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8,345 MassageExchange.com Member Reviews

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spudley No Show
Poplar Bluff, Missouri, United States

Arrangements were made as to time and place. He did not respond when I attempted to reach him. He never showed up.
Reviewed by philafella, 2012-08-22 [ID 6668/N]

unhurried Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Cliffc visited me and gave an unhurried expert massage, using a wide variety of techniques. A personable and friendly guy, he made me quickly at ease and was quite content to massage me without expecting a massage in return. No qualms at all in recommending him!
Reviewed by zorwino, 2012-08-22 [ID 6666/P]

ItsJustAFantasy Highly Recommended
East Northport, New York, United States

Hi itsjustafantasy,
I want to thank you so much for a great! massage exchange .wow!
I found your massage to be very relaxing helpful to my pain I have going on in my body .I feel so much better ,wow!!! loved your soft touch you have. loved the warm feeling of energy in you with the oil, oh wow!! made me go to sleep like a baby .
loved the care you you gave me when I walked in the door to the end. Sorry it was over so fast after one full hr LOL. boo hoo NEED MORE of your soft touch for sure ! with the warm hands and oil that slide.
Your office was very clean, warm feeling calming, and peaceful .
It help a great deal not to be so stress out .
I hope we can exchange again if you like .
let me know I would love too.
Up to date.
The 2ND time wow! His massage technique and touch were great. He just knew where I was tight and knotted up, and was able to fully release the tension in my muscles and body as a whole. From start to finish, it was a relaxing and healing experience for me thank you .I hope My massage helps you out just the same .You do have hands like a soft cloud and the oil you use is just right for my dry skin . Thank you again . Another great massage
had a great exchange with its just a fantasy His massage technique is excellent - just the right mix of firm to work out those knots but! then truly soothing and relaxing with the oil . And he's a really nice guy to talk to and put you at your ease.

Reviewed by reikigirl, 2012-08-22 [ID 6430/P]

massagemanforyou Highly Recommended
Macon, Georgia, United States

Massagemanforyou is a gifted therapist! We exchanged a massage last week after I developed a deep trigger point under my L scapula. He did NMT and released that point...not an easy thing to do...he is awesome and I would highly recommend him!

Exchange @2
Had another successful exchange with massagemanforyou. He is a nice, easy-going guy who gives a great massage! I just hope it doesn't take us another 3 months to exchange again!
Reviewed by irishblest, 2012-08-22 [ID 6150/P]

bklynteddybear Recommended
Hauppauge, New York, United States

Thank you !

I want to take the time out to thank you ! for a relaxing massage. I was in deep stress. I was able to fall a bit to sleep on a relaxing massgae that help me to calm down . Great back rub! I have to say tummy rub.wow! even a great threapist could not do a great tummy rub like you did .wow!that shows great care that you pick up by learning.
Thanks for geting a little of my knots out on my shoulds too,
from a not a pro massage,it was great, you SHOW that you did learn something in the massage from you telling me you looked up you tube ,which does show on your massage as you work on me. I liked that you worked on the face that was very relaxing thank you .I did feel hands could had been work on a bit more know big thing the rest was great. Keep up the learning on your massage you will be out there like all the other massage therapist someday . LOL.
P.s I have to say this guy is very clean working .
up to date
We had another great session
very kind guy to work with ,and very understanding .
he is intouch with the mind body and soul,and you do feel a great deal of energy, If you are looking to have a massage with this guy
you will sure be relax. THANK YOU !Reikigirl
Reviewed by reikigirl, 2012-08-22 [ID 6515/P]

Globemaster Recommended
Southall, United Kingdom

rajesh nice friendly person does good massage just need practice in time you will become very good
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2012-08-21 [ID 6662/P]

alpharugger1 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

I met up with Alpharugger recently and had a very enjoyable experience. He spent a long time massaging my back and my legs and I felt really relaxed. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a relaxing session.
Reviewed by indiguy, 2012-08-21 [ID 6661/P]

ketan1812 Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

good massage technique. Very relaxing
Reviewed by Globemaster, 2012-08-21 [ID 6660/P]

