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designman123 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Tampa, Florida, United States
I had an absolutely incredible experience with designman123 today. He's a highly intuitive and intelligent person with an almost uncanny ability to know when to go slow and steady or to apply deeper pressure without me saying a word. I am definitely looking forward to further exchanges with him.

Reviewed by rshoresguy, 2015-11-18 [ID 12879:P]

Adrian33609 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Tampa, Florida, United States
I had a great exchange session with Adrian. He immediately puts you at ease, and gives an incredibly soothing massage which left me completely relaxed. I'd highly recommend Adrian33609 for an exchange.
Reviewed by rshoresguy, 2015-11-18 [ID 12878:P]

handyworker Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Asheville, North Carolina, United States
When I met handyworker for our first session I immediately felt a positive connection to him. He brought to the environment a sense of caring and positive energy. He responded to my statements and provided his input to our brief discussion of what we needed in an open and enjoyable massage, one designed to provide pleasure in a safe environment. His touch was firm yet soft at times leaving me with a sense of desire for his touch as he worked my muscles. I would recommend a massage with this man who left me feeling great after his massage and with the hope of a second connection with him.
Reviewed by gettingready, 2015-11-18 [ID 12877:P]

doctorrandy Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Asheville, North Carolina, United States
doctorrandy was a careing, understanding and gracious host from the time he answered his door until we hugged goodbye. He took time to talk with me about my needs and what I would be comfortable doing during the
a massage. He was strong with his touch at times and softly senious at other times. He discussed what he needed from me during the massage and what would feel good for him. I can't say enough about the massage i experienced and how good my muscles felt after his working on my body. I have had lots of massages and he was the best including the ones I paid for. I totally recommend a massage from doctorrandy and guarantee you will enjoy the experience.
Reviewed by gettingready, 2015-11-18 [ID 12876:P]

Serene Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
I was made to feel very welcome as soon as I arrived at this lovely man's home. His massage was just what I needed, intuitive with long firm strokes on whole body. My cares and stresses melted away under his blissful touch. It was a pleasure to return the massage as Serene has a great body and the hard work he has put in with his fitness regime is paying off. An enjoyable few hours. Thanks!
Reviewed by guyuk, 2015-11-18 [ID 12874:P]

one4one Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
One4one is a true gentleman who gives an excellent massage. Very interesting conversation makes you feel completely at ease. Well equipped for massage with a massage bed, music, towels and a room to change in. Took the time to walk me to and from the station even though it was raining!
Reviewed by training2, 2015-11-18 [ID 12873:P]

fullbody4u Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Poynton, Cheshire East, United Kingdom
Met up a few weeks ago at his home. I had an excellent massage by a very professional person. I would recommend to anyone. J
Reviewed by smoothtouch, 2015-11-18 [ID 12871:P]

garystoke Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Newcastle-under-Lyme, England, United Kingdom
Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to say i had a great time with Gary, he was the perfect gentleman, nice home, welcoming, friendly and relaxed.
Though i was nervous his friendly chatter soon put me at ease and it proceeded on to what i can only describe as a a fantastic body relaxing oily sensual massage that sent me into another world of gentle soft stress draining ecstasy !
I am crossing my fingers he invites me back and i recommend you get in touch with him right away!!

Reviewed by discr33tguy, 2015-11-18 [ID 12870:P]

armand Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
I would have to agree with all reviews given on Armando, he does know his craft. Gentle in nature, he takes his time to insure when he is finished, you are fully and completed relaxed. The time spent between our exchanges just flew by though it was over 3 hrs. It is too bad that he's not local, I would not mind been spoiled by his hands at least once a month of not like every day! Thanks you Armando.
PS. Look forward to your next visit, hopefully what will be close to the start of 2017..
Reviewed by doneright, 2015-11-18 [ID 12869:P]

