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8,649 MassageExchange.com Member Reviews

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Serene Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

What a lad! Totally cool, well spoken and a great body. Toned, muscular, proportionate Serene is a masseur's delight. I could have gone on forever. Very sensuous lad too. felt bad that it took us so long to arrange this swap...my fault. Serene has some great massage techniques. He takes his time, amazing pressure, a proper full body massage n Plenty oil. Got to say I learned real good moves from him. smiling host and a kind man... And did I mention the muscular body? lol previous reviews dont lie. already booked the next swap Xx
Reviewed by smoothandspicy, 2015-07-29 [ID 12299/P]

hwamcw1 Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States of America

I had the opportunity to exchange this week and had a great session with hwamcw1. He us firm and effective. I felt like a new man!
Reviewed by latinbuck, 2015-07-29 [ID 12298/P]

aisholt Highly Recommended
Wantage, England, United Kingdom

Met Ben yesterday and had a chat over a coffee.
After coffee we exchanged Tantra Massage, it was very enjoyable and I think he was very keen to learn.
His massage was good and will be a lot better with practice, I sure will be there again soon as I'm wanted.
He is a very nice gentleman chatty and good sense of humour.
Highly recommended and will def want to see him again.thank you for a great morning and my massage.
Reviewed by truckmedic, 2015-07-29 [ID 12297/P]

Reply from aisholt of 2015-07-29
I hade a wonderful exchange with Peter a couple of days ago. He was very generous on several accounts: in the fact that he drove over to me, gave me an enormous amount of advice and encouragement, delivered an excellent massage and then wrote me a very warm and glowing review. I completely agree that I need more practise - and perhaps most people do - I suppose that this is ongoing and mabye one day I'll give a massage with which I am satisfied. I look forward to exchanging with Peter again soon - I really enjoyed meeting him and learnt so much.

Santorino Highly Recommended
Dorchester, Massachusetts, United States

Had a great exchange with Santorino. He came to my place on a Friday afternoon for an exchange. He has a nice personality and a great touch. Would definitely recommend him for an exchange.
Reviewed by singer0309, 2015-07-29 [ID 12296/P]

flippinjack Recommended
Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Jack is a perfect massage subject. A big strong man who has spent his life playing sports. A definite for those who need a challenge when applying learnt techniques. Not for a newbie. Looking forward to meeting him again. A genuine nice guy.
Reviewed by hal6969, 2015-07-29 [ID 12295/P]

Farmhand Highly Recommended
Redmond, Washington, United States

wow. What can I say other than I've had literally hundreds of massages from a variety of masseurs/massage therapists over the last 25+yrs and hands down FarmHand gave me a TOP THREE of them ever! EVER! He knows his anatomy/kinesiology. He was able to unlock my back which had been giving me fits for weeks. He applied Deep Pressure which I love to my back, hams, glutes. He finished up w/ light Cranio-Sacral work which almost put me under. Overall, it was fabulous. I look forward to receiving from him again! Hope to trade again & SOON!

Reviewed by Trapper, 2015-07-28 [ID 12294/P]

hal6969 Highly Recommended
Leicester, United Kingdom

Had really enjoyable massage with Hal the other day. He has an excellent technique and applies it at just the right pressure. He was very keen to ensure the massage was going well at all times and happy to focus on areas that needed it. A very pleasant genuine guy. Definitely worth an exchange with.
Reviewed by flippinjack, 2015-07-28 [ID 12293/P]

massage4ourhealth Highly Recommended
Alpharetta, Georgia, United States

Over the recent holiday weekend I had the pleasure of a great massage exchange with Massage4ourhealth. He welcomed me in his home for an early morning massage when I was visiting the Atlanta area. He has a professional table set-up with a choice of both oils and crème. He knows his stuff and delivered a thorough head to toe massage; it's refreshing to exchange with someone that is skillful and caring as his is. I look forward to another exchange when I visit the area again.
Reviewed by bob42392, 2015-07-28 [ID 12292/P]

LM55 Highly Recommended
Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom

I had a delightful exchange with LM55. We had a nice chat; he is an interesting person and easy to talk with. The massage he gave was well done indeed with the right amount of pressure and flowing movement. A blissful afternoon. I would happily endorse LM55 and hope to exchange with him again soon.
Reviewed by vinlon, 2015-07-27 [ID 12290/P]

RelaxnMore Highly Recommended
Marana, Arizona, United States

Positive and out-going. Helped me a lot with guidance and patience. Very willing to teach and made me feel comfortable from the beginning.
Reviewed by mgmbd2112yh, 2015-07-27 [ID 12289/P]

fitnessinstructorgil Highly Recommended
Morden, United Kingdom

We exchanged with fitnessinstructorgil and he was hosting in Morden.
Well it was a well worth journey from central.
Good welcoming, nice room, hospitality, good advices to find his place.
Massage technique was confident, good pressure, asking the right questions.
I have learned a lot from him in the end.
So thank you.
Reviewed by PhiloL, 2015-07-27 [ID 12288/P]

rubber799 Highly Recommended
Ossett, United Kingdom

Met with rubber799. Massaged Mrs whilst Mr watched. She had lovely smooth skin and was a delight to massage. She thanked me for massage and seemed to really enjoy it. Very nice couple. I would highly recommend a visit.
Reviewed by Benidorm, 2015-07-27 [ID 12287/P]

