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eagertiger Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Montgomery Village, Maryland, United States
After finding a mutually convenient day/time for our massage exchange, Eagertiger and I finally met. He is a gracious host, and made certain that he created a welcoming and calming environment. Heated table, candles, incense, peaceful music all created wonderful ambiance for the exchange. Not to mention plenty of water and snacks. You'd never guess he was someone who has only 3 years experience, his natural ability to soothe and relax tired, achy muscles was impressive. At times I felt I was with a licensed therapist. I try to learn something new with each exchange, and with Eagertiger I learned volumes. I look forward to more exchanges in the future with him. Thanks again Eagertiger.
Reviewed by TC2164, 2013-01-15 [ID 7478:P]

soothing4you Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Hollywood, Florida, United States
I Had the opportunity to trade a Massage with soothing4you , it was one of the best massage
I ever had, he has a strong hands that make release all your stress , and he is a caring people. Thanks again and looking forward to trade another massage section .
Reviewed by jochi01, 2013-01-15 [ID 7477:P]

49yrold Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States
Wonderful time- great attention to detail! Very soothing and highly recommend!
Looking forward to my next visit.
Reviewed by mark1507, 2013-01-15 [ID 7476:P]

Marcus2 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I was so pleased to have met Marc... Not only is he a nice guy with a big smile , but gives great massages.. He is very calm, respectful & chatty... :)...My back & arms feel so much better today & pain free for the first time in a long time... I would highly recommend Marc & look forward to catching up with him again...
Reviewed by Pleasure41, 2013-01-15 [ID 7474:P]

Wouter Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Shooter's Hill, Greater London, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting Wouter the other day and I would highly recommend him. First of all he is a lovely guy which really helped in getting relaxed. He has fantastic massage technique and throws in a nice mix of nice deep pressure and softer more sensual strokes. He is highly skilled and knows exactly how much pressure is needed and where, using some fantastic techniques and stretches. I was happy to be his guinea pig while he practiced his technique and came away very relaxed and feeling fantastic. I look forward to future exchanges with him.
Reviewed by Alex88, 2013-01-15 [ID 7473:P]

milehighnd Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
Very good massage from milehighnd... liked it very much, right pressure and would definitely recommend him.
Reviewed by Sagittarian, 2013-01-15 [ID 7472:P]

mike6119 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Kodiak, Alaska, United States
Mike, once again, exceeded my expectations. He is friendly and very personable, has great technique, and he has a personality that helps one to relax just by his very presence. I highly recommend him as a massage partner
Reviewed by snugglebear57, 2013-01-15 [ID 5832:P]

flower Recommended ★★★★
London, United Kingdom
Flower provided the perfect environment for a massage exchange: she was welcoming and kind, not pushy, allowing one to settle for a while and get to know each other a little before we started our exchange. Her massage of me was sublime: I felt completely comfortable and safe and, by the end of the massage, totally relaxed. Her technique is solid and gentle: she knows her way around all the muscle groups and has the knack of re-acquainting you with your body. I had the best night's sleep for a long while afterwards.
Reviewed by John1962, 2013-01-15 [ID 7471:P]

dsmexplore Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
Hi Dsmexplore and I have exchanged on two occasions both have been fab, DSmeplore has an excellent touch which i found very relaxing, as i tend to use massage in my rehabilitation work it was great to have a massage returned,Dsmexplore is a really nice person and we had great conversations and have arranged another exchange I would highly recommend him
Reviewed by scot2487, 2013-01-15 [ID 7470:P]

BrazilianinManhatan Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Manhattan, Nueva York, United States
I had a very good exchange with BrazilianinManhattan. I loved the diversity of his techniques, especially the Chiromassage. He his also very willing to share his expertise and on top of that he is very warm and easy going.
Reviewed by FFF, 2013-01-14 [ID 7469:P]

Reply from BrazilianinManhatan of 2013-01-14
thank you for so nice words! :)

briboy75 Recommended ★★★★
Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Briboy75 very professional excellent massage great exchange thank you again.
Reviewed by adam29, 2013-01-14 [ID 7468:P]

Earlscourtexhibition Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
I exchanged with Earlscourtexhibition for the first time last week. He is very easy going and we had a really nice unhurried massage. There were scented candles in the room which smelt really nice and added to the atmosphere. We both had some oils which we shared and I felt very relaxed afterwards. Thank you!
Reviewed by CUTEGUY26, 2013-01-14 [ID 7467:P]

Earlscourtexhibition Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
Had an exchange with Dean. Last week. Dean is an exceptionally nice guy with a good understanding of massage
He makes you feel at ease and is pleasant to chat with
Great massage. Thanks D
Reviewed by a3ttk1, 2013-01-13 [ID 7466:P]

KevinO Recommended ★★★★
Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Setting the session up went well & smoothly, with good communication from Kevin. I hosted in Leeds, he arrived in good time. It was a very relaxing session, with strong evidence that he enjoys both giving & receiving massage. Well worth a swop!
Reviewed by zenM, 2013-01-13 [ID 7465:P]

menmassager Recommended ★★★★
Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand
I recently exchanged massage with menmassager.
He provided a range of flowing strokes which were appropriate for different parts of the body which I found relaxing.
A highlight is the massage of the head.