M4MO Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom
I had the chance to meet M4MO on a Monday night after work. It was a pleasure to spend some time with him and we connected straight away. He is a very pleasant polite educated individual. M4MO is a fit gentleman with great toned body and it was a real pleasure to massage him. I have to say that the massage I received was simply great, he has a good knowledge of anatomy, the pressure was right each time and no part of the body were missed, I had a great head, hand and foot massage on top of the rest which does not happen very often. He had a very caring attitude throughout the session. I just hope I will have the chance to renew the experience and recommend him to any readers and members of this site.
Reviewed by LM55, 2015-11-17 [ID 12868:P]

ash1yana Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
A deep and potent massage that cleared the tightness my muscles that I get from cycling. David is a polite and caring gentleman - I would recommend him highly.
Reviewed by thomas1111, 2015-11-17 [ID 12867:P]

kfabme Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Teddington, England, United Kingdom
Sports Massage from Kfabme on three occasions.

His entire conduct was warm, friendly, confident and professional.
(Don't trouble him with non-therapeutic advances).

Initially there was a consultation in which he asked about health, medical history, injuries, previous treatments, contraindications etc before performing some range-of-movement tests and checks. Then came some recommended treatment and agreement of a course of action before the treatment began.

Kfabme works with precision and dedication, putting in great energy and effort, targeting problem muscle areas. The sports massage, like all sports massage, did indeed hurt at the time. He encouraged me to breathe deep and made sure i was comfortable with pressure, room temperature, drinking water, choice of massage oil/lotion/gel etc. He named many more individual muscles than I knew of, and was able to work each one skilfully. Happily he was also willing to share his knowledge.

The benefits have been a remarkable improvement. I slept much better. My body felt lighter and more limber; I felt more relaxed; tough muscle 'lumps' has eased, my movement was more fluid. Curiously, my walking step length seems to have lengthened.
As part of the treatment plan Kfabme prescribed a tailored routine of stretching and exercises to strengthen & loosen a problem area.

Apart from Sports Massage, he's also qualified in other modalities too!

Well recommended. Consider yourself very lucky indeed if you get the opportunity
Reviewed by HumbleMassage, 2015-11-17 [ID 12866:P]

sensiblesimon Recommended ★★★★
Blackburn, Victoria, Australia
I enjoyed my first massage exchange with sensiblesimon. I found him to be a genuine and easy-going person, and he provided a lovely and relaxing massage experience. He has soft hands, which appear to be designed to provide massages, and a gentle approach.

Reviewed by abundance, 2015-11-16 [ID 12865:P]

RRudder Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
RRudder visited me at my apartment while on business in Paris. It was a great exchange - good, relaxed company, firm, smooth strokes that left me feeling very chilled. If he's ever in Paris again I'd definitely exchange again. Recommended.
Reviewed by rgb445, 2015-11-16 [ID 12864:P]

abundance Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Excellent high quality massage. Very intuitive. One of the best that I've ever had. Intelligent and respectful person.
Reviewed by sensiblesimon, 2015-11-16 [ID 12863:P]

Reply from abundance of 2015-11-16
Thank you for your positive review, and for a lovely massage experience.

New Port Richey, Florida, United States
I had and incredible experience with urmassage last night. He was visiting Las Vegas and we met at his hotel, he was warm and welcoming. He has terrific instincts and a wonderful touch. He is clean has strong hands and knows how to use a feather touch perfectly. I strongly advise anyone who likes a sensual massage, to sieze the opportunity if it presents itself to you, you will love yourself in the morning. Thank you urmassage.
Reviewed by relaaxed, 2015-11-16 [ID 12862:P]

dalem Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Dallas, Texas, United States
Before meeting DALEM I was feeling intimidated because massage therapy had been his profession while I had no formal training and had not given a massage for a long time. But as soon as he came in the door I felt relaxed and comfortable with him. He is easy to talk to and pleasant to be around. He gave a great massage and complimented me on mine as well. I hope that we can get together on a regular basis.
Reviewed by Profe1, 2015-11-16 [ID 12861:P]

rshoresguy Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Brandon, Florida, United States
Rshoresguy delivers a great massage. His technique is firm,smooth and gentle. I will definitely exchange again given the opportunity.
Reviewed by Adrian33609, 2015-11-16 [ID 12860:P]

Reply from rshoresguy of 2015-11-18
It was great to meet you Adrian, and thank you for a very pleasant exchange. I look forward to our next one !!

