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monstermassage Highly Recommended
Astoria, New York, United States

I received an outstanding massage, strong and intuitive with great pressure and movement. I was beyond relaxed by the time he was done.
Reviewed by Kenbroadway, 2012-07-04 [ID 6352/P]

stevebrt Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Recently, I had the pleasure of exchanging a massage with stevebrt. It was a great exchange and I had a lovely time. Stevebrt is a very friendly, warm and lovely guy. Apart from his great personality, he has really nice routine with good strokes and pressure with amazing touch. I would definitely recommend him for a swap and I look forward to swap with him again. Cheers
Reviewed by chinesesi, 2012-07-04 [ID 6350/P]

jag21 Highly Recommended
Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Jag21: very nice guy and very strong hands, willing to learn the art of massage, I was very relax after my massage, it was a great experience, also very respectful, I am looking forward the next massage.
Reviewed by sanar, 2012-07-03 [ID 6349/P]

TheSaint2 Highly Recommended
Alvechurch, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

TheSaint2 was very prompt to reply to messages - just as he promises on his site.

His massage was excellent! It was not what I am used to, being trained in the Swedish Remedial Therapy type of treatment, but it is highly successful for relaxing and stretching.

TheSaint2's massage treats the full body with high energy (on his part), as much attention to joints as to muscle, and is fearless! ... it was more of a total body experience than any other form of massage I have encountered. I would recommend him highly.

Reviewed by rob1ntouch, 2012-07-03 [ID 6348/P]

trs61 Highly Recommended
Templestowe, Victoria, Australia

I have now exchanged a couple of massages with trs61, and found that he can provide both a very gentle relaxing massage, but also a firm and therapeutic massage if requested. trs61 comes across as very experienced, friendly, and is someone who helps you to feel very comfortable and relaxed in his company. I would highly recommend trs61, and hope to exchange massages with him again in the future!
Reviewed by abundance, 2012-07-03 [ID 6347/P]

southlite Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States

He is in good physical shape and as such has very strong hands. This was the first time I have experienced a massage where a good part of the massage strokes were done extremely slowly and with firm pressure. I recommend his massage techniques to anyone who wants to experience such a deep and restful response.
Reviewed by ULBReallyRelaxed, 2012-07-02 [ID 6343/P]

nudefolies Highly Recommended
Perpignan, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Nudefolies is just great. Very skilled at massage, very intuitive and a nice guy. With a deep interest in real Indian philosophy and massage, he comes very well recommended.
Reviewed by naturalindian, 2012-07-02 [ID 6342/P]

cmtrubbud Highly Recommended
Providence, Rhode Island, United States

CMTRUBBUD gives a great massage: his professional experience shows. The presssure was good and he also included good stretching of my legs. Lastly, he's a nice man who's easy to talk to.
Reviewed by bob42392, 2012-07-02 [ID 6341/P]

bob42392 Recommended
Hollywood, Florida, United States of America

Bob42392 and I traded massage today. Even without a table (mine's out of commission for a bit) the session was still very nice. It's very evident that he loves doing massage and has the giving spirit of a true therapist.
Reviewed by cmtrubbud, 2012-07-02 [ID 6340/P]

donire Highly Recommended
Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

I had an exchange massage with Donal and would definitely recommend him. He is very professional and his premisses are very hygenic and easily accessible with free local parking.He found my problem areas without provocation and I felt much better after the treatment, I hope he enjoyed the return favour as much as I enjoyed my session.
Reviewed by davepride, 2012-07-02 [ID 6339/P]

5Fingers Highly Recommended
Flagstaff, Arizona, United States

After several emails and a good phone conversation, I agreed to meet 5 Fingers at his house. He is a very friendly, giving fellow who made sure that I was comfortable. We went over our respective experiences with this site and male massage in general. After a short while we were both comfortable and proceeded to his massage room complete with soft music, candles, soft lighting and a massage table. We took turns first with our backs and then the front. He has great hands and knew instinctively how to releive some of the stress spots I had. He has a marvelous towel technique at the finish that is so wonderful. I felt like I did not want to get up. I will be sure to find the time to meet with him again.
Reviewed by massagegive, 2012-07-02 [ID 6338/P]

Reply from 5Fingers of 2012-07-02
The recipient of our mutual massage exchange was a most appreciated gentleman I have had the opportunity to meet. As with all first meetings the expectations of what one will expect and receive in and from a mutual massage exchange can be as opposite as night and day. I personally was quite impressed with his techniques in giving a massage that met my expectations of what I wanted from the massage and I was convinced by his reaction he also was completely satisfied and felt, and was very relaxed to return home, and indicated he was looking to arrange another meeting as soon as our personal schedules would permit. I am looking forward in the near future to another mutual massage exchange. Five Fingers.

sgafair Highly Recommended
Perth, United Kingdom

Having just joined i could not have had a better first experience.
Warm and friendly approach and really personnable.Had a lovely massage that really relaxed me ,took his time and has good technique.many thanks and look forward to a repeat in the near future!
Reviewed by healinghands26, 2012-07-01 [ID 6335/P]

considerateone Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Considerate One certainly lives up to his name!

He is professional, does great sports and relaxation massage and has very positive energy.

I am very happy to recommend him and he did a great job easing a bad headache that I had when we did our first exchange.

