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londonN6 Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Finally got to meet after weeks in the planning. Lovely guy and very welcoming !! Good range of techniques, firm enough but not too firm that you feel like pain's being inflicted !!! Pity we didn't have more time but would hope for a repeat sometime !!
Reviewed by tricky41, 2014-12-12 [ID 11195/P]

DIYafternoon Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I can't believe I forgot to review DIYafternoon! Highly recommend. It was such a good exchange a couple of months back, one of my favorite ever. He was flexible and easy to communicate with about scheduling (and i was having a really tough week for time management) and his hands were great: intuitive, just the right pressure (I like deep tissue), and willing to experiment with different massage techniques which is the best part of exchange, I find, when you try different things out together and learn. I 100% hope to trade with him again when I'm back in Toronto.
Reviewed by parlo, 2014-12-11 [ID 11194/P]

M2Massages2014 Highly Recommended
Janesville, Wisconsin, United States

I thoroughly enjoyed our massage session. Everyone seems to have a different massage technique and this one was one of the best I've experienced. He massaged with more than just his hands, which felt incredible. I look forward to meeting him again and hope to be able to do it on a more regular basis.

Met with him again on 12-10-14 and loved every minute. Very easy to get along with and love his special massage techniques that are very impressive. He definitely knows how to make a man feel good all over. Don't pass this guy up if you get a chance. He is well worth every minute of your time.
Reviewed by Spunkdaddy, 2014-12-11 [ID 10729/P]

efftower Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Reviewed by guia, 2014-12-11 [ID 11193/P]

Chelsie Highly Recommended
Lake Elsinore, California, United States

I had a great exchange with Chelsie. Everything went smoothly from chatting on line to meeting in person over coffee to having our exchange. Chelsie is a charming individual and she had great massage techniques. I look forward to exchanging with her soon.
Reviewed by Ralph9, 2014-12-10 [ID 11192/P]

dms1257 Highly Recommended
Henderson, Nevada, United States

DMS1257 and I have exchanged at least a half dozen times in 2014. She specializes in Esalen massage and has many years of experience. She is friendly, personal and punctual. I have always felt free to either talk or relax in silence. She has been tactful and patient in giving guidance on how to improve my technique (I have asked for this advice). I highly recommend exchanging massage with DMS1257.
Reviewed by love4piano, 2014-12-10 [ID 11191/P]

Keyien Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Already had the 2nd swap with this easygoing lad and his technique is above the amateur level but when comes to hospitality: hat's off! He is awesome and offering you top quality ambient. Food, drinks and music are carefully selected to make the swap unforgettable and also to leave you invigorated and craving for more.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2014-12-10 [ID 11190/P]

LondonNewbie Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I've meet this fella for a swap at his place and although he's a newbie he did quite well. He is polite, respectful and straight-forward, he is also a good host and easy going lad.
Some of the techniques he used were top notch, some other were a hack's touch but he's eager to learn and soon we'll talk a different story. Don't miss out if you're after a good & honest massage.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2014-12-10 [ID 11189/P]

M158559 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

M158559 is a professionally qualified massage professional and it shows in the highly competent way in which he conducts a massage session. He is just so good it is difficult to put into words what it is like to be laid out on the table with him working on you... nice firm sports-massage pressure when appropriate and asked for, and a slightly lighter more relaxed style when wanted. What I am intrigued by is how far this guy will go in future sessions to work on my stiff shoulders and quads as he becomes more familiar with the body in question and is asked by me to go deeper and stronger.. don't get me wrong, he will not impose hard bodywork on those not wanting it as his light touch is also just at the right level and delivers a most satisfactory session all round. Worth 6 stars if that were possible and highly recommended. I am not expecting to be able to offer him the same quality in return, but I will enjoy learning more from him in future sessions. I really am most impressed, thank you.
Reviewed by rowingandsportmassage, 2014-12-10 [ID 11188/P]

Justforfun Highly Recommended
Weston-super-Mare, England, United Kingdom

A very nice guy (a proper British gentlemen) offering great relaxing massages. He has many years of massage experience and you can tell from the way he puts you at ease and his techniques. Definitely would recommend.
Reviewed by gmcek, 2014-12-10 [ID 11187/P]

johnjak Highly Recommended
Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Had a great massage exchange with Johnjak. We had a chat before hand to get to know each other and to find of what we like etc. John massage me first he has got a very good touch firm in some parts of the body and light handed on other parts. He has had no training but he knows what he is doing. John is a very nice person and great to chat to. I am looking forward to our next meeting in the not to distant future.
Reviewed by cares52, 2014-12-10 [ID 11186/P]

Waterloom4m Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I echo everything written already about Waterloom4m. I recently had the pleasure of doing an exchange with him and found him to be a delightful host and a truly talented masseur. We chatted with ease as though we had known each other for years already and he exudes charm and warmth. He is currently studying for his professional ITEC massage qualification but his massage technique is already of a professional nature using a variety of strokes, both firm and soft, seamless and assured. I would happily pay full price for his massage and hope that I will get to exchange with him again when I return to London. If you get the opportunity to exchange with him, don't miss out! Highly recommended.
Reviewed by GreenCamberwell, 2014-12-09 [ID 11185/P]

