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mukesh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Met Mukesh as arranged, excellent communicator, and very pleased his massage was one of the best massage i ever had from this gentleman. Keep up the good work.
see you soon again
best regards

Reviewed by Josh99, 2015-06-30 [ID 12184/P]

kurt Recommended
Springfield, Queensland, Australia

update to the no-show. Kurt contacted me again and kept his appointment. due to time constraintents, I have only massaged him at this point. he was very genuine and approachable. and extremely professional and gracious for a man of his years. I look forward to meeting him again to receive a massage from him.
Reviewed by hardbodyfit, 2015-06-29 [ID 12039/P]

Serene Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had a wonderful exchange with Serene the other day and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! He is a kind and welcoming host with so much to offer. His deep tissue massage style was strong and gentle at the same time which I enjoyed a lot with the most amazing Indian massage at the end! Serene, thank you so much for a great and relaxing evening!
Reviewed by gymfitswimmer, 2015-06-29 [ID 12183/P]

robnaturistlon Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Communication: clear, concise, quick, very easy to arrange
Environment: Perfect. Dedicated massage room, well equipped (everything was thought of), on par, or better than, a professional establishment
Qualification: Fully ITEC qualified, as the numerous framed certificates on the wall show

Rob made it very easy to meet and exchange right from the initial contact.
He is well qualified and takes great pride in delivering a thorough professional massage. It’s clear that he’s dedicated to the art.
I was a little nervous as the standard was set very high for me to perform to. Rob put me at ease, pointed out a number of techniques, anatomy details, tips etc. Despite his professionalism, attention to detail and qualifications, he is very patient and accommodating. He pointed out areas of tension which were surprises to me (right calf tighter than left etc) and worked the knots out of my desk-posture-tightened back. Rob = diligent, precise, professional, calm, thorough, friendly. Well recommended.
I hope we can exchange again and my skills improve along the way.
Reviewed by HumbleMassage, 2015-06-29 [ID 12182/P]

Kamal123 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

I met up with Kamal 123 for a nice slow massage. He called me while he was on his way to keep me updated. He is a really first class chap He is very friendly and you feel at ease with him immediately. He is happy to chat and has a good firm body to massage.
I look forward to meeting him again.
Reviewed by touchmuch, 2015-06-28 [ID 12181/P]

sbalordire Highly Recommended
Alexandria, Virginia, United States

I exchanged massages with sbalordire last Monday night. We met at his condo. It was a clean and safe environment. Sbalordire was very welcoming. We spent time getting to know each other--what we were looking to get out of the massage, our experiences, and a little about ourselves. We also very clearly set expectations and encouraged each other to make sure the other person understood the boundaries. It made for a very relaxing environment. We agreed that a nude massage without draping was comfortable to both of us.

We proceeded to a room that he had set up for the massage. The room was warm, dimly lit with soothing music. He suggested something that I had not done before--switching off between back and front side massages. Sbalordine had a firm massage touch and provided a deep massage. I gave him a couple of areas where I thought I could use additional work, and he accommodated all of those requests. The massage was thoroughly enjoyable from head to toe...as they say. For my part, I hope that I gave him an equally enjoyable experience. It was not tough at all getting into giving him a rub down.

I really hope that Sbalordine will invite me back for another session. He was a gentleman and a really nice guy.
Reviewed by in2pecs, 2015-06-28 [ID 12180/P]

eagertiger Highly Recommended
Montgomery Village, Maryland, United States

After numerous E-Mails I had the privilege of doing an exchange with eagertiger. I offered to work on him first which he seemed to enjoy. When it was turn to experience the touch of eagertiger all I have to so is WOW!!! The way he uses varies styles and pressure takes the massage to a whole new level. I have had more massages than I can remember but I will always remember the one from eagertiger. I plan on coming back to Maryland and no doubt we are going to do another exchange.
Reviewed by Hands101, 2015-06-28 [ID 12179/P]

naturalindian Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

NaturalIndian welcomed me with a cold drink. His massage of me started on feet and worked up my legs. He has powerful thumbs and can give a good sports massage if wanted. I prefer a less deep massage into my muscles and he was happy to adjust. He used grapeseed oil in a small dish, which worked well. He incorporated some Thai massage stretches. I could learn a lot from NaturalIndian. We swopped at halfway. He’s in good shape. Interesting conversations before and after.
Reviewed by Benoxf, 2015-06-28 [ID 12178/P]

mexch Highly Recommended
Dromana, Victoria, Australia

Awesome exchange, Hard to believe he says he has no formal training because it was great. Very sensual including underbody work. Thanks heaps and I totally recommend him...
Reviewed by loz, 2015-06-27 [ID 12176/P]

Pipajmose69 Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia

Had a good massage exchange with Pipijmose69. He is very experience and profession,warm towel drapes , high quality massage oil he was much more training than myself and was a good mentor to discuss the specifics about his style and technique. I certainly lucked out getting a really good Sydney massage Highly recommended for future massage exchange.
Reviewed by Clay4mer, 2015-06-27 [ID 12140/P]

localman Highly Recommended
Dudley, England, United Kingdom

Localman and I had been chatting for several weeks before we eventually managed to arrange an exchange..we spent a very pleasant few hours in each other's company, chatting and then massaging each other. He is a charming pleasant, gentle man with a very satisfying relaxing massage technique, I would definitely recommend .
Reviewed by williamtell, 2015-06-27 [ID 12175/P]

rg0100 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

... After texting each other for a while,
yesterday I met up with rg0100 for the first time. He came to my flat and immediately I had a good feeling about him, really friendly person and easy to talk. We sat down in my leaving room having a chat about my pets, the lovely weather which is coming to warm us up and after that we went to my bedroom to start our swap. I told rg0100 not to have great expectations because I am still in the process of learning and we agreed to massage our back first and secondly our front. I was the one who started the massage and when it was my time, the first his touch on my skin made me thinking " Thank me I asked rg0100 for a swap ". His hands on my body seemed like a river following its path. It was an incredible experience. I am still feeling the benefit of his touch this morning. Thanks rg0100, I hope to swap with you again. Highley recommended
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2015-06-27 [ID 12174/P]

loz Highly Recommended
Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Recently exchanged with Loz. He is a very decent and down to earth bloke and was very welcoming. As a professional, has a good setup and his experience shines through. He has very strong hands but also a lightness of touch when required. There is system and method to his massage and I found it both stimulating and relaxing. Would welcome another exchange. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by mexch, 2015-06-26 [ID 12173/P]