Vin80 Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Vin and I swapped Massage on Sunday afternoon. I found vin as an easygoing person
wanting to learn different techniques. He is versatile in giving massage and mainly massaged my way as I give him the massage first. His preference is massage on the table than on the floor. Vin will certainly learn different techniques quickly from various swap.
Reviewed by palms, 2015-07-27 [ID 12286/P]

zenM Highly Recommended
Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom

zenM is not only a pleasant personable chap he is also very experienced. Being well versed and skilled in various modalities which he effortlessly blends into a seamless intuitive flow of massage and energy work, accompanied by mood music.
Additionally, the dedicated and well equipped therapy room was spot on.
Looking forward to the next visit.
Highly Recommended
Reviewed by HumbleMassage, 2015-07-27 [ID 12285/P]

spiff72 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

After Spiff72 and I did some coordination we met today for a massage exchange. We got acquainted initially and then shared massage first I massage him and then he massage me. For a first timer he learns very quickly and he is very professional and applied good pressure. His strokes were nice and long and his massage was very relaxing. As time goes he will learn more and become comfortable in giving a massage. I look forward to exchanging a massage with him again in the near future maybe an outdoor massage as he is a nudist and is very comfortable with that. Bach
Reviewed by bach, 2015-07-27 [ID 12284/P]

Mickdfw Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States

Had the great opportunity to exchange massages with Mickdfw. He's a great guy and I had an excellent experience. Even though he indicated he hadn't had much experience, you would never know it. He has great hands and is very intuitive about the whole massage experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait to trade again!
Reviewed by skinnydipperdfw, 2015-07-27 [ID 12105/P]

hesse3 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom

The massage I received from Hesse was what I would call stylish and elegant. Even though he applied the right pressure, strong at time, it was done in a very subtle way. Hess is a very gentle person in may ways.
He obviously had a lot of experience and serous training.
It was pure bliss and you really feel he enjoyed giving the massage.
I had a lot of pleasure massaging him too, Hess has a great toned body, so it was easy in a way.
I would definitely anyone to set up a session with him.
Reviewed by LM55, 2015-07-27 [ID 12283/P]

vinlon Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had a great time with Vinlon on a late afternoon. He is a very well educated and pleasant individual. We started our meeting with a drink and casual chat, a nice way to know each other. The massage was very attentive done with lots of care to every part of the body, a good use of arm and a good balance of pressure and strokes. It was just perfect. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by LM55, 2015-07-27 [ID 12282/P]

Josh99 Highly Recommended
Hounslow, United Kingdom

I have exchanged a couple of times now with Josh and he is a very friendly and welcoming host. He has a comfortable massage table, some great music and a nice selection of oils. His style is ayurvedic with lots of long, firm strokes which I really appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and look forward to next time - many thanks Josh.
Reviewed by tint, 2015-07-26 [ID 12281/P]

mukesh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Mukesh is a reliable, calm individual with really great massage skills. He shared his knowledge generously and I learned several new techniques during this very relaxing and enjoyable exchange.
Reviewed by tint, 2015-07-26 [ID 12280/P]

captom Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

I had a great session with captom last night. A nice, firm rubdown to start things off with a great sensual finish. Warm, friendly atmosphere, especially on a cold, wet night. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by Briza, 2015-07-26 [ID 12279/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Robertmasage is one of a kind. His ability to find those knots on my back was quite phenomenal and I am now feeling considerable relief. I knew I was stressed but I didn't know how 'knotted' my back muscles really were. He is a true professional and, boy, is he serious about his massage. I must say I felt quite inadequate when it came to my partial exchange (just a foot massage at RM's request and because of limited time). RM is a young man of extraordinary talent. He has very high standards so I suggest giving him a miss if your intentions are anything less than he demands.

There is no way I can match in an exchange the quality of his massage, but I owe him one and I am more than willing to oblige if he seeks it. Of course, I'd love to be treated to more of what he can offer - he assured me that what I experienced was just a taste. Wow!
Reviewed by Hendury, 2015-07-26 [ID 12278/P]

msgdude Highly Recommended
City of London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Very nice friendly and tactile Msgdude.
Was here on time and I have enjoyed his technique .
Recommended indeed.
Reviewed by georgix19, 2015-07-26 [ID 12277/P]

JustChillin Highly Recommended
Tampa, Florida, United States

If you have the privilege of exchanging with Justchillin, he's AWESOME! He is an enthusiast with plans to go to massage school Without a doube he will be an all star in his class. His touch is both intuitive and healing. I actually dozed off more than one on his table and am confirmed again for another exchange. This guy ROCKS!
Reviewed by vlad7227, 2015-07-26 [ID 12276/P]

tint Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Really nice and easy going guy, had one of the best massage in person, really enjoyed the gentle strokes.
Reviewed by Josh99, 2015-07-26 [ID 12275/P]

vlad7227 Highly Recommended
Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States

I had the pleasure to recently exchange massages with vlad7227. He was very personable and professional. Vlad7227 is a licensed massage therapist and was open to share his training and experience with me. He provided one of the best massages I have had and look forward to sharing with him again soon.
Reviewed by JustChillin, 2015-07-26 [ID 12274/P]

Benidorm Highly Recommended
Bolton, Bolton, United Kingdom

I had Patrick at my house yesterday.after a short introduction he gave me massage,which lasted for one and a half hours.it was the best massage i had.thanks Patrick hope to see you again soon
Reviewed by rubber799, 2015-07-26 [ID 12273/P]

sanar Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Sanar is a master of the art of massage. What an amazing massage. He is also a very kind, charming and educated person. It was such a pleasure to trade with Sanar!! Highly recommended!!! 10 star!!
Reviewed by bello7777, 2015-07-25 [ID 12272/P]

zdrano Highly Recommended
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

I have met with Zdrano twice now.
A really friendly lady and pleasant company ( and very funny !!).
Her technique was thorough, unrushed with amazing attention to detail knowing all the bodies acupoints. It was exactly what my body needed.

