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nakedave Highly Recommended
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Friendly, warm, lay back and respectful, nakedave put me at ease from the moment we met.

He is generous about spending time on a thorough massage. The long stokes, kneading were given firmly yet gently, complimented by sensual light touches--from a pair of big strong hands.

I lost track of time during this exchange---so relaxing and nurturing! Happily look forward to more exchanges with him. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Soothingvan, 2015-05-19 [ID 11970/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Robert is an extraordinarily sensitive masseur who understands a body intuitively. He has amazing intuition and give the most invigorating and complete kind of massage. I have had 25 years of receiving massage and have never experienced one so thorough, unhurried and beneficial to the body and well-being of the person. The main point about it is that he works on the muscles and sinews with feeling and sensitivity. He is a good host and friendly and welcoming. I hope I am able to return the favour soon and learn from his expertise.
Reviewed by eletheria, 2015-05-19 [ID 11969/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

m proud to be the first female from this website had a chance to meet Robert, thanks for the opportunity! about his massage session is simple and the best. He is naturally good and super professional and intuitive.
He arrived in my house on time, we had a chat before and he explained the way how he works, what he believes and what is correct and decent in the massage session, in any time he made any private questions... he has a lot of power in the hand but his touch is soft in the same time hard explain it...( it s amazing). he worked all across my body, he energy is positive and he put all of him into the movements he does, this was very generous of him because im a sensitive person and I know and I feel when someone does the things on me with pleasure (he enjoy do massage), he did listen carefully my needs and this was the most important for me, he is not a show off guy, he got learn my Brazilian massage technique to help burn fat very quick and also I learned much more with him. he came in the right moment after I had 2 hard pos-surgery week where I passed most of the time in the bed and I needed a decently full body massage and he simply got relax my muscles and made m ready to comeback to the gym. No mistakes from him in the all session, all exchanges I had with Robert he was totally respectfully. thanks. L
Reviewed by mrs1979, 2015-05-19 [ID 11968/P]

mrs1979 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I had the honor to exchange for the first time with a female member of this website and it was an unforgettable experience!
Apart from the fact that she's a welcoming host, she knows very well how to take care of a stiff and delicate body. I received a very good work on the lymphatic system and I was impressed by her strong fingers.
Very good session from beginning to end, good energy and professionalism.
Looking forward for more sessions.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2015-05-19 [ID 11967/P]

Greg54 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom

Had a very enjoyable exchange with Greg,nice guy excellent massage,like to meet again,highly recommend.(d12man).
Reviewed by d12man, 2015-05-18 [ID 11966/P]

ME218244 Highly Recommended
Bournemouth, United Kingdom

I had been waiting for months to get a massage exchange with Simplyheal. He is an established and successful Massage Therapist with over 10 years experience in the business with impressive reviews on his business website. I can now fully understand why he is in great demand following a truly wonderful massage experience that I will not forget. I opted for an aromatherapy massage to help me to de-stress and to sleep better. He arrived on time armed with a personalised essential oil blend and delivered a blissfully relaxing massage which enabled me to sleep uninterrupted for 9 hours! Also qualified in sports massage and acupuncture, he used Soft Tissue Release and Muscle Energy Techniques plus Acupressure points all seamlessly incorporated into the massage whenever he detected areas of hypertonicity in my muscles. Another impressive facet of his technique is the clever use of distractive strokes. When working on a sensitive or painful area such as my lats and intercostals, with his free hand he would deliver a wide sweeping stroke to distract my mind from the area of pain. Highly impressive! I would happily pay full price and more for his expertise and professionalism.
Reviewed by GreenCamberwell, 2015-05-18 [ID 11965/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Recently met with Robertmassage and can honestly say this was the best therapeutic deep tissue massage I have ever had - make no mistake, this man is a professional! I have serious problems with my shoulders and upper arms. Before treatment commenced, he took time to understand my problems and discuss a treatment plan before commencing therapy. He is a strong man and soon finds problematic areas. The massage itself took 2 hours and I certainly slept well that night. His room was warm and clean and he was friendly and welcoming. If you are looking for an excellent therapeutic massage or suffer from muscle problems, I certainly highly recommend Robertmassage. Due to time constraints, I did not get the chance to reciprocate but I hope he will allow me to massage him at a later date as I feel I owe him much. If there were 10 stars, he would get them!!
Reviewed by blueboy1952, 2015-05-18 [ID 11964/P]

