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Hopsie Highly Recommended
Dover, Massachusetts, United States of America

had a great message ,and great that he brought his own table which made the message more enjoyable. the message was relaxing and would enjoy having another message again.
Reviewed by markus1062, 2015-04-01 [ID 10969/P]

Bluey Highly Recommended
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Did a massage swap with Bluey. He has an intuitive touch and was very generous with his time. His technique and the quality of his massage were very good. He provided useful feedback and was very interested in receiving feedback. All round great guy and awesome massage.
Reviewed by calauau, 2015-03-31 [ID 11754/P]

Reply from Bluey of 2015-04-01
Really enjoyed my swap with Calauau - he provided a firm skilled and sensitive massage that ensured both a good experience as well as an opportunity to learn! The time disappeared quickly and I felt so much better for being massaged by this lovely guy!

Kenbroadway Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States

It was a pleasure trading with Kenbroadway. He offered a firm and consistent touch, his motion was fluid. I found much relief at my neck and shoulders after he worked on me. It was a very nice experience. I recommend trading with him.
Reviewed by casey333, 2015-03-31 [ID 11753/P]

Justforfun Highly Recommended
Weston-super-Mare, England, United Kingdom

What a skilled man with a super touch. Could not have asked for a better massage session, unhurried and fully relaxing. Definitely 5 stars and add a few more. Hope to meet him again.
Reviewed by Insideout, 2015-03-31 [ID 11752/P]

FruitportMaleMassage60 Highly Recommended
Muskegon, Michigan, United States

I have been having monthly sessions with Phil for over a year now. I always go home feeling good. I have also had several four hand massages with him. If you haven't experienced four hand, I highly recommend.
Reviewed by don999, 2015-03-31 [ID 9552/P]

casey333 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

It's the day after my massage swap with Casey333, and I'm still feeling the effects of his great massage. He uses a combination of firm pressure and long, flowing strokes. He could tell that I keep a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, and he spent extra time working on those areas, firmly kneading and rubbing out the knots. He also gave me one of the best leg massages I've ever received, with lots of attention to my glutes. Working on him was a pleasure, too. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Kenbroadway, 2015-03-31 [ID 11751/P]

shamoo Highly Recommended
South Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom

I had a wonderful experience right from the beginning til the end of the our first exchange. Although it took some time to organise our first meeting, the communication process was clear and easy to follow.

As a newcomer to the site, I was slightly nervous in the beginning on what to expect and the procedures. However, Shamoo was a fantastic listener and understood my concerns and needs.

I had specific ailments, which required specialist knowledge in order for suitable treatments and techniques to be applied. Shamoo applied his expertise and the massage was very effective and relaxing at the same time. Needless to say, my ailments improved significantly post-treatment.

I also learnt a few techniques from him to help with my own development and I am very grateful that he has taken the time to provide a truly unique and wonderful experience.
Reviewed by 3roads, 2015-03-31 [ID 11750/P]

eagertiger Highly Recommended
Montgomery Village, Maryland, United States

It was a pleasure to communicate prior to the exchange with eagertiger. He arrived on time prepared with coconut oil which he heated before the session.

He went above and beyond with the session. He was definitely my best exchange from this site. He has that healing and intuitive touch, definitely heart centered

I learned a lot from him.
Reviewed by globalt, 2015-03-30 [ID 11749/P]

greatouch Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Greatouch gave one of the best massages I've received: firm touch, great technique and done in a wonderful setting. The massage was both relaxing and stimulating. Working on.him in return was a total pleasure. A perfect massage swap experience.
Reviewed by Kenbroadway, 2015-03-30 [ID 11728/P]

Pipajmose69 Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia

I met Pipajmose last week.
he is an excellent and experienced massager.
it was the ultimate relaxation i experienced.
He was very gentle professional and caring.
Cant wait to see him again
Reviewed by razmataaz, 2015-03-30 [ID 11748/P]

birdie Highly Recommended
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Simply an amazing massage, highly recommended and worth a repeat
Reviewed by happy4massage, 2015-03-30 [ID 11747/P]

Kenbroadway Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States

he was a great massage partner with a wonderful touch. he took his time and made sure he did a thorough job. i liked his combination of techniques he used. i recommend him highly.
Reviewed by nakedguy, 2015-03-29 [ID 11746/P]

thetrubrit1 Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States

Truebrit did a wonderful job. I enjoyed my massage immensely. Thank you Truebrit.
Reviewed by Deanna, 2015-03-29 [ID 11740/P]

khjohnson Highly Recommended
Culver City, California, United States

My massage swap with khjohnson was excellent. He's a skilled masseur who knows exactly how much pressure to use. Hours later, and I'm still completely drained. It was also a pleasure to work on him.
Reviewed by Kenbroadway, 2015-03-29 [ID 11745/P]