SwedishMassageTherapy Highly Recommended
Exeter, United Kingdom

I spent a very pleasant evening doing a massage swap with DownInDevon. He is clearly very enthusiastic about massage and has a very intuitive touch applying the right amount of pressure. I enjoyed an unhurried body massage that left me feeling very relaxed but also tingling all over. Also, a genuine and interesting person to talk with which adds to the whole experience. I hope I get the chance to swap with him again. Highly recommended. Thanks.
Reviewed by TheGenieOfTheLamp, 2012-08-21 [ID 6659/P]

kerryd Highly Recommended
Queens, New York, United States

She was amazing! Loved her touch, just the right amount of pressure topped off with a wonderful light stroke after all the deep work. Very knowledgeable regarding technique and anatomy. Can't wait to see her again!
Reviewed by Darius666, 2012-08-20 [ID 6658/P]

Kiwi666 Highly Recommended
Bermondsey, Greater London, United Kingdom

I had a massage swap with Brentos this hot Sunday afternoon.I was made feel comfortable staight away, Brentos is a very easy going gentleman, with a pro attitude but still friendly. The massage was incredible and you can feel the practice and the experience, you wish it could last hours. It was difficult to compete but we both had an amazing time together. I hope I will be able to do a swap again.
Reviewed by LM55, 2012-08-20 [ID 6657/P]

Clay4mer Highly Recommended
Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

After experiencing Clay4mer's massage, it's not difficult to believe that he makes beautiful art by molding things with his hands. An excellent exchange with a great guy who gives a wonderful massage, and who is also a lot of fun to work on.
Reviewed by pml1999, 2012-08-20 [ID 6656/P]

Reply from Clay4mer of 2012-08-22
Thanks for the review I had a great experience and look foreword to many more in the future

Turu Highly Recommended
伦敦, United Kingdom

Turu uses an amazing blend of firm and gentle touches, each directed exactly to where they are needed most. He is very responsive and soon gives confidence that you are in very safe hands. Above all, he is immediately friendly and unassuming - a real pleasure to meet.
Reviewed by Crumpet69, 2012-08-20 [ID 6655/P]

gordies Recommended
Coventry, England, United Kingdom

A nice genuine guy who made me feel at ease straight away and taught me a few techniques as I'm rather a novice. But his tips helped me and I hope to learn alot more from him.

Was my first exchange and hopefully will lead to many more.
Reviewed by Midzguy, 2012-08-20 [ID 6565/P]

relaxswap Highly Recommended
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

I've just had my first (and hopefully not last) treatment swap with Relaxswap. His attention to detail was superb and I felt at all times respected and understood with his awareness of boundaries, my needs and my limitations. Relaxswap was highly courteous, clean and prepared. It was simply easy having him over for the swap! Just the sort of thing I needed within an already hectic lifestyle. I would thoroughly recommend him and will try to arrange a further swap as soon as I can.
Reviewed by Rangatang, 2012-08-20 [ID 6653/P]

Andre357 Highly Recommended
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Our exchange was a refreshing new experience the massage was GREAT! it was a very dreaming relaxing feeling and he did a combination massage along with reiki energy work and being a reiki master wow! that was able to relax my muscles but also clear the stress from my mind ,he has a great understanding and intuition when performing his massages .I highly recommend him for sure , And the best of it all! I am seting up a few massages with him .LOL or he will be so booked up . This massage was the best I can ever say my body does not hurt at all. I did sleep like a baby.I can tell you This I have not found a massage therappist like him that I know of that works like magic hands. WOW! I am still in my days in dream land.
see you agaon soon lol. reikigirl
Up to date
I had the pleasure of having another massages with Andre357 just recently.This was my second swap Although his massage is great and relaxing . I can tell that he has really put his heart into doing massage therapy and has a love for the profession. I would definitely recommend to any of my friends who might be looking for a massage.Thank you so much
Best Regards ...