Time allowing - I will definitely try to arrange another meeting.
Reviewed by goodmassage, 2015-07-25 [ID 12271/P]

therealtalcorath Highly Recommended
Anaheim, California, United States

I had a wonderful experience with my exchange with therealtalcorath.

He was in town on vacation, and was nice enough to work the exchange into his vacation schedule. A couple of e mails, and he arrived at my house on time, freshly showered and brought a wonderful attitude.

Receiving a massage from him started out superbly…He worked the knots out of my back muscles, and when I asked for more pressure, he did and the muscle tension in my back was gone. I didn’t realize I had tension there! He continued with his great touch until my whole body was relaxed and energized at the same time. I was lucky I hosted..I could go directly to bet and had a great nights sleep.

I look forward to another exchange with therealtalcorath, at either of our places.

A great experience!! A great massage!!
Reviewed by bobinps, 2015-07-25 [ID 12270/P]

buddyme Recommended
Center City, Pennsylvania, United States

I had a very relaxing time today with buddyme and would recommend him highly
Reviewed by ken8059, 2015-07-25 [ID 12269/P]

touch123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

While in London, I had an opportunity of exchanging with touch123.
He was a very welcoming host. He provided a very ambient atmosphere and well set-up massage space. He is also a really friendly guy and very pleasant company.
His technique was thorough and unrushed.
It was exactly what my body need after long haul flight from Sydney.
The whole experience was truly enjoyable.
Reviewed by gr8touch, 2015-07-24 [ID 12260/P]

bobinps Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States

My experience with Bobinps was sublime.

First of all, Bobinps was very flexible with me and scheduled our exchange around my available time. I wasn't planning ahead when we traveled out to Palm Springs, so I wasn't even sure I would be able to get a massage exchange done while we where here.

His "workspace" for the massage is perfectly sized (not so big that you have to walk away from the table if you forgot something, but not so small that you would need to "navigate" to get the massage done.) The atmosphere was excellent (light on dimmer, music, nice temperature) and he expressed interest in making sure the above were to my taste.

Bobinps' touch was (to reuse a word) sublime. I very nearly fell asleep, feeling both an electric sense of energy flow and perfectly calibrated pressure to put my entire body at ease.

I will absolutely look Bobinps up again next time I travel to Palm Springs and have extended my invitation to him if he ever travels out my way.
Reviewed by therealtalcorath, 2015-07-24 [ID 12267/P]

calauau Satisfactory
Northcote, Victoria, Australia

calauau had a great touch - I loved my exchange with him. He is warm and friendly and I felt very comfortable and safe with him. He was a gracious host. Thanks calauau! :)
Reviewed by GymDudeMelbourne, 2015-07-24 [ID 12266/P]

se10man Highly Recommended
Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom

I teally enjoyed this swap with SE10man on every level. We had exchanged messages before I hosted this meet, which showed what a thoughtful and attentive man he is and I was not disappointed in the flesh. We were instantly comfortable with each other and enjoying each other's company as we chatted, so the transition into massage, which can sometimes be anxiety provoking, felt completely natural. SE10man's techniques were varied and fitted me well, with a mix of detailed work on specific muscles, the lightest of touches to stimulate the senses, and a most welcome firm pressure on areas holding tension - very accomplished.
We started out intending to take turn and turn about but both of us were so in tune with each other's bodies and needs that we ended up at one point intuitively massaging each other at the same time - yes, that is possible!, and yes, it was delightful. By the end, I was truly relaxed, felt pampered and fully satisfied. Writing this several hours later I am still feeling the benefit and a kind of warm afterglow.
SE10man will not disappoint - I recommend him wholeheartedly. He has sparkly eyes and sparkles as a massage partner.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2015-07-24 [ID 12265/P]

tint Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

l had a very good session with Tint. He has great healing hands, we had a chat before we started.His Effleurage was execellent.He used thum frictions along the spinea muscles which i felt great!Great movements of the shoulders,he is very good at kneading of the gastrocnemius,i fell asleep soon afterwards.The whole session was over three hours. l felt very relaxed and slept like a baby.l recomend Tint who ever wants to swop. Thanks Tint!Hope to exchange very soon!
Reviewed by mukesh, 2015-07-24 [ID 12264/P]

tanlines Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Had the chance to have a swap with Tanlines and I must say that he's better than what he thinks he is. I like his long deep strokes on my back and he definitely has strong hands. He just needs to believe in what he does because he's good at it. His massage is very intuitive which I believe is important. A great host with charming personality. I highly recommend him and looking forward to our next swap.
Reviewed by Londonboy18, 2015-07-24 [ID 12263/P]

Icey126 Highly Recommended
Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Meet Icey for the second time a couple of days ago at my house this being our second exchange. It has taken a while to organise but well worth it as he is lovely cheerful and friendly guy and will put you at ease from the moment you meet. His moves and strokes are varied giving a wonderful massage experience with long flowing and short ones working his way over the body , great experience. If you get the chance for an exchange you will learn techniques and not be disappointed. Thanks once again.
Reviewed by corniche, 2015-07-24 [ID 12262/P]

Londonboy18 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Londonboy18 is a fantastic massage partner. Courteous, clean and bang-on-time. I felt his massage was better than many professional massages I have had anywhere in the world. I wholeheartedly recommend him.
Reviewed by tanlines, 2015-07-24 [ID 12261/P]

ritesh No Show
London, United Kingdom

I arranged to meet Ritesh for an exchange earlier this evening. The arrangement was made two days ago and I asked him to let me know if he had any problems on the day. I emailed him earlier today to check all was still okay. Having prepared the room for the exchange I waited his arrival. When he was half an hour late I messaged him to check all was okay and he was still coming. Two hours later I messaged him again and although he opened both messages he did not respond till a third message was sent later. His excuse was he had been " busy with office work" and not able to message me.