TwinSpiritTouch Highly Recommended
Wexford, Pennsylvania, United States

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with TwinSpiritTouch for another exchange. My exchanges with TwinSpiritTouch rank as the best I have ever experienced. This time we met at his house. He has a beautiful room set up which provides the perfect environment for the "no rush" approach to the massage. Our exchange lasted over 3 1/2 hours, but in such a relaxing atmosphere and with the great conversation the time flew by so quickly. His touch was very intuitive. When I finally got off the table, I felt like a new man. I highly recommend TwinSpiritTouch. Hopefully you will be fortunate enough to share an equally incredible experience.
Reviewed by daver, 2015-03-29 [ID 11744/P]

apmassage Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America

Last week I have the good fortune to swap with apmassage. We had the best time. Before we met, we were communicating via this site but with our schedules needed to plan a swap a few weeks in advance. When he came to my place, he gave me this big bear hug, far bigger than he is physically. He has an amazingly strong touch but knows when to be gentle. I hope we get to meet again.
Reviewed by massagegive, 2015-03-29 [ID 11743/P]

Bigoldbearva Recommended
Falls Church, Virginia, United States

Bigoldbearva and I have met several times. He is very attentive to suggestions and has improved tremendously in the few visits. I look forward to working with him again and recommend others to do the same
Reviewed by Horsehead, 2015-03-29 [ID 11742/P]

nakedguy Highly Recommended
West Hollywood, California, United States

Nakedguy gives an amazing massage. He takes his time, is generous with his touch and really stays in tune with all that feels GOOD! I felt incredibly relaxed by the time he was done. He was also a lot of fun to work on. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Kenbroadway, 2015-03-29 [ID 11741/P]

Justforfun Highly Recommended
Weston-super-Mare, England, United Kingdom

I had the wonderful experience of meeting JUST FOR FUN last week and I have never had such a warm experience in my life.
He was an absolute professional in every way and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wonderful relaxing time.
I am counting the days until our paths cross again.
Reviewed by attachedbimale, 2015-03-28 [ID 11739/P]

U4me2 Highly Recommended
Fakenham, Norfolk, United Kingdom

U4me2 came to my home he was a true gentleman and tought me A lot about massage we had about 2 hours no rush policy he let me massage him first and gave me quite A lot of advise and pointers and then he massaged me It was really relaxing and I really enjoyed it and would like to do it again if possible
Reviewed by intcom, 2015-03-28 [ID 11738/P]

JJBrisbane Highly Recommended
Algester, Queensland, Australia

JJ and I had our first massage swap today and for a gentleman with little experience, he gave me a great massage. he intuitive touch and body sense was great and he is a very laid back, professional person who I was fortunate to exchange body work with. I hope this was the first of many swaps to share in the future with him!
Reviewed by hardbodyfit, 2015-03-28 [ID 11737/P]

seabreeze Highly Recommended
San Rafael, California, United States

The massage exchange with Seabreeze was truly a rejuvenating experience. The connection was spot on from the moment we met. The massage was so relaxing. His strokes and touch resulted in goose bumps all over, which is an indication to me that the perfect amount of pressure was being used and that the right spots were being worked on. I would definitely recommend him.
Reviewed by Alohatouch, 2015-03-27 [ID 11736/P]

Pierrot4 Recommended
Northampton, United Kingdom

I spent a delightful evening with Pierrot, we were at ease with other straight away and were able to enjoy each others touch. He was very eager to please me and he did, with a firm and confident touch that soon became sensuous. I was able to drift which I love to do when very relaxed. I do hope we can meet again before too long.
Reviewed by joanc53, 2015-03-27 [ID 11735/P]

Redfox66 Highly Recommended
Huddersfield, United Kingdom

what an amazing masseur, felt completely relaxed after this session, he is one of the most open and professional people on here, i.e no hidden agenda's, I cant recommend him highly enough, only to say that you won't be disappointed
Reviewed by wonderer, 2015-03-27 [ID 11734/P]

Earlscourtexhibition Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Earlscourtexhibition - one of the most polite and respectful member from this website. He is so cool & professional. He hosted me in a very nice and warm room. Good hospitality service and honest! That's exactly the sort of people that I like doing business with. Pleased that my massage helped.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2015-03-27 [ID 11733/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