AlexP Highly Recommended
Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom

I exchanged with Alex last week , he is interesting, polite and excellent company. Alex is very modest about his abilities in massage. He has a wonderful intuitive touch and although not professionally qualified this is not obvious in his techniques. I enjoyed a wonderful massage and felt totally relaxed throughout the treatment and for a long time after. All I can say is that Alex is a super exchange partner and I hope we can meet again in the future.
Reviewed by Nellie, 2015-06-26 [ID 12172/P]

gymfitswimmer Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Gymfitswimmer came to me highly recommended and boy, did he live up to that recommendation, and more! He lives quite locally, is a genuine person, extremely communicative and very, very good at his massage. Absolutely fine deep tissue work with great strength, swift strokes, strong stretches resulting into a stunning session, at the end of which I was left completely relaxed and very happy. I recommend Gymfitswimmer very highly, indeed and looking forward to our next swap... See you soon buddy.
Reviewed by Serene, 2015-06-26 [ID 12171/P]

Kareena Highly Recommended
Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

My time with Kareena was an experience I shall never forget, one of those times when you tick off your want list and reminisce. Very experienced with precision and knew her craft very well with long lavishing strokes feeling like silk slivering across my body. If you every get the opportunity although I suspect she is very popular! She will make you feel pampered and enjoy a long slow relaxing massage, she has a very good touch and I'm keen to learn. I very much enjoyed her company, most intelligent and creative lady with many interests , always good in a masseur! and I do look forward to the next time we meet.

Fascinating person, erudition and skill as a masseuse, all of which I was privileged to enjoy. She has a confident and caring touch that combined pleasure and therapy quite perfectly. On reciprocation, she generously left me to go my own untrained way and showed great appreciation, which was kind and encouraging.
Reviewed by tessellate, 2015-06-26 [ID 12170/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

I was pleasantly surprised . 'Robert' was very professional, sensitive to my stress points, and very friendly.
Reviewed by LondonYank, 2015-06-26 [ID 12169/P]

tessellate Highly Recommended
Farnborough, England, United Kingdom

I had a lovely massage exchange with Tessellate yesterday.We had a cuppa and some interesting conversation beforehand which made me feel more at ease and unworried about the exchange.Tessellate massaged me with a lot of thought and care put into it, he used some firm strokes mixed with sensual ones that made me feel wonderful and relaxed. He made sure that i was feeling comfortable throughout the massage and he respected my boundaries, a true gentleman.
I thoroughly enjoyed our exchange and i look forward to meeting again. Thankyou T...Kareena :)
Reviewed by Kareena, 2015-06-26 [ID 12168/P]

littlewilly Recommended
Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Visited littlewilly at short notice recently. He was a very welcoming host and we got along well. Necessarily a short session, I would hope to visit him again to get to know him better.
Reviewed by scoobydo64, 2015-06-26 [ID 12167/P]

SFmassagebuddy Highly Recommended
Santa Clara, California, United States

I had SFmassagebuddy come over to my Bodywork space and have to say he is the best Massage Exchange (by far) I have had on MassageExchange.com. I hope to see him again.
Reviewed by budnbuf, 2015-06-25 [ID 12166/P]

Manchester1000 Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom

A good massage from Manchester1000. He gave the right amount of pressure and balance combination of long and short strokes. Thank you.
Reviewed by dilanguy, 2015-06-25 [ID 10853/P]

budnbuf Highly Recommended
Santa Clara, California, United States of America

It is rare to find someone who is as skilled at massage and bodywork as budnbuf. His knowledge of many different modalities makes him a very effective healer as well as an outstanding masseur. His abilities in both therapeutic as well as sensual massage are nothing short of awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed our exchange of energy and touch. Looking forward to another trade soon and to joining one of his workshops to improve my technique.
Reviewed by SFmassagebuddy, 2015-06-25 [ID 12164/P]

Reply from budnbuf of 2015-06-26
Thank you. I hope to improve always.

williamtell Highly Recommended
Oxford, England, United Kingdom

I met this lovely friendly man last saturday..was a relaxed enjoyable massage in beautiful surroundings.Massage was great and sensual he has good hands on him must be his profession ;-).Was a perfect host made me some lunch which was yummy..Highly recommend indeed.
Reviewed by localman, 2015-06-25 [ID 12165/P]

scoobydo64 Recommended
Leeds, England, United Kingdom

genuine easy going nice guy, only a short meet as such but loved every minute, would love to meet again if he would like to use me again
Reviewed by littlewilly, 2015-06-25 [ID 12163/P]

Nellie Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom

I had a great exchange with Nellie last week at her lovely home.
She is a very nice, charming, friendly lady who instantly put me at ease.
She gave an excellent relaxing massage which also helped ease some stiffness in my neck.
She also gave me helpful tips as she is far more experienced at giving than me. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by AlexP, 2015-06-25 [ID 12162/P]

Review 1 to 25 of 8590
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