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Hansel2 Recommended
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Had a great time meeting Hansel2 , it wwas my first ever experiance on this but he was just great and understanding. Hoping to meet him again very soon.
Reviewed by bobby12, 2012-05-10 [ID 5981/P]

dejima Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Nice and relaxed massage by dejima. He's a good host and very nice guy too. More than happy to recommend him for a swap.
Reviewed by Londonboy18, 2012-05-10 [ID 5980/P]

johniv Satisfactory
London, United Kingdom

hi meet jon for massage on massage he is nice and friendly guy and the massage was good but just need more pratice in time he will come good
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2012-05-09 [ID 5979/P]

portheus Recommended
Richardson, Texas, United States of America

Portheus gives a very good therapeutic massage, good stretching, slowly works deeper where needed, and I learned something new from him too. Thanks again, Portheus, and hope to exchange with you again.
Reviewed by cozyblonde, 2012-05-09 [ID 5977/P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I had a recent exchange with Nexus. He is a very pleasant man, who made me feel totally at ease throughout the whole experience. I completely appreciated this. I thoroughly enjoyed the shared manipulation and learned some new strokes that were very pleasurable indeed. Thank you Nexus and I look forward further exchanges in the near future
Reviewed by lah18, 2012-05-09 [ID 5976/P]

joanc53 Highly Recommended
Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom

I had a most enjoyable evening with joanc53. She was most welcoming when I arrived, which quickly put me at ease. Certainly she has great skill in massaging; her massage was soft but thorough. Then we swapped and I found her a real pleasure to massage. A considerate and easy-going person; I would certainly recommend her. Looking forward to our next swap hopefully soon!
Reviewed by johniv, 2012-05-09 [ID 5975/P]

johniv Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I have just spent a lovely evening with John, John was a delight both to massage and be massaged by. He has an intuitive touch and his aim is to please. His long strokes of my legs were just lovely, He was highly respectful and a pleasure to be with. With more chance to practice he will be an absolutely first class masseur. It made a miserable day light up to be massaged by him (when is this rain ever going to end???)I look forward to our next meet, which I hope will be soon
Reviewed by joanc53, 2012-05-09 [ID 5974/P]

TopHatChaz Highly Recommended
Holbeach, United Kingdom

I had a fantastic afternoon with TopHatChaz. He is a really genuine guy who made me feel really special and I hope that we will be able to meet regularly. Although limited by health restraints, TopHatChaz really put himself out to ensure that I had a good time.
Reviewed by bournemouth1, 2012-05-09 [ID 5973/P]

Reply from TopHatChaz of 2012-12-13
Thank you for your review. A lot has happened since our last meet and as you can see, I bought a house in Lincolnshire. So, don' t know if we'll meet again, but thank you for a wonderful afternoon.
Best wishes,

lah18 Highly Recommended
Croydon, Greater London, United Kingdom

I recently exchanged with lah18. Despite my being late owing to a missed train, he couldn't have been more pleasant and understanding. We chatted before the exchange and I quickly felt comfortable and confident of his abilities. The exchange itself allowed lah18 to demonstrate both his strength and skill which far surpassed my own. A lovely guy and an enjoyable exchange which I hope to repeat.
Reviewed by nexus, 2012-05-09 [ID 5972/P]

Reply from lah18 of 2012-05-09
Thanks Nexus. I thoroughly enjoyed our exchange and I look forward to future exchanges with you, to learn and share.

Sagittarian Highly Recommended
Southall, Greater London, United Kingdom

I wish I could give Sagittarius more than 5 stars! I would add just 2 things to all the accurate reviews praising him here - particulary for deep tissue. Firstly, he is a very patient teacher. His experience is far greater than mine but he gave me some excellent advice. Secondly, he showed me new techniques (e.g. involving hand/wrist) that I have never experienced before but I'm definitely now going to try. The less-experienced should not be put off: Sagittarius is a brilliant guide - as well as leaving you in a far better state than when he started!
Reviewed by RoamingBear, 2012-05-09 [ID 5971/P]

Reply from Sagittarian of 2012-05-09
Dear RoamingBear... It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope we can exchange soon in the very near future. It was very nice meeting you and thank you so much for the hospitality.

DrGBear Highly Recommended
Haslington, Cheshire East, United Kingdom

What a great experience, Bear is a really nice guy, his massage is
very professional, he has a very firm but relaxing touch. Hope to see Bear again in the future.