Be wary of making any arrangement w its this new member. I was to be his first exchange but he seems to have no concept of wasting other people's time.
Reviewed by SELondon, 2015-07-23 [ID 12259/N]

yi Highly Recommended
Gisborne, Gisborne, New Zealand

I and another member massaged Yi and what a wonderful recipient he was. His body is an ideal subject for massage. When I was the recipient and he copied the other members strokes he learnt quickly. I would highly recommend him as a person to practice massage on. Thanks Yi.
Reviewed by Mercy52, 2015-07-23 [ID 12258/P]

gr8touch Highly Recommended
Paddington, New South Wales, Australia

after months of figuring out the right time to exchange, finally on gr8touch's trip to london, i recently swapped and the experience was quite out of this world. at once therapeutic and highly sensual... it was a release of tight knots and crystals and moves that made my toes curl with new sensations! thank you :) wish you lived close by and not south under :)
Reviewed by touch123, 2015-07-23 [ID 12256/P]

Melman67 Highly Recommended
Handforth, United Kingdom

Alan proved he is very experienced and dedicated in providing firstly an excellent massage and secondly some very good instruction for myself.
His massage was firm, thorough and very relaxing, definitely using his extensive experience to show me how to massage all areas of the body. I would definitely meet up again and thank him for his time and patience.
Many thanks.
Reviewed by Arty99, 2015-07-22 [ID 12255/P]

corniche Highly Recommended
Havant, England, United Kingdom

If you get the opportunity to exchange with this guy don't pass it by. We have exchanged on two occasions now and apart from Mike being the perfect host his massage techniques are exemplary. Long flowing stokes with just the right amount of pressure made for an excellent massage and I just hope it is not so long before we can get together again.
Reviewed by Icey126, 2015-07-22 [ID 12254/P]

harrytb43a Recommended
Hatfield, United Kingdom

Just had a nice afternoon with Harry. He put me at ease and his massage teqnique is very accomplished. I returned the massage and I hope he enjoyed my not so practiced hands. Look forward to another meet in future.
Reviewed by russranger, 2015-07-22 [ID 12253/P]

Jim1234 Highly Recommended
Derby, England, United Kingdom

I have actually known Jim1234 for a number of years now and it was him who alerted me to this site. Over the years Jim1234 and I have exchanged massages before we knew this site existed! Jim has a lovely attitude. He is very respectful of the potentially awkward situation that giving/receiving massages can place you in and is an utter gentleman. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. He listens well and responds to your needs and as such delivers the massage you need. He has lovely warm hands and is as happy and willing to give massages as to receive them. He is very appreciative of the massages I have given him and always makes me feel as if I have made his week! He is one of those people you just get on with and feel you have known all your life. Never hesitate, ladies he is a keeper.
Reviewed by p1x3l, 2015-07-21 [ID 12252/P]

NatickMT Highly Recommended
Natick, Massachusetts, United States

It was a pleasure to receive a massage from NatickMT. He has a very nice room in a quiet neighborhood. His manners and communication were very good. The massage felt wonderful and he respected all boundaries. I would recommend NatickMT to fellow massage exchange users.
Reviewed by clcabral6504, 2015-07-21 [ID 12251/P]

Mercy52 Highly Recommended
Auckland Central, Auckland, New Zealand

Have just completed a massage with this member, and another. A very enjoyable dual massage with some suggested hands on touches and strokes. I feel the three of us all acquired a little bit more knowledge in the gentle art of sensual massage. It is truly satisfying to see the person receiving the massage, relax and fold onto the table. I am sure the double hands and arms lifted the overall experience to a new level. I would enjoy doing this again.
Reviewed by captom, 2015-07-21 [ID 11596/P]

Reply from Mercy52 of 2015-03-01
Thank you you gave a fantastic massage, your company was excellent enjoyed every bit of the experience including the coffee afterwards.

Hendury Highly Recommended
Reading, England, United Kingdom

Meeting Hendury was one of the most beautiful experience.He came to London from Reading for his first massage exchange. When I saw him immediately I thought I was going to have a lovely time . He was a bit nervous at first and he reminded me when I had my first one. I knew how to deal with it . We had a lovely conversation and more we were talking more I saw him relaxed. I started the massage and when it was his time I was literally surprised, he is naturally talented, he followed his intuition and the result was excellent. I definitely would like to see this charming man again. Thanks
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2015-07-21 [ID 12250/P]

channelhopper Recommended
York, United Kingdom

Good communication by email & in person. Setting up a session was straight forward & C arrived on time, I hosted. The session went well with a good sharing of techniques, insights - & relaxation! C is keen to develop further & I do recommend swapping a session with him soon!

