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casulario Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

I exchanged with casulario last week and it was indeed a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Casulario was extremely welcoming and I was made to feel at home immediately. We spent a great deal of time chatting and discovered we had the same taste in music and ended up spending even more time listening to some amazing tracks.

The massage techniques he used were varied and relaxing. Great work especially on my back! He took his time and made sure all muscle groups were covered. Thank you casulario for a great exchange - I certainly look forward to our next.
Reviewed by nat380, 2012-09-26 [ID 6889/P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom

The light touch, combined with deep tissue massage, given by Henry is incredible. I felt very good, not just because he really works on my body and its energies, but also because he is a warm, friendly professional who opened a safe space and allowed me to trust him on a journey. I feel extremely relaxed, and his gentle soothing voice permitted me to be in and out of consciousness while he worked expertly on my muscles. His intuition and techniques are impeccable. Henry is like a conductor of a symphony orchestra and I feel honoured to be part of that ensemble. Wow!!! Would love to swap again. Highly recommended :)
Reviewed by AsianMT, 2012-09-26 [ID 6882/P]

sportsman45 Highly Recommended
Stratford-upon-Avon, England, United Kingdom

A very enjoyable exchange with sportsman - he created a calm and peaceful atmosphere, with a nice line in easy conversation before and during our session. He's clearly a highly experienced and accomplished
masseur who impresses with a thorough and completely relaxing body experience. A real inspiration to improve my own massage structure and techniques. It would be a pleasure to exchange with him again.
Reviewed by touchyfeelyguy, 2012-09-25 [ID 6885/P]

4800 Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States

I had my first massage exchange with 4800 recently and really wanted to thank him for traveling so far to meet with me. I've learned that the best massage experiences are with people who are comfortable and at ease with themselves, and others. 4800 was so easy to talk too, to ask questions of and was very kind in his instruction. I'm thankful that a more experienced guy would take the time to show me such a nice, enjoyable massage and allow another the time to learn.
Reviewed by mrdenoflc, 2012-09-25 [ID 6884/P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States of America

I had a wonderful massage exchange with Rick123 this weekend past. I am looking for improving my skill level, knowledge, and insight, as well as a great massage and I certainly experienced that with him. There was a comfortable rapport from the beginning, proper instruction throughout - which I appreciate, and look forward to our next exchange. Very good.
Reviewed by mrdenoflc, 2012-09-25 [ID 6883/P]

valindevon Highly Recommended
Totnes, United Kingdom

I enjoyed a very good exchange with Val today. - Val is a very open and friendly person who offers an excellent massage. She found all the tight muscle points on my body and i left feeling extremely relaxed.
Reviewed by harvest, 2012-09-25 [ID 6880/P]

MasseurMale Highly Recommended
Sparta, New Jersey, United States

I had a great exchange session with John today.wow! I met him at my places and we took turns working on one another. He intuitively really knew just what areas needed the most attention. I left him feeling relaxed and very much at ease.as he did the same for me.Then we just spent some time together to know each other that turn out well... John is a very caring guy who puts the time out there for you .This was our first meet up . I wish we had more time too spend ,but the saying goes there is more to come down the road .
Thank you John .I hope we can sure meet again for another exchange
and may be able to share more helpful things about massage too you .
Reviewed by reikigirl, 2012-09-25 [ID 6803/P]

AsianMT Highly Recommended
Salford, United Kingdom

I am so very glad that I arranged a no-time-limit exchange with AsianMT. We spent some time discussing the differences between the European and Traditional Malaysian approaches to bodywork. Then we took a long time to give and receive massages. The traditional Malaysian massage that I received was wonderful, awesome, energising, calming, and very very relaxing! It was unlike any other massage I have ever received before and so marvellously different from the same-old, same-old, Swedish/Sports/Remedial massages that are common currency in the South of England, that I feel almost incompetent to comment. All I can say is that I want to learn how to perform this style of massage; and I certainly want to swap again with AsianMT before too long. A wonderfully deserved FIVE STARS.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2012-09-25 [ID 6879/P]

Mick1960 Highly Recommended
Northampton, England, United Kingdom

we had a really great massage exchange with mick. he is a really nice guy. the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed . we would definatly meet up with this guy again sometime in the future as he provides an excellant massage of which linda and i both enjoyed.
Reviewed by maturecouple1, 2012-09-25 [ID 6877/P]

graham31 Highly Recommended
Hadley, United Kingdom

graham was friendly cheerful and a genuine nice guy. linda and i had a wonderful evening. we all enjoyed our four handed massage and will be meeting up with graham in the future, he provided an excellent experienced massage .
Reviewed by maturecouple1, 2012-09-25 [ID 6876/P]

X1DAJ Highly Recommended
Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom

I received a really relaxing massage. It's such a shame I didn't have longer. Hoping to return again for another one
Reviewed by BobUKmale, 2012-09-25 [ID 6875/P]

nat380 Highly Recommended
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Nat380 is a charming, genial and intelligent guy. He is well versed in a variety of massage techniques and it would be difficult to tell that he has not been formally trained. He gave me a very relaxing massage, alternating between firm pressure where needed, and relaxing stokes designed to send you half asleep.