massagepalmsprings Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States

Massagepalmsprings and I exchanged recently. He is a true gentleman and an excellent masseur. He knew what he was doing and carefully explained what he was going to do next and why. It was a completely relaxing and enjoyable experience for me and I recommend him to all. His gentle spirit and expertise are a great combination. Looking forward to more.
Reviewed by jlcycle75, 2014-12-08 [ID 11184/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I had a meeting with Robert today
He was very polite and well presented. Robert came to my place and we spoke about what we expected from the massage and i respected his upfront, honest approach.
we exchanged massages and his technique was superb. He has good a good knowledge of the anatomy and great technique and pressure.
Robert left me feeling revitalized and rested.
I highly recommend this masseur, probably higher than most professionals that i have met.
Reviewed by LondonNewbie, 2014-12-08 [ID 11183/P]

hoosierguy Highly Recommended
Steilacoom, Washington, United States

Had a exchange with hossierguy from State of Washington visiting relatives here in Indpls. We set up the exchange prior to this arrival in indpls. What a massage. He is very professional and knows what he is doing. His technique is excellent knows how to get you to relax and he found the aches in my shoulders and work them out. We took turns massaging each other and ended with a shoulder relax massage. I look forward to any return trips he might make to Indpls area. Bach
Reviewed by bach, 2014-12-08 [ID 11182/P]

jlcycle75 Highly Recommended
Cathedral City, California, United States

I just had a REALLY nice trade with Jlcycle75. Nice man!
His massage was very relaxing and nurturing for me. Just what I need after a stress filled week! He intuitively knew what I needed. His kindness was apparent from the moment I walked in the door (beautiful, clean home) through out the entire massage. I would highly recommend working together, and plan on booing another trade soon!
Reviewed by massagepalmsprings, 2014-12-07 [ID 11181/P]

ItsJustAFantasy Highly Recommended
East Northport, New York, United States

I have met Doc 2 times to exchange. Gives excellent massages. Very knowledgeable, great pressure. I had back issues, felt great relief.. I would highly recommend Doc.. Happy to have met him.. look forward to many more exchanges.
Reviewed by Bodyworksqueen, 2014-12-07 [ID 10595/P]

Healinghands1750 Highly Recommended
Romford, United Kingdom

Healinghands, by all the meaning of his name has the healing hands, his great techniques and warm intuitive hands healed all the pain and stress in my body. His wavy hand movements transferred the pleasure of his massage in each part on my body. He is such a professional and patient person, I saw him sweating after his massage, it's just a sign of his great devotion and passion to what he does. Unfortunately, I could not exchange with him today as we've arranged it last minute, I hope to repeat it again and make him relaxed in return. Healinghands told me that he is planning to develop his talent and experience in to a professional career, i have no doubt that the clients will be queuing to have one hour session with him and I will be the first person to visit him in his massage place..... I would really recommend him to my friends and anybody who wants to have hours of relaxation and pleasure. Hope to meet him again very very very soon. I give him 7 stars xxxxxxx
Reviewed by Ricardo1984, 2014-12-07 [ID 11178/P]

Govanhill123 Highly Recommended
Glasgow, United Kingdom

My first massage ... Ever!
And it was great, Govanhill123 provided a warm, safe and relaxing environment and a very thorough and enjoyable massage. He talked me through what he was doing and identified some areas where I need to look at my posture and office seating.
Then I got to give my first massage, I was nervous and not sure I would have the patience, but I found it was an excellent way to slow down the pace of life and to concentrate on another person in a uniquely intimate way. I really enjoyed it and was very happy that Govanhill123 seemed to like it too.
I guess I'm hooked now :)
Reviewed by EvildDad, 2014-12-07 [ID 11180/P]

GuyN7 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I was really pleased with the massage exchange I organsied with GuyN7 who provided an invigorating and therapeutic massage. All the way from the UK he was in Sydney for only a short while so am glad we mannaged to connect. A thoroughly nice fellow and very interesting to talk to durng and afterwards as we exchnaged details of our respective training and experience over the years.
Reviewed by Pipajmose69, 2014-12-06 [ID 11179/P]

IndianPalms Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had the great pleasure to swap with lndianhands recently and what a pleasure it was. He is a very friendly and relaxed man. His massage was firm and at a measured rate. He is looking to inprove his skills having not practiced massage for a while. If you get the opportunity to swap with him do so since you will have a very emjoyable time.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2014-12-06 [ID 11177/P]

Robertmasage Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Robert is both intense and playful, and this comes through in his very thorough and fun approach to massage. Really enjoyed meeting him and think that the sort of work he does is commendable - a job which is both physically and emotionally demanding, and hope that our exchange was a good escape - it certainly was for me!
Reviewed by guia, 2014-12-06 [ID 11176/P]

Vanbrugh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

A very welcoming host with an amazing place! But the highlight was the massage itself. This has to be one of the most relaxing massages I've had because Vanbrugh just glided with his amazing hands- a gentle touch meant that I wasn't aware of hidden aches and pains but Vanbrugh has an wonderful ability to stay connected to who he is massaging so you just get a continuous flow of what I can only call indulgent luxury. Top treatment from a top guy. Thank you
Reviewed by sennen10, 2014-12-06 [ID 11175/P]

bigrock Highly Recommended
Wilton Manors, Florida, United States

My first exchange on this site and a pleasant surprise a quality massage from someone who knows the body already looking forward to my next exchange. Truly one of the best massages I have had
Reviewed by Christuna, 2014-12-06 [ID 11174/P]

Kamren71 Highly Recommended
Marston Green, United Kingdom

We've met with Kamren after several email exchanges. He is very nice person and I really enjoyed professional massage he provided me and soothed my stiffed shoulder and neck pain. Highly recommended. Hope to meet again.
Reviewed by dolce, 2014-12-06 [ID 11173/P]

Review 26 to 50 of 7908
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