I did do a more detailed review but seem to have lost it on the system!
Reviewed by zenM, 2015-07-21 [ID 12249/P]

HumbleMassage Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

A nice guy with a lot to share. Swap a session if you can arrange it. Allow plenty of time to experience the effects. I hosted in Leeds, where H visits quite frequently. We both got some insights. I am looking forward to a further swap!
Reviewed by zenM, 2015-07-21 [ID 12248/P]

ketan1812 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Thank you Ketan for a brilliant massage, and for fitting me in when you were busy :)

Reviewed by london789, 2015-07-20 [ID 12247/P]

matthew45 Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States

I prefer some pressure with my massage so when matthew45 started to work on me, I thought, this is going to be too light. I was wrong. Matthew45's technique is likely described more on the Swedish end of the bell curve rather than the Rolfing end. He is intuitive and methodical and does not watch the clock. I was so impressed that I wanted him back again as soon as I could get him. He is super nice and put me right at ease. I recommend him to all (even those who think they need deep tissue...he gets there, he is just softly persistent about it).
Reviewed by Kentuckyman40241, 2015-07-20 [ID 12246/P]

adamfreedom Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Being massaged by adamfreedom was like having every part of my body explored in great detail and with total attention. The result was I felt completely relaxed and content. It was an equal pleasure to massage him as to be massaged as he responded to my touch with murmurs, sighs, and moans of pleasure. He was as attentive to receiving as to giving is the only way I can describe it. Thank you adamfreedom for a lovely evening of exchanging.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2015-07-20 [ID 12245/P]

Kiwi666 Highly Recommended
Bermondsey, Greater London, United Kingdom

Last Sunday I had a swap with kiwi666. I knew I was going to learn some new techniques from his experience in massages and, I was right. I cannot describe how I felt after a minute I was in his flat. The energy was so positive and when I saw his garden, sorry say garden is an understatement, I must call it Heaven on earth, I was completely speechless. He was a really friendly person as I knew him for a long time. He was the first to start the massage and I couldn't desire anything better. I felt every single stroke on my body, made with precision and determination, leaving me completely satisfied and tips to add to my technique. After the massage it was lovely to have an interesting conversation, btw the book has just arrived, knowing each other a bit more.I would like to swap with him again. Di not hesitate to contact him. Thanks
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2015-07-19 [ID 12242/P]

Rainbow1963 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had my first ever massage exchange today with Rainbow1963. I could not have had a better person to help me over my first-timer anxieties. Pre-session arrangements were made easily and without any pressure. From the moment I met him in person, I felt at ease. Rainbow1963 is warm, friendly, reassuring, and respectful of needs and boundaries. He has a firm but gentle technique - and one set of movements just moves smoothly into the next. He is very humble about his ability but I think he is a natural - his massage is intuitive. I can strongly recommend Rainbow1963: for his hospitality, his personality and - of course - his wonderful massage.
Reviewed by Hendury, 2015-07-19 [ID 12241/P]

cambdave Highly Recommended
Deepcut, England, United Kingdom

Dave is a reliable friendly masseur and a great asset to this site. Good communication, and a friendly manner, he arrived on time and was clean and respectful. Easy to get along with and a very enthusiastic masseur, I hope to learn a lot more from him, highly recommended.
Reviewed by henleyandy, 2015-07-19 [ID 12240/P]

verygood Recommended
Liverpool, United Kingdom

I had this very good gentle man yesterday at my house with bunch of flowers.after a short chat he gave me a good slow massage for an hour.it was good and satisfying.hope see him again soon for another one
Reviewed by rubber799, 2015-07-19 [ID 12238/P]

Arty99 Highly Recommended
Colwyn Bay, Wales, United Kingdom

I met with arty99 today, we had a massage exchange, really enjoyed the session, he knows how to give a nice relaxing massage, in lovely surroundings, till next time mate
Reviewed by jizzygizz, 2015-07-18 [ID 12237/P]

HealingHands4You Highly Recommended
Arlington, Texas, United States

I met With Micheal today for a massage and Have to say it was one of the most relaxing massages I have had. He was very Professional and treated me like a queen the moment I came threw door. His place was nice and very pleasant to get a massage. Ladies do not pass him up he massages are really nice and can't wait for the next one.
Reviewed by patty2314, 2015-07-18 [ID 12236/P]

rubber799 Recommended
Ossett, United Kingdom

met this lovely couple today, & gave his wife a i hr massage,she has a lovely smooth body,can't wait to get my hands on her again
the sooner the better.
Reviewed by verygood, 2015-07-18 [ID 12235/P]

relaxandfeel Highly Recommended
London Borough of Tower Hamlets, England, United Kingdom

Relaxandfeel turned out to be a very accurate description of this exchange. As a 'first-timer, relaxandfeel shared his conscious choice to abandon himself to my ministrations and I gather this worked for him! There was an immediate sense of intimate connection which grew as the swap progressed, turn and turn about, until both of us achieved a feeling of complete relaxation. He used his whole hands well in long strokes with perfect pressure for me. We both went with the flow and responded intuitively to the other which added to the sense of connectedness throughout. Easy, comfortable, relaxing and stimulating, I and already looking forward to another exchange.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2015-07-18 [ID 12233/P]

Soblonde Highly Recommended
Bedford, England, United Kingdom

I met Soblonde yesterday at her home,she was a very welcoming host,I feel I did not do myself justice in this swap but that may just be my view,she is a lovely relaxed lady,hope she invites me back but if not it was a pleasure to have spent some time with her giving her a massage
Reviewed by radley, 2015-07-18 [ID 12232/P]

Serenity5 Highly Recommended
Haslingden, United Kingdom

I met Serenity5 after a few communications and we met at her lovely home.

