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ba1982 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
My first exchange on one cold and dark Sunday afternoon in February. I very much enjoyed the experience and picked up a number of tips from this naturally talented man. I felt so relaxed I dozed off.... I would highly recommend!
Reviewed by srsg, 2013-05-30 [ID 8271:P]

tael44 Highly Recommended
Cork, Cork, Ireland

I had a very enjoyable exchange with Morgan. A very affable and pleasant Frenchman who made me feel very welcome in his flat. A relaxing chat first after which I enjoyed an excellent massage from him with a variety of techniques. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by srsg, 2013-05-30 [ID 8270:P]

Ofer Recommended
Tel Aviv, Israel
Ofer and I made contact via the site and he came from a different city in order to do the massage swop. He did a very pleasant light touch Swedish massage, which was different to the very hard deep tissue treatments I usually receive. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was quite relaxed and felt energized after the treatment. In spite of English not being his first language Ofer spoke very nicely and behaved in a respectful and modest manner.
Ofer and I exchanged about 8 treatments over 18 months. I feel that after this length of time we have become friends. He is a good person and a good light treatment therapist.
Reviewed by NaturalGoddess, 2013-05-30 [ID 8269:P]

cway Highly Recommended
Dartford, United Kingdom
I met with this member today, and was warmly greeted by a pleasant gentleman & shown into a nice warm room where the new massage table was set up ( I was the first one to try the new table ! Lol ) very comfortable it was too :-) .
with both parties undressed the massage started, with very light tantalising strokes from a feather sending nice shivers all over.
Next came the warm oil, and from the start I was in heaven ! with a varied mix of touch and strokes I was soon fully relaxed ;-), Once I had turned over the pleasure continued, until it was my turn to massage him, then I had a nice shower before leaving... Though he describes himself as an enthusiastic amateur I certainly rate the session and massage received 10 out of 10 , will definately be looking forward to a return visit .... Thank you for a very pleasurable and relaxing few hours ..
Reviewed by m4m, 2013-05-30 [ID 8268:P]

rachee Highly Recommended
Urangan, Queensland, Australia
I exchanged a massage with rachee yesterday. She was very professional in her approach and knowledgeable therapist. Massage swap with Rachee was great and felt very relaxed, and felt great.

Looking forward for the next swap....:)

Reviewed by rcmoulirc, 2013-05-29 [ID 8265:P]

fullbody4u Highly Recommended
Poynton, Cheshire East, United Kingdom
Had a great first exchange. This guy was very welcoming and really helped me to relax as I wasn't too sure about what to do or the expectations of an exchange. Highly recommend this guy and look forward to another exchange soon.
Reviewed by Leylandguy, 2013-05-29 [ID 8264:P]

PauloNW6 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
As a newbie to massage I found PauloNW6 to have masterful hands and a very professional approach. He is a real gentleman who worked on me at great length with his full and genuine interest. My body felt wonderfully relaxed by the end of the session, which ended with a rather dreamy head massage. This is one guy definitely not to miss.
Reviewed by languidly, 2013-05-29 [ID 8263:P]

MassageMusician Highly Recommended
Downey, California, United States
I have had a lot of massages and MassageMusician is of the top three deep tissue therapists I have experienced. She knows her trade very well. She does an outstanding full body job but if you have a problem area, she is the one to go to. She gets the job done and it feels great. If you haven't enjoyed a massage with her then I highly recommend you make an appointment today.
Reviewed by JStar, 2013-05-29 [ID 8261:P]