Bluey Highly Recommended
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Bluey is an extremely friendly and welcoming person to exchange with. He made me feel at ease and very comfortable right from the start. We enjoyed a very long, relaxing and intense exchange. Bluey used a mix of very long flowing full body strokes with some gentle manipulation of limbs, the whole experience was extremely enjoyable. I felt that Bluey was a very experienced practitioner who used some very effective techniques that made me feel great at the end. I highly recommend Bluey and just wish that we lived closer so that we could exchange more often.
Reviewed by Chris5, 2015-05-18 [ID 11963/P]

aperfectcircle Highly Recommended
Manchester, United Kingdom

Our first exchange this evening was a great experience. His skillful massage was sensitive and deeply relaxing. Looking forward to arranging further exchanges with this friendly man. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by zenbrother, 2015-05-17 [ID 11962/P]

North2west Highly Recommended
Lytham St Annes, United Kingdom

BRILLIANT, first time session was amazing. Will defo be up for the next time. Cant recommend this guy enough.
Reviewed by ME235409, 2015-05-17 [ID 11961/P]

pablo49 Highly Recommended
Birmingham, Michigan, United States

I had a great one on one session with pablo49. It was my pleasure to host
and share a relaxing exchange with him. We had excellent conversation and friendly follow-up emails. Looking forward to another if he is back in town.
All the best.
Reviewed by Bklynguy, 2015-05-17 [ID 11960/P]

Heavenmassage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

my work commitments mean that massage is either feast or famine. Like London buses, three come along together and they are each destinations I would gladly return to.

Heaven massage is true to his name. A very firm, masculine body to work on. Sensual massage for me involves a mix of deep, sports moves coupled with a more sensual flowing style. Heaven Massage displayed a wonderful mix of strokes and deep pressure which I found highly satisfying and really didn't want to end. Despite the lure of bright sunshine outside I was absolutely resolute that I had the best deal.

Highly recommended for a wonderful touch, adept use of pressure and strength and interesting company. What more could one ask? Well, what bout another hour please?
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-05-17 [ID 11959/P]

bisporty Highly Recommended
Kensington, Greater London, United Kingdom

I recently had the pleasure of exchanging with bisporty and not only was he a really pleasant guy but a good masseur and conversationalist. Bisporty is intuitive and used a range of strokes, varying the degree of pressure and checking at all times that I was comfortable. He undersells himself in terms of his ability and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for an exchange and I hope to exchange again with him in the near future.
Reviewed by ME1973, 2015-05-17 [ID 11958/P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Nexus is a very confident and knowledgable masseur. His touch is wonderful and he put a great deal of time and effort into kneading my back muscles. He is also relaxing company and we chatted easily throughout. His palms are very broad and warm and they feel great wherever they touch. It was fantastic to meet Nexus and I look forward to swapping with him again soon.
Reviewed by Hartley123, 2015-05-17 [ID 11957/P]

Hartley123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I was reflecting on the fact that setting up exchanges is a matter of patience. In Hartley's case there were 29 messages between us - my fault through work commitments. This leads to a sense of anticipation and expectation. Four hours in Hartley's company was a rich reward. He combines physical strength with a rare ability to zone in precisely on the painful areas without guidance. He is hugely intuitive and I found myself see sawing between pleasure and pain - but that nice sort of pain which borders on the pleasurable when you know someone is doing you good. Like the old beer advert, Hartley reached parts other masseurs fail to do. Those four hours passed in what seemed like minutes.