I was amazed by Robert's massage, the time he took and the technique. For someone who says he hasn't had a formal training he was better than guys I have met who have been trained. I felt very looked after and I felt the massage was very much tailored to suit me - much needed. Highly recommended
Reviewed by Earlscourtexhibition, 2015-03-27 [ID 11732/P]

daytimefun Highly Recommended
Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

absalutly brill first time Daytime was very understanding and tought me A lot cant wait to meet him again and hopefully spend A lot longer hope he can teach me A lot more can't wait
Reviewed by intcom, 2015-03-27 [ID 11500/P]

joanc53 Highly Recommended
Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom

Recently I spent a delightful evening with Joanc53. The remarkable number of reviews she has testify to her fascinating career, erudition and skill as a masseuse, all of which I was privileged to enjoy. She has a confident and caring touch that combined pleasure and therapy quite perfectly. On reciprocation, she generously left me to go my own untrained way and showed great appreciation, which was kind and encouraging. Although I have received massage for years I am still learning in my delivery of technique but I hope and believe Joan enjoyed my touch. I hope we can meet again.
Reviewed by Pierrot4, 2015-03-26 [ID 11731/P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of welcoming Nexus into my home after many weeks of corresponding trying to organise an exchange. I was a little nervous me being a novice compared to himself with a wealth of experience and very good reviews but Nexus put me at ease very quickly. We agreed for him to massage me first and then swap after each part of the body was complete which was a great idea and I could incorporate some of his techniques into my massage. He has a very good knowledge of the body with his long strong sweeping strokes as well as lighter shorter ones. We spent nearly 3 hours massaging and can honestly say it was a wonderful enjoyable experience and do hope we shall repeat it again. If you get the chance to exchange it will be very worthwhile for a great massage and excellent company. Thanks once again.
Reviewed by corniche, 2015-03-25 [ID 11730/P]

Kenbroadway Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States

A great experience. Two days later and I'm still relaxed! Really great guy and very highly recommended! Exactly what a massage exchange should be.
Reviewed by KyleJ, 2015-03-25 [ID 11729/P]

lostboyz Recommended
Brighton, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

Great couple of hours, loved the oils great smell massage pretty good too.
Thanks lost lostboyz for a nice moment.
Reviewed by bond006, 2015-03-25 [ID 11727/P]

Liam1975 Highly Recommended
Hastings, England, United Kingdom

I have to be honest, it's really tempting to give Liam a really poor rating just so no one else requests exchanges so that he'll have time to do another exchange with me!
This was my first exchange, so was quite nervous, but from the very first message Liam was polite and courteous. We spoke a lot before we met, which made meeting him that much easier.

Although Liam stated that he has had no professional training, I actually had to check with him half way through as his technique and strokes were better than some of the so called "professional sports massagers" that I have previously seen.
Liam was so attentive, and keen to help me with my back that he actually spent a lot longer on me than we'd planned so I wasn't able to return the favour. Hoping we get to meet again so that I can.

Would highly recommend Liam and looking forward to meeting again
Reviewed by Healinghands79, 2015-03-24 [ID 11726/P]

Ki Highly Recommended
Poole, United Kingdom

Meeting Ki was a highly enjoyable experience. She was welcoming, charming and highly thoughtful. She immediately put me at ease and we talked, effortlessly, for a while before our exchange began. Whilst I think I make reasonable efforts, experiencing Ki's massage technique made me realise how much I have to learn. Her work was exact and detailed yet at the same time I felt it was very personal and tailored to me. She tells me that she is part way through her training course and I am sure that she will go from strength to strength. If you are invited to exchange by this highly talented person then lose no opportunity in saying yes. You will be richly rewarded. I hope that I will be able to repeat it very soon.
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-03-24 [ID 11709/P]

corniche Highly Recommended
Havant, England, United Kingdom

It's often the case that those who profess to be lacking in experience often turn out to be by far and away the most talented masseurs. Corniche was no exception, and whilst I may have recorded more exchanges than him, the quality of his work and, perhaps even more importantly, his reassuring, kind demeanour made him a delight to spend a few hours with. He whisked me into a state of total relaxation whilst gliding his hands across my body using a mix of long and short strokes, working some parts intensely and others in a more relaxed fashion. It was total bliss and I would love to repeat.
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-03-24 [ID 11725/P]