We chatted and relaxed and then settled down with some relaxing music and I gave her a relaxing, extended massage. We chatted while I massaged and it was really pleasant and calming.

Serenity5 wanted to also massage me after and although she was worried she might get it wrong or even hurt me - but I have to say she gave a really good, nicely pressured and relaxing massage.

I hope to meet again soon.

Reviewed by M178178, 2015-07-18 [ID 12231/P]

newcomer67 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

This site just keeps on giving, this time in the form of Newcomer67. He was cheerful and appreciative throughout', the perfect guest and recipient. Fortunately for me, he belied his name and was also an expert in touch with varied techniques and pressures and I was left feeling very satisfied. We took turn and turn about and a couple of hours just flew by. A de-stressing, fun and sensual experience all round.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2015-07-17 [ID 12230/P]

SemiRetired Highly Recommended
Lindores, Scotland, United Kingdom

Met semiretired today at my place for a massage swap,as time was short we had a brief chat to discuss how we can both have a massage. I was happy to massage him first with some warmed up oil and he appeared to enjoy it. Then we swapped over places and he was great at applying warm oil and slowly massaging working on my knotted upper back. I feel so relaxed and flexible after a good massage and that's the way I feel now. Thank you and hope we can have another relaxing massage session next time without time restraints.
Reviewed by Tayguy, 2015-07-17 [ID 12229/P]

jizzygizz Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Had a great meet with J at mine today, we enjoyed a mutual exchange of massages and enjoyed the time. He's a very nice guy , we got on very well and hope to meet up again when he's next in the area.

Reviewed by Arty99, 2015-07-17 [ID 12228/P]

Tayguy No rating yet
Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

Met Tayguy at his place and this was my first session with someone from this site. I did not have loads of time so we both decided to do what we could, swapping over half way. The massage was hot and oily hitting all the right spots and I enjoyed working on Tayguy, getting the knots a bit looser. Hopefully I wont be so time pressured when next we meet.
Reviewed by SemiRetired, 2015-07-17 [ID 12227/P]

Jxmrub Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States

My exchanges with Jxmrub were great! He agreed to meet the day I first contacted him and arrived exactly on time. He is indeed an intuitive masseur and was able to provide exactly the massage techniques my back needed. He used some of his own methods and was happy to follow my suggestions in using some techniques I like. He is skilled at giving deeper pressure as well as lighter-touch massage. I wish we were in the same city so we could trade more frequently. Thanks, Jmxrub!
Reviewed by FarNorthDallasPlano, 2015-07-16 [ID 12225/P]

russranger Highly Recommended
Tring, England, United Kingdom

Well, what a fun swap this turned out to be. Russ Is new to the ME site but clearly an old hand at massage both as a giver and a receiver. His hands flowed seamlessly over my entire body and left me feeling ompletely relaxed and destressed. I think I may have shortchanged him a little on the massage as we so easily slipped into being playful and having fun with a wonderful combination of complete easing of tensions and yet at the same time coming away stimulated and re-energised. As an added bonus, we had met in a neutral naturist setting and we were all too soon diverted into enjoying the spa facilities together. Russ is a great guy and I recommend anyone who wants to enjoy massage to the full to swap with him. I will certainly be looking for an early opportunity to repeat the experience and to offer him more of my massage skills.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2015-07-16 [ID 12224/P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Had a great couple of hours with dixter today. He made me feel relaxed as soon as he lay his on me. Great technique, firm hands, very sensual. Look forward to exchanging again soon.
Reviewed by SPS77, 2015-07-16 [ID 12223/P]

SPS77 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

After several attempts to meet up, SPS77 finally managed to exchange. It was certainly worth the wait.
SPS77 was a great host and created a warm massage environment with candles, music and low lighting.
His massage technique was superb with the right level of pressure & variety of strokes. He also has the ability to make a person feel comfortable immediately. SPS77 was a pleasure to massage & be massaged by. I would definitely recommend SPS77 & very much look forward to exchanging with him again soon.
Reviewed by dixter, 2015-07-16 [ID 12222/P]

Waterloom4m Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Waterloom4m welcomed me very warmly to his home. I immediately felt relaxed and at ease. After a very interesting update on his training (which is almost complete) and which he is clearly taking very seriously, he started the massage.
He has a dedicated massage room with a very comfortable table. It was a warm and very relaxing environment. I can fully endorse all the other very positive remarks and reviews about technique. It felt as though Waterloom4m had in fact been working as a professional for years. The massage was enormously thorough and expert, he is studying Swedish techniques, but is clearly already developing his own variations to fulfill his clients needs.
Never did I feel rushed or uncomfortable. I left feeling exceedingly relaxed and refreshed and look forward to further meetings.
Reviewed by Kiltman, 2015-07-16 [ID 11719/P]

TopQualityDeepTissue Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States

excellent work, solid training/technique, nice guy, have had multiple exchanges
Reviewed by RKJC, 2015-07-16 [ID 12221/P]

