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8,645 MassageExchange.com Member Reviews

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mukesh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Mukesh is a reliable, calm individual with really great massage skills. He shared his knowledge generously and I learned several new techniques during this very relaxing and enjoyable exchange.
Reviewed by tint, 2015-07-26 [ID 12280/P]

captom Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

I had a great session with captom last night. A nice, firm rubdown to start things off with a great sensual finish. Warm, friendly atmosphere, especially on a cold, wet night. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by Briza, 2015-07-26 [ID 12279/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Robertmasage is one of a kind. His ability to find those knots on my back was quite phenomenal and I am now feeling considerable relief. I knew I was stressed but I didn't know how 'knotted' my back muscles really were. He is a true professional and, boy, is he serious about his massage. I must say I felt quite inadequate when it came to my partial exchange (just a foot massage at RM's request and because of limited time). RM is a young man of extraordinary talent. He has very high standards so I suggest giving him a miss if your intentions are anything less than he demands.

There is no way I can match in an exchange the quality of his massage, but I owe him one and I am more than willing to oblige if he seeks it. Of course, I'd love to be treated to more of what he can offer - he assured me that what I experienced was just a taste. Wow!
Reviewed by Hendury, 2015-07-26 [ID 12278/P]

msgdude Highly Recommended
City of London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Very nice friendly and tactile Msgdude.
Was here on time and I have enjoyed his technique .
Recommended indeed.
Reviewed by georgix19, 2015-07-26 [ID 12277/P]

JustChillin Highly Recommended
Tampa, Florida, United States

If you have the privilege of exchanging with Justchillin, he's AWESOME! He is an enthusiast with plans to go to massage school Without a doube he will be an all star in his class. His touch is both intuitive and healing. I actually dozed off more than one on his table and am confirmed again for another exchange. This guy ROCKS!
Reviewed by vlad7227, 2015-07-26 [ID 12276/P]

tint Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Really nice and easy going guy, had one of the best massage in person, really enjoyed the gentle strokes.
Reviewed by Josh99, 2015-07-26 [ID 12275/P]

vlad7227 Highly Recommended
Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States

I had the pleasure to recently exchange massages with vlad7227. He was very personable and professional. Vlad7227 is a licensed massage therapist and was open to share his training and experience with me. He provided one of the best massages I have had and look forward to sharing with him again soon.
Reviewed by JustChillin, 2015-07-26 [ID 12274/P]

Benidorm Highly Recommended
Bolton, Bolton, United Kingdom

I had Patrick at my house yesterday.after a short introduction he gave me massage,which lasted for one and a half hours.it was the best massage i had.thanks Patrick hope to see you again soon
Reviewed by rubber799, 2015-07-26 [ID 12273/P]

sanar Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Sanar is a master of the art of massage. What an amazing massage. He is also a very kind, charming and educated person. It was such a pleasure to trade with Sanar!! Highly recommended!!! 10 star!!
Reviewed by bello7777, 2015-07-25 [ID 12272/P]

zdrano Highly Recommended
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

I have met with Zdrano twice now.
A really friendly lady and pleasant company ( and very funny !!).
Her technique was thorough, unrushed with amazing attention to detail knowing all the bodies acupoints. It was exactly what my body needed.

Time allowing - I will definitely try to arrange another meeting.
Reviewed by goodmassage, 2015-07-25 [ID 12271/P]

therealtalcorath Highly Recommended
Anaheim, California, United States

I had a wonderful experience with my exchange with therealtalcorath.

He was in town on vacation, and was nice enough to work the exchange into his vacation schedule. A couple of e mails, and he arrived at my house on time, freshly showered and brought a wonderful attitude.

Receiving a massage from him started out superbly…He worked the knots out of my back muscles, and when I asked for more pressure, he did and the muscle tension in my back was gone. I didn’t realize I had tension there! He continued with his great touch until my whole body was relaxed and energized at the same time. I was lucky I hosted..I could go directly to bet and had a great nights sleep.

I look forward to another exchange with therealtalcorath, at either of our places.

A great experience!! A great massage!!
Reviewed by bobinps, 2015-07-25 [ID 12270/P]

buddyme Recommended
Center City, Pennsylvania, United States

I had a very relaxing time today with buddyme and would recommend him highly
Reviewed by ken8059, 2015-07-25 [ID 12269/P]

touch123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

While in London, I had an opportunity of exchanging with touch123.
He was a very welcoming host. He provided a very ambient atmosphere and well set-up massage space. He is also a really friendly guy and very pleasant company.
His technique was thorough and unrushed.
It was exactly what my body need after long haul flight from Sydney.
The whole experience was truly enjoyable.
Reviewed by gr8touch, 2015-07-24 [ID 12260/P]

bobinps Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States

My experience with Bobinps was sublime.

First of all, Bobinps was very flexible with me and scheduled our exchange around my available time. I wasn't planning ahead when we traveled out to Palm Springs, so I wasn't even sure I would be able to get a massage exchange done while we where here.

His "workspace" for the massage is perfectly sized (not so big that you have to walk away from the table if you forgot something, but not so small that you would need to "navigate" to get the massage done.) The atmosphere was excellent (light on dimmer, music, nice temperature) and he expressed interest in making sure the above were to my taste.

Bobinps' touch was (to reuse a word) sublime. I very nearly fell asleep, feeling both an electric sense of energy flow and perfectly calibrated pressure to put my entire body at ease.

