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fasteddy Recommended ★★★★
Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
had massage with edddy on sunday.was very enjoyable
Reviewed by rubber799, 2013-03-14 [ID 7810:P]

penelopia Recommended ★★★★
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Penelopia provided a wonderful massage experience. She is professional, intuitive and has a wonderful healing touch. I highly recommend her for a therapeutic massage.
Reviewed by zenmassage, 2013-03-14 [ID 7832:P]

aris20 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Wokingham, England, United Kingdom
Aris is very professional and does a superb massage. He makes you feel at ease and he is set up to do it effectively and safely. He is strong in his approach and was willing to advise and teach as well. I felt completely realxed and revitalised after this encounter and would definately meet again. Daniel
Reviewed by dbrown76, 2013-03-14 [ID 7831:P]

ash1yana Recommended ★★★★
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
I had a very pleasant and relaxing exchange with Ash1yana, made to feel welcome and settled from the start. He has very good technique and was willing to teach me a few things, as I have limited experience. I would recommend Ash1yana.
Reviewed by dbrown76, 2013-03-14 [ID 7830:P]

Peter1129 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Rochdale, Rochdale, United Kingdom
alan arrived at 7.00 pm last night.after initial discussion,he gave me fantastic massage,which lasted for nearly two hours.made all my muscles relaxed,it was nice soothing massage.will see him again soon.
Reviewed by rubber799, 2013-03-14 [ID 7829:P]

Kareena Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Kareena is a lovely person and made me feel completely calm and relaxed from the moment we met. I was privileged to massage her first and I hope it was enjoyed by her as much as I enjoyed giving it.She has a lovely body which was a pleasure to massage. Kareena then unleashed her considerable skill in sensual massage and touch and gave me a wonderful experience, the memory of which will stay with me for a long time. I know I have learnt considerably from Kareena’s knowledge and skill. and I sincerely hope that I will be lucky enough to exchange again. Thank You Kareena
Reviewed by Denn, 2013-03-14 [ID 7828:P]

stream53 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Carlisle, England, United Kingdom
Met Stream53 in Cork yesterday evening (13th March)and after a chat, we proceeded to massage. He has powerful hands, but very gentle and it was an extreme pleasure to have a massage by him. He is very confident and knows what he is doing. I had the best night's sleep after. Thank you so much Stream53. Hope to meet up sometime again.
Reviewed by preffie1, 2013-03-14 [ID 7826:P]

rubber799 Recommended ★★★★
Ossett, United Kingdom
Met this nice couple and following a getting to know you conversaton I was able to convince Mrs to give her first ever massage. And do you know, it was pretty good. I could feel her hands gaining in confidence as things progressed. I even invited her husband to join in and was treated to a four-handed massage. This couple are enthusiastic about massage and will in the not too distant future give professional treatments. They need understandig swaps, with people who are prepared to share techniques. When my turn came to give the treatment I found Mrs to be a delightful recipient and would have happily gone on for more than 1.5 hours - bus alas the good time came to an end. This couple live a good hours journey from me but I felt it was all worthwhile. Looking forward to seeing this couple again. PS: Thank you for your delightful review of my treatmenttoo;)
Reviewed by smooothis, 2013-03-13 [ID 7825:P]

smooothis Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
wow very professional.had massage swap yeasterday,i gave amos a 20 min massage,which he enjoyed,and he started on me.he took one and half hour to massage it was the best massage i had till now
Reviewed by rubber799, 2013-03-13 [ID 7823:P]

massagemike123 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
I arrived at Mike's flat and was instantly put at ease. I was slightly nervous by his great recommendations and profession but the massage went really well for me and he was very complimentary.

He has a great technique and is very professional and I felt throughly relaxed after a stressful day at work.

I would highly recommend Mike, he's a genuinely nice guy and it was great to exchange with him.
Reviewed by jhubb, 2013-03-13 [ID 7820:P]

bridgeman Highly Recommended ★★★★★
London, United Kingdom
Amazing personality, amazing masseur. Bridgeman went all out to make sure our meeting was relaxing and enjoyable. His techniques combine a rare mixture of firm and relaxing. I will recommend him to any one, any day.
Reviewed by teetoe, 2013-03-13 [ID 7819:P]

joanc53 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom
I had a lovely evening with joan last night which she hosted she has a lovely comfortable massage table and provided towels and oil , it was a lovely setting with soothing music, when I first arrived we sat for a while and had a really nice chat she is a verying intesting lady who is well traveled very kind and welcoming she made me instantly at ease. She is very experianced when it comes to massage. She gave me a lovely soothing massage with long strokes exactly the sort of massage I have grown to love. Afterwards I massaged her I have no formal training but enjoy giving as well as receiving. All I can say is I hope she enjoyed the eveining as much as I did. I would recomend her not just for the massage which was great but also the way she meade me feel welcome and relaxed. I hope to arrange an another exchange with her soon !! Thanks again
Reviewed by massage4uguy, 2013-03-13 [ID 7818:P]

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
I felt it necesary to terminate my massaage from Brian as he seemed very unprofessional and much older than 62. I don't beleive he is a massage therapist. Instead of the crisp white uniform in in picture he appeared half naked only wearing a sarong and underpants.
I was not comfortable at all.
Reviewed by halleluja, 2013-03-13 [ID 7817:P]