Doc65 Highly Recommended
Norwalk, California, United States
Wow, if it weren't for this website I may have never known that I had such an incredible bodyworker right here in my neighborhood - around the corner - walking distance from my house!!! You can't tell from Doc65's photo the charisma & hospitality he has in person. And except for the very cool music he played (...and sang) for my listening enjoyment, he's not one for "fluff & stuff" massages... as a licensed chiropractor, he generously gave me an adjustment before the soft tissue work. He then gave me a powerful deep tissue massage earning him the affectionate nickname "Dr. Pain." Lol - he & his wife are lovely people and my trade with him was extremely enjoyable. I felt great!
Reviewed by MassageDiva, 2013-05-29 [ID 8260:P]

glenthorn Highly Recommended
Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Hey, phantastic massage. Really enjoyed it and, yes, he really knows what he is doing, with the right firmness just the way I like it. I can really recommend this guy you won't regret. Also nice company to be with. Every time again
Reviewed by massagemann, 2013-05-29 [ID 8259:P]

JStar Recommended
Glendora, California, United States
I've exchanged several massages with John. I really like his touch. His massage is mostly relaxing. I recommend John for your next massage experience.
Reviewed by MassageMusician, 2013-05-28 [ID 8257:P]

Lee13 Highly Recommended
Mission Viejo, California, United States
Another exceptional massage exchange with Lee13. I came out of the Memorial weekend with numbness in my shoulders, neck and arms and i was fortunate enough to have Lee13 work on my for 90 minuets. I usully prefer to have me go first only because I can learn so much from Lee13's technique, and then try what I learned on him. He's an amazing sensei and I can see him running his own school some day. He uses techniques and table positions that i have never been in. He left my studio but an hour ago and I have full range of my neck, no numbness or tighness in my shoulders and I can only hope that I delivered as good of a massage to him. I noticed a different technique than that of the first time i exchanged with him, and i can see that he uses his knowlege based on what situation of healing your in need of in the present. That's what he does, he has a very intuitive and healing delivery. Highly recomented. An exceptional and quality Massuer. Thanks Lee!
Reviewed by Celticman, 2013-05-28 [ID 8228:P]

tomcatstressed Highly Recommended
Chigwell, Essex, United Kingdom
heyyy I asked Ricardo over long wkend n we bin talking on the fone fora while n we jus felt like mates for life so smooth purr n we talked for like hrs everyday :P n is a typical Essex boy n he gets me n my mates love him to bits he should get a part on TOWIE he fit rite in lol soo funny
He jus made me feel so special his massage is so smooth,soft jus enough pressure very warm hands slow and precise n definitely understands a girls body OMG !!! purr
His leg,foot massages r lush I felt in luv lool its all on another level
The way im feeling totally relaxed definately the best massage I ever have and my mates Lauren n Rachel couldn't believe it either as we wanted him to stay 4 a girly wkend wiv us so we can b pampered :P awwww so we just abducted him so sweet like,all in candle light only,
We opted for full body our choice :P as we r well comfortable wiv him n we wanted our bum massaged :P n wooo over 2hrs+ his technique is unique n it will take a lot to top this CAT act.. purrrrfect n we will meet up regular we r mates for life n more ;)awwwww WE WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM GIRLZ HE IS A METROSEXUAL GUY WHO GETS US GIRLZ amongs all the EM I got I choose him myself as his reviews makes sense now I got in the zone wiv him n I did massage his arms n hands n legs least we could do lol as us gurlz wanted a feel to lol feelin the way we did :P then we chilled out with my feet in his hands was well nice :) thx u gawjus see ya thurs muwahh xx

Reviewed by jusmebabes, 2013-05-28 [ID 8254:P]

Reply from tomcatstressed of 2013-05-29
Hii Beautiful n thank you so much for a sucha reem review lol oxo and your most welcome and I glad we met your so sweet and your friends to and I had a great weekend as a couple we did hit the floor running though went better than what we planned :P.. so was you n JUSTMEBABE lol till your mates turned up was cute we all gelled was great oxo
what does metrosexual mean ? :/ anyway ;) love u hunni n I got the tickets to Sugar hut so see ya Thurs Angel..:)

Rico xxx

topmassage33 Recommended
Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Good, hard firm massage, knows exactly what he's doing I was very satisfied
Reviewed by easeit, 2013-05-28 [ID 8252:P]

mexch Recommended
Dromana, Victoria, Australia
this was my 2nd massage swap. Mexch was professional and made me feel comfortable.
hes got good skills understands n tailors as per the individual needs. He's generous with his time

Reviewed by ndarb, 2013-05-27 [ID 8250:P]

Reply from mexch of 2013-05-27
Thanks ndarb for your kind comments. It was a late appointment and like our first exchange, I think we both had a pleasurable experience. You have an excellent body to massage and your courtesy, respect and intelligent conversation certainly makes for a more enjoyable exchange along with your return massage.

