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paullondon Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Great personality and a good masseur. He offered me a lovely massage that I haven't experienced before, put me to ease immediately and his long soft strokes made me feel lighter afterwards. Also he showed good skill in applying deep pressure. As a recipient he's got a toned body which makes it a pleasure to work on.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2015-03-01 [ID 11594/P]

NeedMassageNow Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States

Had a great time with NeedMassageNow... a real nice guy who gives a great massage. Even though it was cold and icy outside, his home was clean, warm and inviting -- a very nice evening.
Reviewed by skinnydipperdfw, 2015-03-01 [ID 11593/P]

mountianboi Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Very good strong-hands style and well worth the drive from Melbourne.
Reviewed by draxbear, 2015-03-01 [ID 11592/P]

Akaten Highly Recommended
Seattle, Washington, United States

Fantastic massage, from a fantastic guy! Open, friendly, warm and extensive knowledge of the body and healing through touch. Had a wonderful exchange and greatly look forward to next time!
Reviewed by ME228764, 2015-02-28 [ID 11591/P]

ME228764 Highly Recommended
Edmonds, Washington, United States

ME228764 is friendly, personable, and committed to giving as good as he gets in an exchange. His anatomical knowledge is impressive, as is his willingness to use it in conjunction with his considerable strength to get results. I highly recommend him and would exchange with him again in a heartbeat.
Reviewed by Akaten, 2015-02-28 [ID 11590/P]

injun2014 Highly Recommended
Stanmore, United Kingdom

I recently had a very enjoyable exchange with Injun2014. After a good chat we started the exchange, agreeing to switch over half way. Injun2014 used a variety of strokes, checking throughout that I was comfortable and that the pressure was ok. The whole experience was one that I hope to repeat and I would have no hesitation in recommending an exchange with Injun2014.
Reviewed by n8whit, 2015-02-28 [ID 11589/P]

DavidE15 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Bliss, bliss and triple bliss!

DavidE15 has truly raised the bar for the quality of massage I have received on this site.

He is instinctive, imaginative and intuitive. To the extent you can truly relax in his very capable hands and its not long before you are drifting off into a near trance-like state of comfort and wellbeing.

Thank you David!

Reviewed by walthamstowe17, 2015-02-28 [ID 11588/P]

Scott35 Highly Recommended
Hounslow, United Kingdom

Scott35 hosted at a hotel whilst in for work and a personality very relaxed and great conversational guy with an approach i favour for a set up.

Both being novices and not certified in any way, delivered a responsive approach and checked on my awareness to the massage. This was a strong massage, pulling in from his past experiences. Can see Scott35 developing his skills more to great benefit.
Reviewed by paullondon, 2015-02-27 [ID 11587/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Robertmassage hosted a swap, which after timings finally sorted best for both of us.

Currently not certified, i would say he is very knowledgable, and aware of areas to work. His practice really stays in the realm of deep tissue. Before the session, a good few minutes to introduce each other and to be made aware of the session to conduct a massage that serves well for giving and receiving in the swap.

Controlled moves, deep, but not painful, intuitive, and a very respectable guy.
Reviewed by paullondon, 2015-02-27 [ID 11586/P]

Beezzz Highly Recommended
Richmond, England, United Kingdom

I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange with Beezzz. She had an excellent ability to be sensitive to barriers, and was very easy to get along with. Her technique was thorough and could have easily taken place in a paid-for spa. I hope to have further exchanges in the near future.
Reviewed by buzzbuzzbuzzbuzz, 2015-02-27 [ID 11585/P]

bossdon Highly Recommended
Leesburg, Virginia, United States

My massage by bossdon was awesome:) His touch is firm and confident. He paid attention to my requests and also intuitively found my areas in need of attention. His manner placed me at ease, as if greeting an old friend. I would highly recommend his hands to anyone in need of a strong massage. His demeanor will uplift you as his hands fix you. Thanx again bossdon, I am anticipating future exchanges with this talented novice.
Reviewed by Love22, 2015-02-27 [ID 11584/P]

Love22 Highly Recommended
York, Pennsylvania, United States

Love22 is a wonderful person, she greats you with a pleasant smile that makes you feel comfortable right off the bat. Her studio is clean with soft music ad aromatherapy. She is very experienced and knows what she is doing. Her hands know how to find the areas that need attention. My neck was bothering me all week but I did not have to mention that to Love22, she found the spot and spent a good amount of time on it. I am a novice she made me feel at ease shared her expertise with me. I look forward to future exchanges.
Reviewed by bossdon, 2015-02-27 [ID 11583/P]