I will absolutely look Bobinps up again next time I travel to Palm Springs and have extended my invitation to him if he ever travels out my way.
Reviewed by therealtalcorath, 2015-07-24 [ID 12267/P]

calauau Satisfactory
Northcote, Victoria, Australia

calauau had a great touch - I loved my exchange with him. He is warm and friendly and I felt very comfortable and safe with him. He was a gracious host. Thanks calauau! :)
Reviewed by GymDudeMelbourne, 2015-07-24 [ID 12266/P]

se10man Highly Recommended
Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom

I teally enjoyed this swap with SE10man on every level. We had exchanged messages before I hosted this meet, which showed what a thoughtful and attentive man he is and I was not disappointed in the flesh. We were instantly comfortable with each other and enjoying each other's company as we chatted, so the transition into massage, which can sometimes be anxiety provoking, felt completely natural. SE10man's techniques were varied and fitted me well, with a mix of detailed work on specific muscles, the lightest of touches to stimulate the senses, and a most welcome firm pressure on areas holding tension - very accomplished.
We started out intending to take turn and turn about but both of us were so in tune with each other's bodies and needs that we ended up at one point intuitively massaging each other at the same time - yes, that is possible!, and yes, it was delightful. By the end, I was truly relaxed, felt pampered and fully satisfied. Writing this several hours later I am still feeling the benefit and a kind of warm afterglow.
SE10man will not disappoint - I recommend him wholeheartedly. He has sparkly eyes and sparkles as a massage partner.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2015-07-24 [ID 12265/P]

tint Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

l had a very good session with Tint. He has great healing hands, we had a chat before we started.His Effleurage was execellent.He used thum frictions along the spinea muscles which i felt great!Great movements of the shoulders,he is very good at kneading of the gastrocnemius,i fell asleep soon afterwards.The whole session was over three hours. l felt very relaxed and slept like a baby.l recomend Tint who ever wants to swop. Thanks Tint!Hope to exchange very soon!
Reviewed by mukesh, 2015-07-24 [ID 12264/P]

tanlines Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Had the chance to have a swap with Tanlines and I must say that he's better than what he thinks he is. I like his long deep strokes on my back and he definitely has strong hands. He just needs to believe in what he does because he's good at it. His massage is very intuitive which I believe is important. A great host with charming personality. I highly recommend him and looking forward to our next swap.
Reviewed by Londonboy18, 2015-07-24 [ID 12263/P]

Icey126 Highly Recommended
Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Meet Icey for the second time a couple of days ago at my house this being our second exchange. It has taken a while to organise but well worth it as he is lovely cheerful and friendly guy and will put you at ease from the moment you meet. His moves and strokes are varied giving a wonderful massage experience with long flowing and short ones working his way over the body , great experience. If you get the chance for an exchange you will learn techniques and not be disappointed. Thanks once again.
Reviewed by corniche, 2015-07-24 [ID 12262/P]

Londonboy18 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Londonboy18 is a fantastic massage partner. Courteous, clean and bang-on-time. I felt his massage was better than many professional massages I have had anywhere in the world. I wholeheartedly recommend him.
Reviewed by tanlines, 2015-07-24 [ID 12261/P]

ritesh No Show
London, United Kingdom

I arranged to meet Ritesh for an exchange earlier this evening. The arrangement was made two days ago and I asked him to let me know if he had any problems on the day. I emailed him earlier today to check all was still okay. Having prepared the room for the exchange I waited his arrival. When he was half an hour late I messaged him to check all was okay and he was still coming. Two hours later I messaged him again and although he opened both messages he did not respond till a third message was sent later. His excuse was he had been " busy with office work" and not able to message me.

Be wary of making any arrangement w its this new member. I was to be his first exchange but he seems to have no concept of wasting other people's time.
Reviewed by SELondon, 2015-07-23 [ID 12259/N]

yi Highly Recommended
Gisborne, Gisborne, New Zealand

I and another member massaged Yi and what a wonderful recipient he was. His body is an ideal subject for massage. When I was the recipient and he copied the other members strokes he learnt quickly. I would highly recommend him as a person to practice massage on. Thanks Yi.
Reviewed by Mercy52, 2015-07-23 [ID 12258/P]

gr8touch Highly Recommended
Paddington, New South Wales, Australia

after months of figuring out the right time to exchange, finally on gr8touch's trip to london, i recently swapped and the experience was quite out of this world. at once therapeutic and highly sensual... it was a release of tight knots and crystals and moves that made my toes curl with new sensations! thank you :) wish you lived close by and not south under :)
Reviewed by touch123, 2015-07-23 [ID 12256/P]

Melman67 Highly Recommended
Handforth, United Kingdom

Alan proved he is very experienced and dedicated in providing firstly an excellent massage and secondly some very good instruction for myself.
His massage was firm, thorough and very relaxing, definitely using his extensive experience to show me how to massage all areas of the body. I would definitely meet up again and thank him for his time and patience.
Many thanks.
Reviewed by Arty99, 2015-07-22 [ID 12255/P]

corniche Highly Recommended
Havant, England, United Kingdom

If you get the opportunity to exchange with this guy don't pass it by. We have exchanged on two occasions now and apart from Mike being the perfect host his massage techniques are exemplary. Long flowing stokes with just the right amount of pressure made for an excellent massage and I just hope it is not so long before we can get together again.
Reviewed by Icey126, 2015-07-22 [ID 12254/P]

Review 26 to 50 of 8645
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