Rainbow1963 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
What a delightful man! it was a great experience meeting Rainbow 1963, whose sensitivity and perceptiveness also communicated itself through his hands and touch and I would be delighted to swap with him again
Reviewed by dangle1, 2015-11-16 [ID 12859:P]

Suavecito2 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Portland, Oregon, United States
I had the delightful experience of developing a long-distance friendship with Suavecito, nearly six months worth, before ever meeting him in person. The experience of making a personal investment into getting to know him, his likes and dislikes, his hobbies, his strengths and weaknesses, made for so much richer and rewarding an experience in person. One of the most captivating qualities about Suavecito is his conversational skills; he has a quick, brilliant mind, an extraordinary command of the English language, an innate, genuine curiosity, and a huge, honest, tender heart, which makes for guaranteed deep, rich conversation. As for his ability in the studio, Suavecito has enormous strong hands, and he knows how to use them. His technique is intuitive and spot-on, and you are left renewed, invigorated, and completely celebrated. I feel a bit selfish having been only the recipient of this man's gift of healing touch, but that gives me reason to find my way back to Portland at my very first opportunity to return that gift. And I know that will happen, because I have a friend for life.
Reviewed by Houndsman, 2015-11-15 [ID 12858:P]

dangle1 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Merstham, United Kingdom
Meeting dangle1 was an incredible experience. I contacted him and, after few days we had our exchange.
He is a charismatic person and being with him it was like being with a friend who I have known for a long time. We had a long chat before I started to massage him and it was more in a spiritual way. He gave me, during the conversation, answers I was waiting for a long time and, it was really all natural. The real connections was when he started to massage me. Before it, we did some breathing exercises. At the end I had the feeling that my breath and his breath became only one..... how wonderful it was. The connection continued with his touch and, even in this case I felt the energy going out of his hands in my body. I am not able to put in words how beautiful it was.
I take this opportunity to thank you a lot for this exchange. Definitely he deserves 5 stars and with no hesitation I can say that daugle1 is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I would love to swap with him again
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2015-11-15 [ID 12857:P]

KamaMassage Recommended ★★★★
Exeter, United Kingdom
I had a wonderful exchange with KamaMassage. He has a lovely, gentle touch, good sense of body energy, knowledgeable and intuitive. , friendly, polite and professional. He is a proficient Swedish massage therapist and a lovely bright guy with a real interest in body work. Thank you for a pleasant time . Highly recommend Kama massage for exchange. Good luck in your carrier as a Swedish massage therapist. Roksolana
Reviewed by Roksalana, 2015-11-15 [ID 12856:P]

Roksalana Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Teignmouth, England, United Kingdom
I had a very pleasant exchange with Roksalana today. I very much enjoyed the few hours we spent together. She is extremely knowledgeable about many different modalities of massage which she blends together to form her own unique and very distinctive style - there were elements of Swedish, remedial and sports massage which she weaves together to produce a sublime result. She honed in immediately on the problem areas in my back and treated these very effectively. She is also great person to chat with. Thank you Roksalana for a very enjoyable session.
Reviewed by KamaMassage, 2015-11-15 [ID 12852:P]

organman Recommended ★★★★
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Had a very enjoyable first session with Organman. He has a table and comfortable area to work in. I look forward to our next exchange,
Reviewed by oldnavy, 2015-11-15 [ID 12855:P]

pleasuretouch Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Austin, Texas, United States
I had the opportunity to exchange with pleasuretouch and it was well worth it. Great technique, great conversation, and welcoming touch made the experience worth while. Looking forward to our next session.
Reviewed by latinbuck, 2015-11-14 [ID 12854:P]

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