Reviewed by DawnSoaring, 2012-07-01 [ID 6334/P]

healinghands26 Highly Recommended
Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom

I recently exchanged with this chap and what a pleasurable experience it was too! Although he has little training the techniques he used were firm, appropriate and overall a particularly enjoyable massage. I will definitely be exchanging with this chap very soon.

Reviewed by sgafair, 2012-07-01 [ID 6333/P]

Deldick Highly Recommended
Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom

I recently exchanged with this chap and what an enjoyable, relaxing time we shared. Although classifying himself as someone with no experience I'd highly recommend anyone to exchange with him.
Reviewed by sgafair, 2012-07-01 [ID 6332/P]

rob1ntouch Highly Recommended
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

This was my first massage exchange with rob1ntouch.

His massage room is bright, clean and inviting, not only are there plenty of clean towels but also a sauna!

He is very pleasant to talk with and welcoming. His massage style is Sports/Swedish and he is competent, thorough, unhurried and skilful. He also has a few new moves that I have never experienced before.

I hope that our circumstances permit us to exchange on a regular basis.
Reviewed by TheSaint2, 2012-07-01 [ID 6331/P]

Kiwi666 Highly Recommended
Bermondsey, Greater London, United Kingdom

Let's cut to the chase - Brentos is a phenomenally talented bodyworker. He has a huge passion for massage, and it clearly shows in the confident, comprehensive massage he gives. He has exceptional hands, and is able to minutely control the pressure and touch in any given area to exactly hit the spot. His treatment is both invigorating and rejuvenating, but at the same time deeply relaxing and spiritual.

Not only is he a brilliant masseur, he is also a thoroughly nice guy: charming and welcoming, friendly and open. He has a first rate treatment room, a good range of massage products, and a lovely home.

I can't recommend him highly enough, and am very much looking to exchanging with him again.
Reviewed by gingerclimber, 2012-07-01 [ID 6330/P]

cmtrubbud Highly Recommended
Providence, Rhode Island, United States

I thoroughly enjoyed my exchange with Cmtrubbud yesterday. He has excellent technique and knowledge of anatomy: I had some muscles groups that needed particular attention, and he was able to come through with the goods! Also enjoyed sharing our experiences from our respective massage schools. Definitely looking forward to exchanging with him again!
Reviewed by pgspitzer, 2012-07-01 [ID 6328/P]

Marcek Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I was pleasantly surprised by the treatment I received from Marcek. I guess it's good to have no expectations, because his massage was great. He has a really good firm pressure but will adjust to your needs. It was thorough and detailed. Good strokes. And although I didn't learn anything new (perhaps because I was wrapped up in the bliss of the massage to take any mental notes) it was a very good treatment, very beneficial, practical top to toe. Loved it.
Reviewed by Kiwi666, 2012-07-01 [ID 6244/P]

MassageNatural Highly Recommended
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

One of the best exchanges I've had in the years I've been on this site. Very good in all aspects of his massage. He was attentive to my body's needs consistently. Very knowledgeable in his field. Nice looking gentleman with a lean strong body. Very impressed and would trade again. He was prompt and professional. A real delight.
Reviewed by michaelanthony, 2012-06-30 [ID 6327/P]

gingerclimber Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

What a lovely bloke. We had a really nice chat before during and after the massage. It was also a first rate treatment. He has a really nice routine with good strokes and pressure. I was so glad we could get together at short notice. He also has a nice physique to massage. I would definitely recommend gingerclimer for a swap. I Look forward to catching up again. Cheers.
Reviewed by Kiwi666, 2012-06-30 [ID 6326/P]

michaelanthony Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

my swap with Michael was awesome! he has all those years of experience, all the right equipment and a perfect space to meet. best of all - he is very charming and has zero attitude.

what you see is what you get, and what was clear to me was that what he has written in his profile is just the beginning of what he's capable of. i will swap with him again. he's inspired me to up my game!
Reviewed by MassageNatural, 2012-06-30 [ID 6325/P]

MK1962 Recommended
Bromley, Greater London, United Kingdom

i spent a lovely afternoon with MK, he is new to massage and very keen to learn, I am revieiwng him early to encourage people to swap wit him as it is only through experience that we learn. He has a good touch and will soon be a very proficient masseur. He is keen to please and learns quickly. I am sure that we will soon earn 5* and certainly deserves that for effort. Give him a try!
Reviewed by joanc53, 2012-06-30 [ID 6323/P]

mitsu123 Highly Recommended
Hounslow, England, United Kingdom

I met up with Mitsu for a massage swap and enjoyed a wonderful experience. He is not only an excellent massage therapist but a kind attentive person and a pleasure to be with.
His massage was contolled with good even pressure with relaxed hands that moulded to the contours of the area being massage.

If you get the opprtunity to have a swap with Mitsu you will enjoy an excellent massage and a very relaxed and satisfying experience.
I recommend him highly and I look forward to meeting him again.
Thanks Mitsu
Reviewed by biggles101, 2012-06-30 [ID 6321/P]

nraleigh Highly Recommended
Durham, North Carolina, United States

A truly-excellent massage. Good hands and technique to go along with them, along with knowing what he's doing with various muscle groups. I hope to exchange again with him.
Reviewed by silverroan, 2012-06-29 [ID 6319/P]

Review 4201 to 4225 of 8146
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