Reply from Love22 of 2015-02-27
Thanks for the wonderful words! *big smiles*

iamrag Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Excellent session! Both professional and adept; would return again.
Reviewed by Maxy, 2015-02-26 [ID 11582/P]

SWPDX Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States

I enjoyed an exchange with this masseur. His skills are way beyond amateur despite no formal training. I even have incorporated a move that he used on my calves with massages I have done since and received good feedback from the method. Good pressure, ability to read, or interpret the body. Left felling great.
Reviewed by massagealicious, 2015-02-26 [ID 11581/P]

InstantRemix Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States

I have had some exchanges with InstantRemix and he is very good. He knows what he wants and is good at communicating it. Our sessions were therapeutic, with a sensual component that was not overtly sexual. The focus was relaxing and healing. I recommend him highly.
Reviewed by SWPDX, 2015-02-26 [ID 11580/P]

massagealicious Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States

I had a great therapeutic and sensual exchange with him. He is a trained professional and knows what he's doing. I recommend him.
Reviewed by SWPDX, 2015-02-26 [ID 11579/P]

Suavecito2 Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States

Cannot recommend Suave more highly...handsome, masc, firm tight body...exactly what he says he is...intelligent, caring, xtrm skilled hands, knows bodywork from rough to lite teasing very well...dont bullshit with him, he doesn't bulltshit with you...just what/who he says he is in clean, calm, private environment...an excellent experience for anyone who's into serious sensual massage.
Reviewed by Jak1, 2015-02-25 [ID 11578/P]

Deeve Needs Improvement
Five Dock, New South Wales, Australia

Deeve and I have exchanged a few times.
He has an excellent touch with a good feel for areas in need of remediation.
His use of varied techniques ensures that massages are always of great benefit.
I would recommend him to anyone desirous of a therapeutic massage.
Reviewed by Rob2, 2015-02-25 [ID 11577/P]

funkybootz2 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I am always nervous meeting new people. Just one of those things. But funkybootz2 made me instantly welcome and at ease. We chatted quite some time when he told me of his interesting background, which was highly engaging. Although he professed to be less skilled what followed was a fluent, capable massage displaying strength and depth. It was all very enjoyable and Icompetent. Funkybootz2 is one of nature's nice guys, lovely to be with, good company and a creditable masseur. I enjoyed our exchange very much and hope we might repeat.
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-02-25 [ID 11576/P]

zenbrother Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom

I have really enjoyed the massage. Very professional. Great massage from a great person. I'm looking forward to our next meeting.
Reviewed by plamen, 2015-02-25 [ID 11575/P]

calauau No rating yet
Northcote, Victoria, Australia

Fantastic massage by a man that knows what he is doing ...also pleasant and punctual
Reviewed by fitzboy7, 2015-02-25 [ID 11574/P]

plamen Highly Recommended
Manchester, United Kingdom

Plamen visited me today, to give me a massage as a case study for his training. He gave me an excellent massage, and we have arranged to meet again next week. His approach is powerful yet sensitive, and he is very keen to learn new techniques. I'm looking forward to helping him to achieve his goals as a master of holistic therapies.
Reviewed by zenbrother, 2015-02-25 [ID 11573/P]

handmastr Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States

I highly recommend handmastr. He is very professional, very considerate, and very good at what he does. He is very intuitive. I especially appreciate the techniques he used on my back. I felt totally relaxed and great the next day. I look forward to exchanging with handmastr again, and I hope to learn from him. Great guy.
Reviewed by bayleu, 2015-02-25 [ID 11572/P]

Turu Highly Recommended
伦敦, United Kingdom

I had a great session with Turu. Firm, deep pressure and long strokes; just the way I like it. I was very fortunate to get a foot massage as well, WOW.
Turu is a kind, down to earth gentleman and an absolute pleasure.
Many thanks for a great session Turu, will definitely trade with you again.
Reviewed by Shaya, 2015-02-25 [ID 11571/P]

Shaya Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I really enjoyed exchange with Shaya, his massage is wonderful and its combination of different techniques. He has a good firm and imaginative style. I very much enjoyed his company as well as his touch. He is very fit too.I felt great after the massage, deeply relaxed and looking forward to another session. I hope we meet again soon! Highly recommended
Reviewed by Turu, 2015-02-25 [ID 11570/P]

Review 26 to 50 of 8183
 10  25  50  100 per page

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