Reviewed by reikigirl, 2012-08-20 [ID 6584/P]

Roma62 Highly Recommended
Sciotoville, Ohio, United States

Roma62 gives a very good quality body experience. Firm but gentle touch. Respectful and courteous and very discreet. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by joeyv, 2012-08-20 [ID 6651/P]

pml1999 Highly Recommended
Washington D.C., District of Columbia, United States

This was my first with PML1999 but definitely not my last. The 90 minutes was exceptional - the back and shoulder work was stellar. he is excellent totally professional, very highly recommended!
Reviewed by sanar, 2012-08-19 [ID 6649/P]

sanar Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

I had an excellent exchange with Sanar. You can tell from his wonderful massage that he was an LMT. He was also fun to work on. As an amateur, I am usually nervous about working on guys who have credentials. There was no need to worry with Sanar; he seemed to fully appreciate what I could offer, and in a very positive way he showed me a few new things to add to my repertoire. All of that, plus the fact that he has a great energy, makes Sanar a fantastic exchange partner.
Reviewed by pml1999, 2012-08-19 [ID 6648/P]

jules8 No rating yet
Murrumba Downs, Queensland, Australia

Great massage, can highly recommend jules8 to any one...
Reviewed by Davidcam, 2012-08-18 [ID 6647/O]

warz00 Highly Recommended
Larchmont, New York, United States

Just finished a thoroughly enjoyable exchange with warzoo He's a kind, gentle soul, very open and caring thank you . Great communicator too. It's clear that he knows his way around the body well to relax you . He was effective in helping me to relax for the moment He uses a nice variety of strokes to get my knots out of my back . While he is not quite at a professional level yet but! feels like he is wow!! the exchange embodied what MassageExchange is all about, relaxing touch with a great connection.And a massage is all about feeling the energy of life.and feeling good about your self.
I would get a few massages from him you would not be sorry at all the energy he bring is very powerful .I enjoy every moment sorry it was over to fast, A hr and 10 mins but I guess I will have to have another massage set up with him soon. if you dont want a massage from this guy dont worrie ,I sure will all the time . 10 star for this one. wow!!!Thank you again Reikigirl. P.S we just have too make the time for a long massage .LOL I new this one was going to be great. VERY BREATH TAKING MASSAGE . i AM IN MY DAYS .
Reviewed by reikigirl, 2012-08-17 [ID 6645/P]

adler Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

If you fancy a proper therapeutic Thai massage, Adler is the guy you should look for. We had the exchange last week, his massage is phenomenal, feel totally revitalized after the treatment, thank you so much! Looking forward to exchange again!
Reviewed by Turu, 2012-08-16 [ID 6638/P]

michaeluk1967 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

I have just spent a lovely evening with Michael. He gave me a fabulous massage and was most attentive and courteous. He gave me a much longer massage than i gave him and he obviously loves giving even more than receiving. he is very skilled and made me feel wonderfully relaxed, I thoroughly recommend him!
Reviewed by joanc53, 2012-08-16 [ID 6642/P]

joanc53 Highly Recommended
Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom

I had the pleasure of my first ever Massageexchange.com meeting with Joan this evening and it was a lovely experience. She is a friendly, kind lady and has a nice space for doing the massage, with a lovely table, oils and perfect music. A chat before we started was nice and then she gave me a lovely relaxing massage which was better that many "professionals" I have paid to visit. I then gave her a massage and hope and think she enjoyed it, she was relaxed and just laid there, making the massage easy and enjoyable to do.

I really hope to see her again sometime in the near future and would recommend her to anybody who enjoy's a relaxing and pleasant time
Reviewed by michaeluk1967, 2012-08-16 [ID 6641/P]

billfromdevon Highly Recommended
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Bill had given me a hands on massage and I felt he has a good technique as I felt very relaxed when he massaged my hands feet and back.
Reviewed by buddy222, 2012-08-16 [ID 6640/P]

Review 4201 to 4225 of 8345
 10  25  50  100 per page

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