Reply from briancrystalman of 2013-03-14
I am afraid that I was horrified by Halleluja's review, I am a Tad over 62 but anytime that the police do a random breath test all sorts of drama occurs checking my licence. They just do not believe I am really 64 so I was a bit loose with the truth So What.
Regarding my dress sense, well this is not a paid massage and I only wear the white when it is, ie during Crystal Healing, I will not wear 'street clothes as this is un hygenic and a sarong is easily cleaned. Perhaps I should have explained when I came but there was little talk only the lady saying she did not want to discuss anything, earlier I had invited her for a coffee so that we might discuss the treatment and get to iron out any problems. Incidentally I changed back into street clothes for her.

deeptissue69 No Show
Auchenflower, Queensland, Australia
No Show, after sending several emails and confirming. Seems to be a typical time waster.
Reviewed by OZMassage4U, 2013-03-12 [ID 7816:N]

preffie1 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Munster, Ireland
It was a pleasure to meet with Preffie1 and he gives a great massage. I was nervous as it was my first meeting with him, but he quickly put me at ease. He has excellent technique and he was able to soothe away my aches and pains in a very satisfactory manner.
Reviewed by brosna, 2013-03-12 [ID 7815:P]

Reply from preffie1 of 2013-03-12
Thank you for a very nice review Brosna. It was a very good review. Thanks again.

rubber799 Recommended ★★★★
Ossett, United Kingdom
Really enjoyable session
Reviewed by ALED28, 2013-03-11 [ID 7812:P]

holisticbodywork Recommended ★★★★
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Had a great time meeting and exchangeing a massage with holisticbodywork he came on time, he gave a full hour massage.All in all he was kind and listen to the problems i was having and address those issues.I would love to exchange with holisticbodywork again.
Reviewed by y28, 2013-03-11 [ID 7811:P]

rubber799 Recommended ★★★★
Ossett, United Kingdom
Had a great meeting very nice lady. I massaged her but did not have enough time for my massage. she let me know she liked it. Looking forward to next meeting
Reviewed by fasteddy, 2013-03-10 [ID 7808:P]

Blaidd Recommended ★★★★
Manchester, United Kingdom
As Blaidd's profile says, he's a professional, but there are good and not-so-good professionals. Blaidd is definitely one of the good ones! He has a wonderful mix of techniques, besides being an interesting and pleasant person. Am still feeing the good effects of last night's massage, it did wonders!
Reviewed by bnd, 2013-03-10 [ID 7807:P]

pleasingtouch Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
When I first landed in Salt Lake in a few hours I was on the a table getting a massage from Pleasingtouch. He made sure the whole time that I was comfortable and his strong hands and touch worked out all my sore spots. His attention to detail blew me away...I feel bad because I did not get a chance to get back so I could work on him due to work issues but I do hope that my next visit I will be able to give him the royal treatment just like I received!!!

Reviewed by Hands101, 2013-03-10 [ID 7806:P]

salvador2000 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Murray, Utah, United States
It was my first time in Salt Lake and one thing I will remember is my exchange with Salvador2000. Not only did I enjoy working on him but as soon as he put his hands on my I started to melt. His touch comes from the heart and I wish I had more time to do more exchanges with him. It is nice to work on a down to earth guy who has the same feeling concerning massage.... Love the town ...love the massage..but still not a MORMON LOL>>

Reviewed by Hands101, 2013-03-10 [ID 7805:P]

XTrainerDoc Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Orlando, Florida, United States
XTrainerDoc and I finally got a chance to do an exchange. He is extremely knowledgeable about the body and at times I thought I was going to get a pop quiz afterwards. He has a very relaxing and professional setting and his concern for my comfort was very well appreciated. If you get a chance to do an exchange with DOC it will be an experience you will not soon forget.... Thanks..really enjoyed it!!!

Reviewed by Hands101, 2013-03-10 [ID 7804:P]

massage4782 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Chester, Cheshire West and Chester, United Kingdom
Met with massage4782 for an exchange. His profile indicated that he had not had much experience, but this was far from the case. He gave me a really great massage, firm yet gentle too when needed and a guy with a lovely personality too. I would recommend him to anyone on the site and hope to meet up again very soon. Thank you.
Reviewed by fullbody4u, 2013-03-10 [ID 7802:P]

ranmassage Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Los Angeles, California, United States
I've had some good and great massages exchange with guys on here, but my exchange with ranmassage has to be 'best to date'. From the minute I arrived, I was made to feel welcomes and he had arraged everything as he had stated. There was the nice oversize massage table, candles and music to set the atmostphere to be warm and confortable. His friendly and warm personality complimented his firm, soothing and sensual massage that exceeded all expectations. This almost 2 hr exchange was topped off by the relaxing shower exchange that brought all to a wonderfull ending. I know that next time I'm in LA, I will be making time for ranmassage to continue our massage and shower exchanges.
Reviewed by doneright, 2013-03-09 [ID 7794:P]

Reply from ranmassage of 2013-03-08
Thank you for the wonderful review. Looking forward to our next massage exchange!

Swampfox3 Highly Recommended ★★★★★
Kissimmee, Florida, United States
Swampox3 is a great guy! He is in great shape and is a calm and comforting presence. He has a very nice situation at his house. Swampfox3 is a true gentleman as well as a gentle man. He is willing to teach someone who is eager to learn, but truly unskilled and that is something greatly appreciated! Swampfox3 took time with me, was patient, and made sure that I was comfortable in a new situation. This is a terrific guy!

Reviewed by ME150531, 2013-03-09 [ID 7800:P]

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