitely look to exchange again. Thank you.
Reviewed by gaykingston, 2015-10-04 [ID 12633:P]

mexch Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Dromana, Victoria, Australia
I met mexch for a massage the other day and was not disappointed , he is very good at what he does, would love to organise another.
Reviewed by Rainbow8123, 2015-10-03 [ID 12632:P]

guyuk Recommended ★★★★
Ruislip, Middlesex, United Kingdom
A pleasant day with guyuk which are friendly and relax guy gave a enjoyable and sensual massage.
Reviewed by bhong, 2015-10-03 [ID 12631:P]

eldfluga Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Lowell, Michigan, United States
eldfluga hosted in a clean, comfortable and a perfect ambiance massage room.
The pressure she used was just right in all areas of the body including the specified " trouble " spots.
Almost falling asleep on 2 occasions during the massage is truly a testament of a her skill set.
I will be looking forward to exchanging massages with her in the future.
Reviewed by Haroon62, 2015-10-02 [ID 12630:P]

irishchannel Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Most pleasant exchange yet. Great conversation. Keeps a smooth, steady rhythm. Can't wait for another. Do not pass up on an opportunity to exchange with him!
Reviewed by sunlvrwill, 2015-10-02 [ID 12629:P]

Watford, England, United Kingdom
Great host who made me feel at home as soon as I stepped in. Even though he termed himself an amateur, his techniques and strokes eased away all muscle aches and tension. Thanks!
Reviewed by uk123, 2015-10-02 [ID 12628:P]

Chris5 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Bristol, City of Bristol, United Kingdom
Met Chris for an exchange today and couldn't have been more pleased with the result.
I found him very hospitable and the massage room was exactly right with candles, appropriate music and quiet.
He is a charming person and very responsive to my touch.
He was totally relaxed when Id finished with him.
I hope that we can make our love of massage a more regular occurrence rather than a one off.
Reviewed by hands2050, 2015-10-02 [ID 12627:P]

hands2050 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Had an excellent exchange with hands2050. He turned up on time and brought oil and portable table. The table was sturdy and very comfortable and hands2050 made good use of it to give me a slow, relaxing and rejuvenating full body massage. He used a skilful mix of firm deep pressure as well as light feathery touch. The whole experience was amazing and Hands2050 is a friendly decent guy. Looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by Chris5, 2015-10-02 [ID 12626:P]

Suavecito2 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Portland, Oregon, United States
Suavecito2 graciously welcomed me into the world of massage through massageexchange.com. He is friendly, open, and sharing about himself. He's good at conversation, questioning without being inappropriately probing. His massage skills are excellent, a true master of touch. He just seemed to know how to work his hands across my body, responding as appropriate for the degree of tension he found in different parts of my body. I'd guess his skill at light to moderate massage technique is a combination of intuitively knowing how to touch and expertise gained through experience. I didn't ask for deep tissue massage and can't judge if he's be willing to do that or how he'd be. In summary, I had a great experience, and look forward to more massages with him, and highly recommend him.
Reviewed by massageenthusiast111, 2015-10-01 [ID 12625:P]

London, England, United Kingdom
Had a great exchanged with Lee, very friendly person, great body shape with nice hands massage on me.
Reviewed by bhong, 2015-10-01 [ID 12624:P]

rucira Recommended ★★★★
High Springs, Florida, United States
Hi, had a very good session with Rucira yesterday and she was very good. She gives a very detailed and smooth massage covering all the areas of pain and discomfort. She was not rushed and seemed genuinely concerned of meeting my needs.

She was soft spoken and relaxing and thorough.

I will try to see her again soon.
Reviewed by McWho, 2015-10-01 [ID 12623:P]

Reply from rucira of 2015-10-05
wow thank you

Berbec Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, England, United Kingdom
Berbec gave a strong yet sensual massage
Lovely guy who I would recommend
Thanks Berbec!
Reviewed by SDL2015, 2015-10-01 [ID 12622:P]

samfinch Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, England, United Kingdom
Great massage: very skilled practitioner. It was lovely to receive such an unhurried, professional massage.
Reviewed by giogio, 2015-10-01 [ID 12621:P]

ZachInSacto Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Sacramento, California, United States
ZachinSacto did an awesome job working out some kinks in my shoulder blades and neck.
Very accommodating in music to pressure he was using.
Compassion at it's highest.
Reviewed by free2bnaked, 2015-09-30 [ID 12620:P]

Rainbow1963 Recommended ★★★★
London, United Kingdom
I feel that I am being a bit unfair by assessing the excellent Rainbow 1963 as a 4-star Massage Enthusiast. I have had a really lovely, very long, very varied exchange with him, and I am already planning another as a 4-hand exchange. He is good now, but I feel that with just a bit more knowledge and experience of the 'boring' basics of massage he could become something exceptional. I hope that many of you will swap with him - he has a lovely comfortable place which is easy to get to - and give him lots of opportunities to hone his skills. In my opinion he is one of relatively few 'gifted amateurs' who has the strength and individuality not to be contaminated by a formal massage course. 4-stars now, at the high end - and I look forward to saying "5-stars" before too long.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2015-09-30 [ID 12619:P]

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