With some people you just click. Hartley was, for me, one of those and I enjoyed a professional level of massage with an intimacy and sensuality which made the evening one which will stand out for me.
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-05-16 [ID 11956/P]

Skudder Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

There are some people you meet whom you feel instantly comfortable with. Whether it's similar backgrounds, shared interests or just gut instinct. Skudder is one of those.

He was thoughtful, appreciative and good company. Three and a half hours seemed to pass in an instant.

I would highly recommend him and if you are fortunate enough to exchange you will not be disappointed :-)
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-05-16 [ID 11955/P]

iamalone5000 Recommended
, England, United Kingdom

Hi met this person one month ago nice frendly person like to recevie massage has good body and it nice to work give him a try you will like him
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2015-05-16 [ID 11954/P]

unhurried Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Had a lovely relaxing massage from unhurried earlier this week. He is a very friendly tactile guy who used a variety of strokes and left me feeling serene.
Reviewed by SELondon, 2015-05-16 [ID 11953/P]

Chris5 Highly Recommended
Bristol, City of Bristol, United Kingdom

I was visiting Bristol and had a very relaxed intense massage exchange that was so good in so many ways. Chris is a fit and flexible man who was happy to be practised on as well as giving great advice and feedback on techniques he uses and what works well! I'm just sorry I can't do another swap with Chris as it was one of the best swaps I've experienced!
Reviewed by Bluey, 2015-05-15 [ID 11952/P]

hesse3 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom

Just a single word to describe my experience: fantastic
Chris was patient, with an excellent touch , a real professional and one of the friendliest people
I have ever met through the website. He spent 1,5 hour massaging me, an ideal Sunday afternoon
Reviewed by AlphaX, 2015-05-15 [ID 11951/P]

ce6 Highly Recommended
Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom

ce6 was my first appointment thru Massage Exhange. ce6 arrived on his bicycle, so offered him a shower before the massage. The massage took place on a futon with unscented lotion. After his long bike ride, he was very responsive to a full massage working especially on his back and legs. He was very encouraging and identified areas that needed more attention. It was a great experience for both and hope that there will be a repeat. Repeat is questionable because of the distance involved, but he is always welcome
Reviewed by mckdon, 2015-05-14 [ID 11950/P]

latinbuck Highly Recommended
Pflugerville, Texas, United States

Had the pleasure of exchanging a massage with latinbuck. He has an amazing touch, the pressure was just right, very consistent. I would highly recommend him if you are seeking an awesome massage. Thanks!
Reviewed by jordiee, 2015-05-14 [ID 11949/P]

EsalenGuy52 Highly Recommended
Santa Ana, California, United States

I was looking for an Esalen massage and I found EsalenGuy52. We exchanged massages. His massage to me was more than I expected. I didn't expect to go to cloud 9 so soon or even at all, but I did...a couple times. The Esalen massage from him has encouraged me even more to explore the modality further. Check out the Esalen Institute. EsalenGuy's touch was amazing from the start, as soon as his hands touched my sacrum and upper back. Great massage overall and very comfortable throughout. EsalenGuy has me as a permanent exchange partner.
Reviewed by MassageMusician, 2015-05-14 [ID 11948/P]

Hawaiianmassage Highly Recommended
Caterham, England, United Kingdom

David is a really nice guy and very pleasant company. He has studied Lomi extensively and developed an excellent technique which is both relaxing and invigorating. He has been happy to help us with style and technique instruction which has helped us immensely. A very nice man and a highly skilled masseur. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by SunSeekers, 2015-05-14 [ID 11945/P]

abbot Highly Recommended
St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Had another excellent swap with abbot today,a really sensual body to body session with a very happy ending,can't wait for the next one
Reviewed by tommyc, 2015-05-14 [ID 10355/P]

Review 26 to 50 of 8468
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