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sputnik Highly Recommended
Manordeilo, United Kingdom

I was very fortunate to have an exchange with sputnik last week.hes a very warm,genuine guy with a good sence of humour.
He has a gentle,caring warm touch which made my whole body relax,he was extremely courteous in every way.I highly recomned him for a swap just wish he lived closer,hope to exchange again very soon
Reviewed by 1Andy1, 2012-12-18 [ID 7334/P]

peccator No rating yet
New York, New York, United States

I had a great exchange with peccator. He's a super hot guy and knows know to use what he has for a excellent sensual massage experience. When he arrived I noticed how tall, sexy and handsome he is. That was a pleasent surprise! He's also one of the nicest guys I've ever met.
The chemistry between us was great! His massage skills were perfect. He massaged and touched me all in the right places! ;-)! I can't wait to have another massage trade with him.
Reviewed by Johnnyfit, 2012-12-18 [ID 7333/O]

Reply from peccator of 2012-12-18
Thank you, Johnnyfit. I had an unbelievable trade and experience with you. So looking forward to our future sessions. Your pics don't do justice to your sexiness or qualities as a person. What a privilege to know you.

LeeMassages Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

one of the best exchanges with some very unique technique.
Reviewed by soldierman, 2012-12-17 [ID 7332/P]

joanc53 Highly Recommended
Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom

I had a very relaxing massage exchange with Joanc53. After arriving and introducing ourselves, we had a nice conversation while enjoying some white wine. Joanc53 has traveled around the world to some very interesting places and I was keen to hear about her work. The session began with Joanc53 massaging me. Her massage bed is one of the best I have seen – very soft and comfortable. Joanc53 is passionate about massage and has learned a variety of techniques. She used some lovely and unique methods that really had me completely relaxed and drifting off. Then it was my turn! I gave Joanc53 a full body massage, focusing on long slow strokes, which I understand is her preference. She seemed to enjoy my touch and was soon relieved of any stress and tension. Joanc53’s flat is only a 10 minute walk from the station which makes for convenient access. I look forward to another exchange with this wonderful lady the next time I’m in London!
Reviewed by jon1966, 2012-12-17 [ID 7329/P]

fox3too Highly Recommended
Cannington, Western Australia, Australia

Fox3too is amazing at massage. Obviously has lots of experience and was the perfect host. I am still new to receiving massage so he wasnt too strong and i didnt feel any discomfort. I can highly recommend for excellent relaxing massage. He is also very good at giving advice and instructing in massage. Looking forward to our next meet.
Reviewed by nudedude1, 2012-12-16 [ID 7327/P]

Johnnyfit Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States

Johnnyfit is truly an amazing massage partner. He's a certified trainer and masseur, so he knows what he's doing. Beyond this, he is intuitive, strong, generous with his knowledge, a true people person who understands the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits of massage. Don't let those bad boy sexy looks fool you: he is one of the sweetest, most caring souls I've met. Because of his work demands, scheduling takes a while, but he is more than worth it.
Reviewed by peccator, 2012-12-16 [ID 7326/P]

knotbgone Highly Recommended
Staten Island, New York, United States

Knotbegone is everything his reviews state and more. Strong, skilled, amazing technique, phenomenal combination is massage and stretching, intuitive...I can go on and on. We first traded about about 4 years ago and he has only gotten better. He is also a phenomenal human being--warm, generous, and genuinely interested in all the good that massage entails. And of course, just look at those pics. Do not hesitate to set up a trade with this amazing masseur, host and person.
Reviewed by peccator, 2012-12-16 [ID 7325/P]

Jackthelad No Show
Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Was due to do an exchange with Jackthelad last week but he failed to show which was a disappointment when you spend time preparing a room and cancelling other activities. I heard from him after a few days to say his internet connection was down and it took a few days to fix.

This was much better than my fear which was that something had happened to him on the night in question.

I look forward to completing an exchange with Jackthelad some other time.
Reviewed by DublinMale, 2012-12-16 [ID 7324/N]

WryWit Highly Recommended
Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Just spent a delightful evening with Wrywit - at last someone who does an excellent head massage as well as a full body one! I enjoyed his company as well as his massage. His style is confident and satsifying. My whole body felt good after we had finished.

I thoroughly recommend this erudite, creative man - he gives and receives with deep understanding of the power of massage, Just wish he lived nearer.......
Reviewed by joanc53, 2012-12-16 [ID 7322/P]

redsox11 Recommended
Ilford, United Kingdom

I recently met up with Redsox and had a really good exchange. He was rather nervous at first, but once he relaxed into it was able to give a ;ovely massage, I particularly enjoyed his leg massage, flet myself drifting away, which is how I like it. With a few more exchanges he will be an excellent masseur so do contact him ladies, you wont regret it.
Reviewed by joanc53, 2012-12-16 [ID 7321/P]

txpapabear55 Highly Recommended
Mesquite, Texas, United States

Great massage from Txpapabear while in DFW area. He has good firm pressure, asks throughout massage if pressure is okay. Very receptive to instructions to increase his techniques. Will definitely be calling him for another massage when I am in his area. December William
Reviewed by Tripp0202, 2012-12-15 [ID 7320/P]

Rubbuddy4U Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

I had an exchange with Rubbuddy4U just the other day and it was a thoroughly enjoyable exchange. He's a very thoughtful, gentle guy, who was open to sharing information about massage and this site since I am new. He's a wonderful communicator while giving a massage and listen's to what your needs are for the exchange and works with in those parameters.