Thanks Bear
Reviewed by Horos, 2012-05-09 [ID 5970/P]

Dole Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Dole has excellent skills and as he gains more experience he will be a great massueur. My session with him was everything that he said it would be and I came away relaxed and slept like a baby that night. I hope to see in the future.
Reviewed by naturalmassage, 2012-05-08 [ID 5969/P]

Jase39 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States

I had the pleasure of exchanging with Jase39. He is fantastic. A thorough professional and most sensitive therapist. His skills are absolutely amazing and his techniques (derived a number of modalities) are beyond compare. I can't recommend him enough! Thanks so much for the trade Jase39! Hope to see you again!
Reviewed by barik, 2012-05-08 [ID 5968/P]

lonebare Recommended
Mount Gravatt, Queensland, Australia

Great massage, very professional, and genuinely a nice guy :)
Reviewed by AussieBriefs, 2012-05-08 [ID 5967/P]

goodrub2 Highly Recommended
Williamsburg, Virginia, United States

Goodrub2 and I had an excellent massage exchange. We started with a salt scrub massage that neither of us had tried before. His touch is firm, but leans more towards the sensual side, which was nice. A nice combination of light touches and smooth strokes. A very pleasurable exchange opportunity. Goodrub2 was very pleasant to work with, had a nice smile and was easy to talk with. I strongly recommend him.
Reviewed by mike6119, 2012-05-08 [ID 5966/P]

hertsthrob Highly Recommended
Hertford, England, United Kingdom

Aftr much postponing , I finally got to meet hertsthrob in his stylish apartment where he very kindly offered me a cup of coffee before he got to work on me .He has a marvellous heated massage table with pillows to support behind the knees!and solicitously placed a towel over me to make sure i was warm. I was extremely comfortable . He massaged me all over with such sensitivity I nearly nodded off!He applied expert strokes and imaginative manipulation to my aching limbs and just the right amount of pressure so that by the end of a generously long session I felt invigorated .Btw Hertsthrob has one of the nicest physiques it has been my good luck to massage & he is also a very nice guy.......
Reviewed by omegaman2, 2012-05-08 [ID 5964/P]

bork Recommended
Nørre Nebel, Central Denmark Region, Denmark

Although he is not a professional and didn't get any formal training, Bork has very good hands and touch, very confortable, sweet, warm and relaxing.
His technique is simple but very intuitive and works well on relaxation.
He is a very reliable and friendly person, nice to swap with.
As a professional I feel to recommend him for those who are in good health and looking just for relaxation and the good feeling of touch. (Non therapeutic or sport purposes ).
I also hope we'll trade again with him as soon as possible.
Reviewed by giosax, 2012-05-08 [ID 5961/P]

HenryWatson Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom

Henry gives a thorough, relaxing, well kneaded enjoyable massage! Through-out the massage Henry was especially attentive to my needs and sore spots working the sore muscles with his magical fingers! Great room ambiance, candle and warm oil just added to a fantastic massage swap! I look forward to our next encounter! 5 stars!
Reviewed by travelwander, 2012-05-07 [ID 5959/P]

ceefirr Highly Recommended
Dalkeith, Scotland, United Kingdom

Had a wonderful massage from ceefirr last week. She uses a variety of techniques including no-hands massage to provide a deeply relaxing treatment. She has incredible warmth in her hands and was very in tune with her connection to me as the client. Look forward to our next exhange.
Reviewed by deepertouch, 2012-05-07 [ID 5958/P]

DrGBear Highly Recommended
Haslington, Cheshire East, United Kingdom

Drgbear what a nice guy made me feel very welcome and relaxed, he gave me a professional massage very good at his job,he was also a pleasure to work on hope to see him again soon.
Reviewed by essexbear, 2012-05-07 [ID 5957/P]

Londonboy18 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Very happy to give Londonlad18 a five star review. He has a creative technique which he delivers with confidence and a great personality too. I slept very soundly afterwards! Highly recommended and I hope to swap again.
Reviewed by dejima, 2012-05-07 [ID 5956/P]

dgoh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had a really wonderful exchange with dgoh this evening. He turned up with a glowing smile. I instantly felt relaxed with him. He very confidently went first. He said that he does not have a lot of experience, but his firm and fast gliding techniques were a very welcome surprise to me. I thoroughly enjoyed our exchange and really hope that we can exchange again soon :) Thanks dgoh !! x
Reviewed by Jonnymassage9, 2012-05-06 [ID 5953/P]

bhartke Highly Recommended
Laguna Beach, California, United States

I had chatted with bhartke a few times before the massage and his personality is such that I felt very comfortable with him. We had decided on a time to get together. Because he is so personable that when we did meet it was like we knew each other for awhile. Then the massage. I was so relaxed when he was giving me the massage. He was doing a deep massage and if you get a great one then you know it feels good and that you get so relaxed that you drift off into another world. I drifted off. I learned a few techniques from bhartke and will be using them. I had such a great time meeting bhartke and getting a massage and look forward to more exchanges with him in the future.
Reviewed by andy322, 2012-05-06 [ID 5952/P]

VegasStrongHands Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

A great masseur and a great guy. As suggested in his nick, VegasStrongHands used good pressure. As a therapist, he provided an excellent professional quality massage. He keeps himself in excellent shape, making it nice to give him a massage. In short, highly recommend him.
Reviewed by StudDoc, 2012-05-06 [ID 5951/P]

Londonboy18 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Great exchange with Londonlad18. He gave me a great massage, worked my muscles deeply. He's a great host too. It was a very enjoyable afternoon, I left feeling relaxed and destressed.
Warmly recommend.
Reviewed by jonesy, 2012-05-06 [ID 5950/P]

Review 4201 to 4225 of 7914
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