Reviewed by LdnMassage, 2013-01-13 [ID 7459:P]

massagegive Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Massagegive's profile was right on target. He's picked up some great techniques from therapists and has a unique approach that he adjusts using his excellent sense of touch. I've done some massage exchanges but felt like I was a double A player vs. a major leaguer, he's that good. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by ME77566, 2013-01-13 [ID 7463:P]

2Enjoytake2 Recommended ★★★★
Strasbourg, Alsace, France
I just had a pleasant and perfectly relaxing exchange with 2Enjoytake2. He took his time with his massage...I felt nicely de-stressed after the session...with his soft, soothing hands, would definitely recommend others to him for a swap!!
Reviewed by zzen, 2013-01-12 [ID 7462:P]

ME77566 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Columbus, Ohio, United States
Although he feigned a beginner's knowledge of massage, within the first two minutes of being in his care, I knew he was just being modest. Nstartcmh provided me with a wonderful massage experience. He is a big guy and uses those big strong hands, arms, legs and feet to their best of his ability. True to his description, he is laid back but exceptionally easy to talk with. He made me feel very comfortable the entire time. We switched off and on for several hours. After a long day of meetings and travel, it was just what I needed. I would highly recommend him.
Reviewed by massagegive, 2013-01-12 [ID 7461:P]

jedediah Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States
Jedediah Massage...an excellent massage therapist that was very relaxing and therapeutic at the same time. He worked on a back problem on me and after the session I was relieve from pain. The firm but gentle pressure will help you relax from the beginning. Jedediah is a very caring person and he enjoys his work. I highly recommend him and if you travel to Boston make sure you give him a call or email him. I'm looking forward to our next session when I do travel again.Oh for got too say,He used the hot stones on my back witch it was the first time I ever had it. It did feel very good on my pain, at the very end of his treatment Jedediah took a hot towel wash you down from the oil that was on your back ,he had a hot table to keep you warm love a lot,
his intake form I found too be a big help for him too know me and my pain. It had things on there that other massage therapist would not have like for one I remember do you want a towel ,sheet, cover, and how you wanted to be drap which was great for the therapist too know me to feel great .thank you for the care reikigirl.
Reviewed by reikigirl, 2013-01-12 [ID 7460:P]

tomharry Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
i had a great exchange with Tomharry. He was a very welcoming host and has good massage technique. Good firm strokes and makes sure that the right amount of pressure is used. I have not done many exchanges yet and so it was good to meet a nice friendly guy who is good at massage and I would definitely be up for another exchange. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by sports38, 2013-01-11 [ID 7458:P]

FFF Recommended ★★★★
New York, New York, United States
Today we had our first exchange. He has strong hands, he is very sensitive, he knows how to touch, and where to touch. He is also, respectful. At the end of the session, I give him some feed-backs and he was so respectful. He's a great guy! Hope to exchange with him again!
Reviewed by BrazilianinManhatan, 2013-01-11 [ID 7457:P]

a3ttk1 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
I had a great massage with Toby today. Toby's experience shows mostly in the strength of his hands and I received a much needed deep tissue sports type massage. Toby is friendly and easy to get on with which helps put me at ease with it only by third exchange. I ma enjoying the difference in peoples styles and learning from them including Toby who has a few moves I shall try myself.
Reviewed by Earlscourtexhibition, 2013-01-11 [ID 7454:P]

sports38 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Hammersmith, England, United Kingdom
Sports 38 really knows how to give a good massage. A great mixture of gentle and very firm (which is how I like it) and using a variety of strokes some of which were new to me and even more enjoyable for that.
Plus he's very easy to get on with, chatty, very upbeat guy. Would definitely meet up again if he was up for it.
Highly recommended.
Reviewed by tomharry, 2013-01-11 [ID 7453:P]

PauloNW6 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Amazing massage. I left tingling and relaxed from head to toe. Highly recommend Paulo. Amazing and will definitely be back
Reviewed by aussiesteve, 2013-01-11 [ID 7451:P]

Wouter Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Shooter's Hill, Greater London, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting and being massaged last night by Wouter and both experiences were great . In his dedicated room with candles and music he gave a massage that varied between sports style which worked on my aches from the gym to long strong flowing strokes that were powerful and relaxing .An excellent massage that I hope to repeat.
Reviewed by se10man, 2013-01-11 [ID 7450:P]

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