Curvygirl81 Satisfactory
Algester, Queensland, Australia

Curvygirl81 is a lady who should be Therapeutically Massaged in a Very Respectful way. She does have problems with different sections of her spine, and shouldn't be taken lightly.
Curvygirl81 appreciates the massage therapy that was given to her and is keen to learn more about giving.
Reviewed by hbd2014, 2015-07-15 [ID 12220/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Robert made me feel very relaxed from the very beginning. He is a charming and chatty guy who puts you instantly at ease. The massage itself was amazing. It was completely unhurried and professional and he used a beautiful lightly scented coconut oil. His deep tissue techniques left me in a state of blissful relaxation.I would highly recommend his skills.
Reviewed by irishlad78, 2015-07-15 [ID 12219/P]

smooth800 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I met Smooth for a coffee and got comfortable with him so quickly and then went to his place. Guy has got some taste I must admit. He's kept his place in a very artistic manner. He Massaged superbly including all problem areas of my back and shins in particular. He applied perfect pressure on different parts of my body. A Good conversation as well as very smooth Massage (10 out of 10). I felt so great throughout. Also got to thank him for Mango Milkshake he made and that was so yummy. Would love to meet this educated gentleman again and again.
Many Thanks Shad.. I will keep in touch on phone with you.
Reviewed by hotnsexy, 2015-07-15 [ID 12218/P]

Reply from smooth800 of 2015-07-24
Sophisticated and down to earth girl. She was very easy going and had a great time with her.
hope to see her again.

Apotho Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

I had a massage swap short time ago. Warm sunny day no rushing.
His stokes are confident, which goes with his personality. Very friendly bloke.
Please swapping with. Hope he returns.
Lovley hands...
Reviewed by Equanimity, 2015-07-15 [ID 12217/P]

19bilen60 Recommended
Coventry, Coventry, United Kingdom

A friendly man with a good physique who is learning fast and has good strong hands and an ability to massage well.
Reviewed by eletheria, 2015-07-14 [ID 12216/P]

Pipajmose69 Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia

Met up with Nick last week and we ended up having a 4 hour exchange session.

He is very professional and gave me one of the most pleasant relaxing and therapeutic massages I have ever had.

He pays attention to the little touches - warm towels, sufficient warmth that make the experience that much more enjoyable

From the beginning I was put totally at ease - a gentleman with good conversation skills as well.

I look forward to hosting him sometime.
Reviewed by brianj, 2015-07-13 [ID 12214/P]

ezplser4u Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

I and EXPLSER4U exchange messages yesterday and confirm a massage exchange today. EXPLSER4U techniques and pressure also made me fall asleep I was so relax. For someone who is new at the exchange he gave an excellent massage. His strokes were long and very relaxing. He was very professional at his work and we talk and explain our techniques as we went. I look very much forward to exchanging a massage with him again in the very near future. Bach
Reviewed by bach, 2015-07-12 [ID 12213/P]

Ineed Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Ineed arrived after a long day at work and a stressful lengthy drive across London. A cup of tea and a shower and he was a very willing recipient. Our shared no-nonsense comfort with nudity and touch was refreshing and stimulating.
Ineed wanted particular attention on his lower back which causes him repeated discomfort. By all accounts my work on this area paid dividends as he was moving much more freely afterwards and reported the disappearance of his usual discomfort. He also offered complimentary feedback on the full body massage which it was good to hear.
Ineed then massaged me and I am delighted to report it was spot on. Lucky me! He used a repertoire of clearly tried and tested strokes that induced total relaxation in me. The welcome surprise was the firm pressure which he used, absolutely my favourite to receive. He used a lovely fingering touch to finish off the massage which felt 'delicious'.
During the free flow of conversation through the evening, it became clear Ineed has been enjoying massages since his teens and has learned a lot through his years as a recipient. He would put many a professional to shame.
This was a great swap and I was thrilled that Ineed asked to repeat it. I feel we made a good connection and look forward to meeting up for another session whenever it proves possible. I feel encouraged to pull out my old training manuals so he and I can revise and practice more techniques together.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2015-07-12 [ID 12212/P]

abcmassage No rating yet
Consett, United Kingdom

abc massage is the ultimate in therapists, his techniques are the best I have experienced and we're surely but slowly on our way to conquering my adult years of back pain. His pressure is never wrong, I have a condition called kyphosis which is gradually becoming easier to bear from our weekly sessions. Without him I would still be looking for a cure, even my paid weekly physio has never given me such fantastic results.

ab massage is furthering his qualifications in the next few weeks, I am more than happy that he has asked me to be his case study Thanks for your ongoing therapy, many others out there just don't know what they are missing with your excellent knowledge of massage
Reviewed by noangel, 2015-07-12 [ID 12211/P]

ali206 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Met with ali206 today. He's a very nice bloke and easy to talk to. I think we both felt at ease straightaway. He's a lot more experienced than I am (I'm newish to this site) but we agreed that he'd bring up any problems with my technique as we worked on each other. Glad to say there weren't too many areas where he had to correct me, but I picked up some good tips. When it was his turn, his experience, technique and training showed. He uses good strong pressure which I like, varying it of course if it becomes too much. The session left us both feeling very relaxed, yet energised and refreshed. I'd very much recommend him.
Reviewed by Kiltman, 2015-07-12 [ID 12210/P]

d12man Highly Recommended
Belvedere, United Kingdom

What a lovely way to spend a summer Saturday afternoon. D12 man turned up on time, and we immediately felt relaxed together, he is such an affable man. After a quick chat we simply got on with it. D12 massaged me front and back first and I was transported to a very relaxed, calming and satisfied place. He understates his ability and his modesty, whilst becoming, is misplaced. I would recommend him to all. When I woke up enough to massage him I found his silky smooth body particularly suited to flowing strokes and I was enjoying the uninterrupted rhythm so much I felt sad when my work reached its inevitable conclusion. An impressive guy, in every way. Thank you D12 and I hope we can repeal the experience soon.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2015-07-11 [ID 12209/P]