After our massage we had time to relax and talk. This was a wonderful way to allow both of us to become grounded again and savour the afternoon's pampering. I would strongly recommend an exchange with Nat380 and I'm looking forward to exchanging with him myself in the very near future.
Reviewed by hertsthrob, 2012-09-25 [ID 6873/P]

joanc53 Highly Recommended
Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom

Our meeting on Saturday was my first under the auspices of MassageExchange, and could not have been a better introduction. She is both intelligent and knowledgeable. Her massage technique was both deft and assured, using just the right amount of pressure and rhythmic content. By the end of the massage I was in a state of extreme relaxation, something I do not often manage to achieve. This is definitely an experience to be repeated
Reviewed by manlondonuk, 2012-09-24 [ID 6872/P]

Mga86 Satisfactory
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Mga86 turned up on time and proved to be affable and friendly. He was happy to exchange a simple but sensual massage and with the experience of a few more swaps he will become more confident.
Reviewed by Crumpet69, 2012-09-24 [ID 6871/P]

musomarcus No rating yet
Chester, England, United Kingdom

Thankyou Musomarcus for a very wholesome exchange. Overall a really enjoyable experience. Musomarcus really does care that the massage he gives is thorough and well received and gets into "the zone". I loved his technique of using his forearms on my back and shoulders and he did some extra work on my feet. He is very spiritually connected and quite sincere in his interest of holistics and therapeutic focus of massaging. We had some very interesting chat also along the way and think we ended up firm friends at the end of it all. We have already planned our next massage and if things work out we will be doing regular exchanges every week whenever we can!


Reviewed by Honeybee, 2012-09-24 [ID 6870/P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom

Henry is a really nice guy and was a great afternoon to have him at our home in Kingston. He travelled with his massage couch which made for a very enjoable afteroon. He has soft yet strong and firm hands and knows how to please men with his varied technques. Looking forward to seeing him again either here or will visit him in Guilford. Henry thank you for a great afternoon look forward to the next time very much. Bryan
Reviewed by ME40889, 2012-09-23 [ID 6868/P]

serenityurbanretreat Highly Recommended
Karrinyup, Western Australia, Australia

I had an amazing experience with Serenityurbanreyreat, an attentive and sensitive real gentleman. He made me feel very comfortable, went to a lot of effort to ensure my massage needs were met. I loved that he is very respectful and his bedside manner was simply superb. Thank you Serenityurbanreyreat. He has put a lot of effort into creating a fabulous and truly remarkable environment that is very relaxing and welcoming. Looking forward to more massage experiences in the near future with him
Reviewed by QueenSmooth, 2012-09-23 [ID 6867/P]

nat380 Highly Recommended
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

I had an exchange with Nat380 a few days ago and I had a fantatsic time. He spend a very long time massaging my back and neck, which I really appreciated and, overall, the masssage was really relaxing. I also learned some tips.
In addition to all this Nat380 is a very warm and pleasant guy and we ended up spending long hours together. Definitely recommended.
Reviewed by casulario, 2012-09-23 [ID 6866/P]

ME40889 Highly Recommended
Twickenham, United Kingdom

As he is now in Kingston, quite close to me in Guildford, I arranged an exchange with Bryan this afternoon. It was superb; it went on and on and on until we realised that we had been swapping for almost three hours! I seemed like only moments - and it just kept on getting better. Highly recommended - his place is easy to find, parking is good, and the massage is great!
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2012-09-23 [ID 6863/P]

manlondonuk Highly Recommended
Richmond, United Kingdom

we met yesterday and had an excellent time. manlondons'touch relaxed me so much I drifted away, something i am not always able to do. His touch really suited me, he ensured his pressure was just right and constanlty worked to please me. He is courteous and good company and I thoroughly enjoyed it, look forward to next time!
Reviewed by joanc53, 2012-09-23 [ID 6862/P]

worldmind Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Worldmind is a personable friendly guy who has recently completed a full massage course (building on past informal work) and wants to experience a wider range of techniques. As his first massage on this site, he was a just a little uncertain at first, but soon got into a very confident rhythm with lots of different, and very pleasant, moves. When it came to my turn, he was an excellent body to work on and very appreciative. I would certainly recommend him without hesitation, and personally look forward to the next time we meet.
Reviewed by hardandsoft, 2012-09-23 [ID 6860/P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

I recently enjoyed an excellent exchange with Dixter. He is an attractive and likeable guy, whose quiet but confident manner quickly put me at ease. His varied and well-executed massage strokes confirm that he is experienced, skilled and a safe pair of hands. In particular, his regular gym sessions are evident in his slim but muscular physique, with his impressively strong arms and hands able to deliver a powerful but also sensual and very relaxing massage.
He is a pleasure to massage and be massaged by, and I look forward to meeting him again for another exchange before too long.
Reviewed by touchyfeelyguy, 2012-09-23 [ID 6858/P]

vsun Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States

VSUN was great! gentle touch. Wasn't affraid to go deep. All around a great trade!
Reviewed by Kashos, 2012-09-22 [ID 6856/P]

coriolan Highly Recommended
Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom

It was a great time with him and he is very good and kind person. I ejoyed & like to meet him again.
Highly recommended!
Reviewed by aajee, 2012-09-22 [ID 6855/P]

QueenSmooth Highly Recommended
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

A truly beautiful person and I am so please to have had the opportunity to share a massage experience with, that I will never forget. x
Reviewed by serenityurbanretreat, 2012-09-21 [ID 6854/P]

Review 4201 to 4225 of 8466
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