He was effective in helping me to relax and uses a nice long strokes all over the body. The exchange exemplifies what MassageExchange is all about, relaxing touch with a great connection. I will exchange with him again and hope to learn even more.
Reviewed by Carmel, 2012-12-15 [ID 7317/P]

se10man Highly Recommended
Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom

se10man visited me. He is a very friendly and charming man and I felt very comfortable with him from the start. He was very keen to tailor the massage to personal preferences and clearly has a good technique. I would encourage him to give more feedback during the massage he received as well as being very positive at the end. A great swap which I am keen to repeat.
Reviewed by Phonic, 2012-12-15 [ID 7316/P]

tomtom2 Highly Recommended
Axminster, Devon, United Kingdom

Just received another fantastic massage from tomtom2 this evening.
As we have now established a good rapport and trust, I decided to try his naturist massage.
We both stripped off in my warm room (well, we have massaged each others bodies, not much to hide now) and lay on the couch face down, legs slightly apart and towels rolled up under my feet. This made my back feel comfortable. He oiled my legs, my bottom and up to the small of my back, working upward in deep, strong strokes . My aching muscles responded well to this.and then my shoulders. Repeating the process again and again.Once turned over he massaged from my feet, up my legs and thighs and to my belly, up to my chest. I said that he could massage my breasts and shoulders. This he did without blinking an eye, and in a most sensual and erotic way.Heaven, just heaven. I am glad we have exchanged a few times now. I look forward to more.
This really is boosting my self confidence. So much so, that I asked him to join me in my wet room for a shower together. Would you believe it-he was shy at my first mentioning it!
Not for sex, just the pure intimacy of the massage moment.He remained respectful of boundaries as we shared this special time. The massage continued there with us both soapy massaging each other.Bliss !
Reviewed by emma2, 2012-12-15 [ID 7103/P]

andy1978 Highly Recommended
Hounslow, Greater London, United Kingdom

Had an exchange with Andy at the weekend. I found very relaxing and professional. I
Felt at ease straight away. Hope we can exchange again soon
Reviewed by Patrick83, 2012-12-14 [ID 7315/P]

PauloNW6 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

I was fortunate to have an exchange with PauloNW6 today. He was an excellent host and provided towels, hot oil, water, music and candles. On top of all that he is also chatty and personable and provides a great massage.

PauloNW6 also provided great feedback too. His massage was a combination of a few techniques, but was very relaxing and I felt great afterwards. All in all , it was a top exchange. Thanks PauloNW6 and I hope to exchange again soon.
Reviewed by cbm67, 2012-12-13 [ID 7314/P]

Tripp0202 Highly Recommended
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

I thoroughly enjoyed our exchange today. William couldn't have been more caring or empathetic to my needs. He was able to apply as much or as little pressure as I wanted and helped me relax more than I have in quite a long time. I just wished he lived closer :( Hope to exchange again soon.
Reviewed by txpapabear55, 2012-12-13 [ID 7313/P]

cbm67 Highly Recommended
Maida Vale, Greater London, United Kingdom

I have to start witrh this was one of the very best firm massages I have had. Chris is obviously experienced and I think someone to learn from. His applies a firm massage and the right pressures to rid those knots and his knowledge of technics used is second to none. I had some good massages on this site but this is in the top five. I feel rejuvinated and really worked so thanks and we must exchange again soon. Paulo
Reviewed by PauloNW6, 2012-12-13 [ID 7311/P]

seba77 Highly Recommended
Rubery, England, United Kingdom

I really enjoyed Sebastian's Lomi-Lomi. Definitely recommended!
Reviewed by Kamila25, 2012-12-13 [ID 7310/P]

Natori Highly Recommended
Fallbrook, California, United States

Natori has a wonderful touch, from the light brushing that she begins with to the unique form of Deep Tissue Swedish Massage which if you need that type of work to release chronicly tight muscles, she would be a great choice!
Reviewed by TracyMac, 2012-12-13 [ID 7309/P]

bankie Highly Recommended
Stafford, Queensland, Australia

I had the very great pleasure and privilege of being bankie's first swap... he insisted he had never given a full-body massage before -- I found it hard to believe, because he had such a natural, accomplished and effective style that flowed seamlessly around the body with just the right balance and variation of pressure. Highly recommend bankie as a swap well worth having!
Reviewed by Dad12, 2012-12-13 [ID 7308/P]

Dad12 Highly Recommended
Salisbury, Queensland, Australia

Dad12 gave an awesome massage, I enjoyed every minute of it. This was first time meeting someone from this site (and my first time giving a massage) and i would recommend him to anyone. I too hope that we can share many more massages in the future.
Reviewed by bankie, 2012-12-13 [ID 7307/P]

marcusp Highly Recommended
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I have had the great pleasure of exchanging with marcusp and cannot praise him enough for his generous hosting.

A really genuine and friendly guy, he was extremely courteous in every way and was very keen to ensure that my needs in respect of right amount of pressure and a focus on any specific areas was maintained throughout the session.

I cannot recommend marcusp enough and I hope there will be many more exchanges between us.
Reviewed by Happychap, 2012-12-12 [ID 7306/P]

jon1966 Highly Recommended
Leesburg, Virginia, United States

I have just had a delightful evening with this delightful man. He has an excllent touch and a real feel for massage, smooth movements, sometimes soft, sometimes deep. I felt really pampered after this!
I really look forward to seeing him again
Reviewed by joanc53, 2012-12-12 [ID 7305/P]

PauloNW6 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Paulo is a professional bodywork therapist and he did not disappoint - he gave a fantastic massage, and was an excellent host as well. The massage was incredibly relaxing - perfect amount of pressure and massage styles - I had almost fallen asleep by the end. Would definitely recommend Paulo.
Reviewed by Jura86, 2012-12-12 [ID 7304/P]

Review 4201 to 4225 of 8776
of 352   
 10  25  50 per page

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