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emmanuel328 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I was quite nervous as i was giving my first massage in a couple of years. Emmanuel went first to calm my nerves and gave me a wonderful massage. It was obvious he had some trained technique and communicated through out the massage to make sure i was liking what he did and working at the right intensity, but also recognised when he hit sensitive areas to relax things a little... Overall it was a wonderful massage and I really hope he enjoyed what I gave in return... Thanks again, and look forward to next time
Reviewed by kevyn, 2012-06-15 [ID 6224/P]

kevp Highly Recommended
Cork, Ireland

Met with kevp today. Well what can I say. He was superb in every way. He made me feel relaxed and feel at ease very shortly after we met. I was nervous as this was my first time meeting him. We took it in turn to massage each other. He is marvellous and has wonderful hands. I strongly recommend him if you are looking for a good tantra massage.

Will definitely be seeing him again (I hope). Thank you so much for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Reviewed by preffie1, 2012-06-15 [ID 6223/P]

bromley45 Highly Recommended
Orpington, England, United Kingdom

I had a wonderful and relaxing massage exchange with bromley45. He is very warm, friendly, and hospitable. He is very skillful with his hands and very experienced in knowing when to press firmly and softly at the right muscles. Time together was very refreshing and invigourating. You won't be disappointed if you get the chance to do a massage swap with bromley45.
Reviewed by dfa, 2012-06-15 [ID 6221/P]

Paddy Highly Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom

I exchanged a massage with Paddy and received a wonderful experience. His massage style is a mixture of firm but sensitive strokes which might have sent me into a relaxed sleep, but I did not want to miss a second of his massage.

Paddy is a very personable guy with a high standard of health care and hygiene. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by biggles101, 2012-06-15 [ID 6220/P]

athleticedge Highly Recommended
St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

After an amusing mix up with telephones and text messages (Hope you managed to explain that one!) an exchange was set up...

A very pleasant evening was had, great massage for a beginner, and a really nice guy to chat with. "athleticedge" is indeed keen and eager to learn and the few techniques I talked him through he delivered well. With more practice and once enrolled on the course, he will make a great therapist. Hope to swap again soon!
Reviewed by repose, 2012-06-15 [ID 6219/P]

Hansel2 Highly Recommended
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Hansel2's massage is a combination of invigorating yet relaxing; that is a very hard combination that I could not tell how he combines both. His massage is one that is worth experiencing, he is very hospatable, caring and you feel at ease and at peace with him easily and quickly. I will definitely recommend him to other massage enthusiasts out there.
Reviewed by teetoe, 2012-06-15 [ID 6218/P]

Indianladyinuk Highly Recommended
Bromley, Greater London, United Kingdom

An attractive lady with a warm personality and winning smile, she was very easy to get on with and after a little early shyness we had a lovely exchange. She gave me a great massage and has good hands, it was incredibly relaxing and I could have laid there for hours. I thoroughly enjoyed massaging her as well and would love to do so again, it was a very rewarding and satisfying experience.
Reviewed by wilbs, 2012-06-15 [ID 6217/P]

Dania Highly Recommended
Notting Hill Gate,

Charming and delightful with a pure and natural massage energy. I am so pleased to have met her and to be sharing our truly magical experience. I feel rejuvenated.
Reviewed by kal10, 2012-06-14 [ID 6216/P]

wideboy1975 Recommended
London, United Kingdom

It was a pleasure to meet wideboy1975. We had a nice chat and massage session. He is a lovely bloke, easy to talk and share with, it was a pleasure to have him in my home.
Wideboy1975 was very open to learn new techniques which he incorporated in reciprocating the massage. He has a nice style and strong pressure. I loved that he wanted to learn and not only practice the techniques but to understand the benefits. He already has the beginnings of a good routine and with further practice and learning from others he can only improve.
Saying that, I had a very satisfactory and beneficial treatment. I recommend an exchange. See for yourself. :-)
Reviewed by Kiwi666, 2012-06-14 [ID 6215/P]

dixter Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Dixter came to me for the swap and I knew immediately that I would be safe with him ....He is a very nice man with a special warmth about him. . He used long strokes on my back and neck , applying a medium pressure which was very pleasurable I could have married him for his attention to my feet alone!He is not trained , but then neither am I, but he is instinctive and thats equally valuable . In addition he has an interesting and agreeable line of conversation. Do yourself a favour and greet him as-quick- as- you- can !.
Reviewed by omegaman2, 2012-06-14 [ID 6214/P]

TaliesinUK Highly Recommended
Malvern East, Victoria, Australia

Have had a couple of exchanges with TaliesinUK now and enjoyed them all very much. He has good grounding both personally and in his massage technique, is firm and measured in application (just as I like it), confident of what he is doing which gives a real sense of assurance that completely sent me drifting off, leaving me in a relaxed state - perfect! I recommend TaliesinUK for a firm relaxing, thoughtful massage, I would happily swap with him anytime!
Reviewed by trickyfingers, 2012-06-14 [ID 6211/P]

ahunoz Highly Recommended
Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia

I have had a number of massage exchanges with ahunoz and have found him to be extremely professional in his approach, very caring, and very skilled as a massage therapist. He has a vast amount of knowledge to share, and massage strokes that he utilises. I highly recommend ahunoz!
Reviewed by abundance, 2012-06-14 [ID 6210/P]

kal10 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

In-credible massage - neurological ecstacy - lava floes deep dreams topped off by Electric Ladyland and Etna. Wow!! THANKYOU !!!!!
Reviewed by Dania, 2012-06-13 [ID 6209/P]

omegaman2 Highly Recommended
Waltham Cross, United Kingdom

Received a great massage from Omegaman11. He applied the right pressure & made me feel very relaxed from start to finish. A pleasure to be massaged by him & also to massage. He is a really interesting guy to chat to & I hope to be massaged by him again soon.
Reviewed by dixter, 2012-06-13 [ID 6208/P]

Sarcor Recommended
Columbus, Indiana, United States

Sarcor gives a very good relaxing massage. His touch is very soothing and his light touch seemed to melt all the tension from my body. His strokes remind me of aura stroking and definately smooths out your chakras and energy. It was a pleasant surprise. You can feel his gentleness of soul and spirit as he takes you into a state of calm relaxation. He definately has a gift which is very worth experiencing. I look forward to many more exchanges.
Reviewed by 6thSenseBodywork, 2012-06-12 [ID 6207/P]

SensMassage Highly Recommended
Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States

Excellent work from a man who clearly cares about touch. Great hands that hone in on the areas that need work, then applies it expertly. A very worthwhile experience, and highly recommended.
Reviewed by TUCAZmassage, 2012-06-12 [ID 6206/P]

ukmaseur Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Had a great exchange with Miguel last night. Great confident touch, left me feeling totally relaxed and invigorated, slept so well last night! Great guy, highly recommended.
Reviewed by repose, 2012-06-12 [ID 6205/P]

Rick123 No rating yet
Lewisville, Texas, United States of America

Rick and I had conversations back and forth prior to his travel arrival and I looked forward to meeting him and our exchange. We traded massage on a Sunday evening and it was quite enjoyable, relaxing and well worth our visit together. If your ever have the opportunity to trade with Rick take the offer; you will not regret it.
Reviewed by SensMassage, 2012-06-12 [ID 6203/P]

masseurpaul Recommended
St Albans, United Kingdom

Had an exchange with masseurpaul, unfortunately due to time constraints we only had limited time to exchange. However I received a nice massage, masseurpaul combined intuitive touch with relaxing strokes.
Reviewed by rg0100, 2012-06-11 [ID 6201/P]

Reply from masseurpaul of 2012-06-12
Had a short massage with Rg was very enjoyable, he was responsive to touch and was very warm and welcoming. I hope to have a further massage.

RelaxationQueen Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States

Earlier this week, I received a massage from Relaxation Queen. It was a marvelous experience! Her energy seems focused and healing. Her strokes were slow and, where needed, deep. Her studio was warm and welcoming and her table-side manner was friendly and professional. I hope to receive many more massages from Relaxation Queen, and I look forward to my next trade with her.
Reviewed by NatomasRick, 2012-06-10 [ID 6196/P]

LdnMassage Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

I exchanged recently with Simon and it was evident by the warm welcome of his hosting skills that immediate made me feel comfortable. This was my first experience of having a floor massage and adequate space was provided. Simon provides a medium pressure massage and the was times I drifted into sleep mode. Very relaxing enhanced by calming music and company most definately recommended, Paulo
Reviewed by PauloNW6, 2012-06-10 [ID 6195/P]

NatomasRick Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States of America

NatomasRick was a blessing in disguise. His studio is very warm and welcoming. His experience as a therapist is amazing. I love his Esalen long strokes. His communication skills are impeccable, and his sense of presence is comforting. He's a great individual, and it would be a blessing to receive massage from him. I look forward to further trades.
Reviewed by RelaxationQueen, 2012-06-10 [ID 6194/P]

abundance Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

was a very pleasant experience, she gave me a very relaxing massage just what i needed. Looking forward to exchanging massages again, and again.
Reviewed by 5ensual, 2012-06-10 [ID 6193/P]

PauloNW6 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

I exchanged with Paulo and had a very relaxing massage exchange. His friendly nature made me feel relaxed and at ease before he even started. He visited me and we exchanged on the floor which is not his usual terrain. His routine was relaxing, thorough and he had very good pressure. I was in a relaxed state of mind during the massage and felt energized afterwards. I have a great respect for Paulo's professional approach and would not hesitate to exchange massaging with him in the near future.
Reviewed by LdnMassage, 2012-06-10 [ID 6192/P]

Jeffmassage Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Jeffmessage gave a delightful exchange. He took his time, hit all the right spots, and left me feeling relaxed and refreshed. He is a kind person who gave great feedback during the session. I recommend Jeffmassage highly.
Reviewed by Jerry5550, 2012-06-09 [ID 6191/P]

Review 4201 to 4225 of 8065
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