Londonman Highly Recommended
Southwark, United Kingdom

meeting Londonman today was the most beautiful exchange I have ever had since I have become a member here. We both knew that we were learning how to make a good massage and it was amazingly a surprise to feel his hands gliding on my body. He is a pleasant person and easy to be with. It also was a pleasure to massage his fit body, it was a privilege to improve my skills on him.
Definitely highly recommended
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2015-07-10 [ID 12208/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Robert is one of those massage therapist who has an intuitive understanding of the body. He knows just how much pressure to use and he truly has a healers touch.
Also very friendly, respectful and caring person.
I enjoyed my treatment from the first minute till the end.I felt great afterward...long time.)
Definitely coming back!
Give Robert a try...you won't regret!
Reviewed by Findyourway, 2015-07-10 [ID 12207/P]

roberto123 Highly Recommended
Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

I met with Roberto a couple of day's ago and we had a lovely exchange. Roberto gave me a massage which was sensual mixed with firm strokes, he concentrated on my back which needed the most attention. Considering Roberto is recovering from an injured shoulder he gave a wonderful massage. He is willing to learn and be told what to do and we had the most interesting of conversations before and after the massage. Roberto is a lovely gentleman and i would definitely recommend that you see him. I look forward to meeting again,thankyou Kareena.
Reviewed by Kareena, 2015-07-10 [ID 12206/P]

Leonina Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

A very relaxing two hours this afternoon. I found myself very comfortable in her company and we hit it off. We both had the opportunity to practice our skills and I believe a good relaxing massage was what be both achieved. Was good to learn what I do well and to help her to understand the needs of the other person too. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by its4work2, 2015-07-09 [ID 12203/P]

Reply from Leonina of 2015-07-09
Nice guy, good hands

Ken1954 Recommended
Bay City, Michigan, United States

Ken gave a good massage.
Reviewed by Jaybee59, 2015-07-08 [ID 12205/P]

dirkdude Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States

This had to be about the best massage I've ever had in my life. I've had a few good ones from guys who knew what they were doing but DirkDude is exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable about massage. He was respectful, careful and thorough. After he finished working on me, I was so relaxed, I couldn't really give him an acceptable massage in return so I'll have to go back and return the favor. I don't want to exaggerate but this man is a real expert. It doesn't get better than this. I learned more than I can recall.
Reviewed by inventor, 2015-07-08 [ID 12204/P]

jphandson Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America

Gave a great professional massage. Relieved all my
stress and tensions. Highly recommended, thanks again
Reviewed by jhands, 2015-07-08 [ID 12202/P]

Just4me Highly Recommended
Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia

just had a massage exchange with Just4me, Stephens touch was rythmatic and applied pressure to all point and totally focused his energy on all areas, would highly reccommend and cannt wait for our next session
Reviewed by 1nudemasseur, 2015-07-08 [ID 12201/P]

123twinkle Highly Recommended
Northridge, California, United States

A skilled masseuse - has own set up in her condo - she can give great Swedish or ask about her "light touch/fingers" massage. Worth a visit.
Reviewed by PHAllNow, 2015-07-06 [ID 12200/P]

bello7777 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Very nice guy. Enjoyed his massage and company!
Reviewed by 14massage, 2015-07-05 [ID 12199/P]

central Highly Recommended
Northampton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

I had a very enjoyable and relaxing massage exchange with Central, which he hosted. I found him; easy to talk to, knowledgeable, very relaxed and considerate. Our massage was long (over 3 hours, time just seemed to fly by), relaxing and also energising. Central is a trained masseur and he used a variety of techniques, stokes and pressures during the massage to give an excellent massage. I am looking forward to our next exchange. An exchange with Central is highly recommended.

Reviewed by sportsman45, 2015-07-05 [ID 12198/P]

sportsman45 Highly Recommended
Stratford-upon-Avon, England, United Kingdom

Sportsman45 really enjoys giving and receiving a massage. He has picked up many good techniques which make a difference. He is reliable, friendly and he makes sure his massage partner is ok.

I will look forward to a return exchange.
Reviewed by central, 2015-07-05 [ID 12197/P]

ME191655 Recommended
London, United Kingdom

A nice exchange. Good sensual strokes. Much enjoyed.
Reviewed by Benoxf, 2015-07-05 [ID 12196/P]

buigera Highly Recommended
Chandler, Arizona, United States

Had the pleasure to exchange massage w T and have to say that is was one of the most enjoyable and relaxing massages I have had in some time. You can tell he has an extensive knowledge of the human body and can provide a very therapeutic massage.
Reviewed by tallpaulphx, 2015-07-05 [ID 12195/P]

radley Highly Recommended
Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

I met this pleasant well mannered respectful guy after a lot of emails over a long time,agreeing to a swap that he set up,I told him what I liked and disliked and he certainly paid attention,an excellent massage,good conversationalist, irreverent sense of humour and a patient and skilled masseur.
As I relaxed and the trust developed I found I was relaxing deeply and may have drifted off but as he said nothing about it I may have got away with it...I had a great time and would recommend him if you want a friendly trustworthy massage that will go where you want it to...until the next time... :0)
Reviewed by leicsjo, 2015-07-03 [ID 12194/P]

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