JStar Highly Recommended
Glendora, California, United States
JStar is a very nice Therapist. I had him several times and always was very please with his massage. Very proffesional and respect above all!

Thank you for a great massage!
Reviewed by Qbanlady, 2013-05-26 [ID 8247:P]

Zombiedad Highly Recommended
Geneva, Illinois, United States
Zombiedad is very professional and respectful. He is very intutive with his touch and was very relaxing. If he is in town again I would trade a massage again with him.
Reviewed by prettyamy, 2013-05-26 [ID 8246:P]

Everydayhussle Highly Recommended
Marina Del Rey, California, United States
Everydayhussle is very good with his hand. He is very intuitive and give a very relaxing massage. I will like to trade again in the future.
Reviewed by prettyamy, 2013-05-26 [ID 8245:P]

LM55 Recommended
Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom
It was a great pleasure to swap massages with LM55 last week.
He keeps himself in shape, has an easy conversational manner and is very attentive when giving the massage, asking for feedback along the way.
He's clearly experienced at giving a massage and I would readily recommend him.
Reviewed by ReposeLondon, 2013-05-26 [ID 8242:P]

Lee13 Highly Recommended
Mission Viejo, California, United States
Lee is very confident in his ability - and rightly so. He was very good in his communication beforehand and showed on time. He is very skillful in what he does. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with him and would say to anyone that if you have a chance to trade with Lee, you don't want to pass on it. He is thorough and respectful and highly recommended.
Reviewed by harbourGuy, 2013-05-25 [ID 8241:P]

bobjnyc Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States
Thoroughly enjoyed my session with bobjnyc. He's very down to earth, pleasant to be with and knows how to pay attention to what your body is saying. I would definitely exchange with him again.
Reviewed by silversign, 2013-05-25 [ID 8239:P]

ReposeLondon Recommended
London, United Kingdom
It was a pleasure to meet Reposelondon this week. He is a good looking gentleman, with a great body shape, someone that looks after himself and make the massage more enjoyable. He is fairly new and willing to learn through receiving and giving. His technic is very gentle and he made sure he cover all the body parts, with the right pressure. I had a great time with him and would easily recommend him to anyone.
Reviewed by LM55, 2013-05-25 [ID 8238:P]

adler Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Adler gives an amazing Thai massage and you must swap if you get the chance! As well as being an excellent masseur, he is also an extremely likeable and friendly guy.
Reviewed by drinkingsensibly, 2013-05-24 [ID 8236:P]

silversign Highly Recommended
Rego Park, New York, United States
I had a wonderfully relaxed and totally pleasant experience with Silversign last week. He is very attuned to nuances of touch, and gives a very comforting and sensual massage.
Reviewed by bobjnyc, 2013-05-24 [ID 8234:P]

dolphinman Highly Recommended
Venice, California, United States
Recently I was able to meet with Dolphinman for his sublime Watsu (water therapy). It was hands down the most relaxing & celestial treatment I ever experienced -- even when he stretched me into what felt like Cirque Du Soleil body positions! Lol... Seriously though, what a beautiful and nurturing gift of healing he offers. And he is very kind & trustworthy; I feel so blessed to have experienced it. If you're like me, you will feel like you went to heaven, but don't die yet... Do what you must, meet this wonderful therapist and add Watsu to your bucket list. 10 stars!!! (plus the moon & the sun). :-D
Reviewed by MassageDiva, 2013-05-24 [ID 8232:P]

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