Dal2dal Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I've met Dal2Dal couple of times and had a really good massage each time.. he knows how to find the weak points and gives really soozing massage. Highly recommended and hope to have another massage soon :)
Reviewed by dolce, 2015-03-24 [ID 11724/P]

Alohatouch Highly Recommended
Kaneohe, Hawaii, United States

I had a wonderful massage trade with Alohatouch. He may not have had a lot of formal training, but he is a natural in terms of intuitive touch. He readily identified tight spots in my neck and shoulders and did some excellent work to relax these areas. He blended long connecting strokes with focused attention to all areas where he felt tension. He was fully present with his massage work at all times and was also a wonderfully open receiver.
Alohatouch is committed to a healthy lifestyle and takes good care of himself both physically and mentally. He is easy to talk to, intelligent, and a truly warm person. His good soul and abundant skill at massage made this a rich, relaxing, pleasurable, and deeply satisfying massage experience. I'm still glowing.
Reviewed by seabreeze, 2015-03-24 [ID 11723/P]

noris Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Meet Noris a few days ago and at first I was anxious but after a few minutes of chatting I completely relaxed as he is a calm and respectful guy. He delivered a good & confident massage. As a receiver he was also good to work on as he relaxed so much that he even felt asleep so that allowed me to massage his super stiff body without putting him in too much pain. He is good presence overall and a polite man!
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2015-03-24 [ID 11722/P]

MidSussex Highly Recommended
Haywards Heath, England, United Kingdom

Met up with MidSussex to day for a Massage Exchange. We had a chat before hand to find out what each other likes. Mike massaged me first and he is very good for someone who has not trained his massage stokes are nice and firm. Am looking forward to Meeting up with Mike again soon for more massage. He is a very nice person to meet and chat with. You won't be disappointed when have a treatment from him.
Reviewed by cares52, 2015-03-24 [ID 11721/P]

KyleJ Highly Recommended
Burbank, California, United States

Great, intuitive and strong massage. I was totally relaxed by the end of my massage. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Kenbroadway, 2015-03-24 [ID 11720/P]

Waterloom4m No rating yet
London, United Kingdom

Waterloom4m welcomed me very warmly to his home. I immediately felt relaxed and at ease. After a very interesting update on his training (which is almost complete) and which he is clearly taking very seriously, he started the massage.
He has a dedicated massage room with a very comfortable table. It was a warm and very relaxing environment. I can fully endorse all the other very positive remarks and reviews about technique. It felt as though Waterloom4m had in fact been working as a professional for years. The massage was enormously thorough and expert, he is studying Swedish techniques, but is clearly already developing his own variations to fulfill his clients needs.
Never did I feel rushed or uncomfortable. I left feeling exceedingly relaxed and refreshed and look forward to further meetings.
Reviewed by Kiltman, 2015-03-24 [ID 11719/P]

jobita Highly Recommended
Frederick, Maryland, United States

I had a very good massage session with jobita. I hosted him for a massage and he arrived pretty close to the agreed time, especially given the distance he traveled and traffic. Jobita is a very nice gentleman and was easy to work on. He seemed to appreciate the massage and was very complimentary. I'd look forward to another session.
Reviewed by RestonUnstress, 2015-03-23 [ID 11718/P]

gymfitswimmer Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

My exchange with Swimmer is wonderful! The previous reviews do not lie. It was everything you could ask for in an exchange. He's very generous, courteous, and has amazing hands. Knows just where to work to leave you feeling great.He did a great deep tissue massage on my back. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Turu, 2015-03-23 [ID 11717/P]

RestonUnstress Highly Recommended
Oak Hill, Virginia, United States

Just arrived home after D..(RestonUnstress)massage and I have only one word PERFECT
Like his profile said, he love and enjoy giving massages.
Really nice person,the place was nice and clean.
First he stretching all my body, after that massage every muscle with a perfect intensity and at the end massage my hair and head that I felt that was in the clouds sleeping.
Thanks D, I hope see you soon

Reviewed by jobita, 2015-03-23 [ID 11716/P]

highlandmassage Highly Recommended
Invergordon, Scotland, United Kingdom

we had this gentleman here at uor house on friday evening,he started massaging after a short talk.he massaged my whole body covering every part.
i was very very relieved,after four hand took part .we all had a very satisfying time.will meet him when ever he is passing through here
Reviewed by rubber799, 2015-03-23 [ID 11715/P]

sujogrl2 Highly Recommended
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

It was a very enjoyable experience with sujogrl2. He has slow, long firm strokes that put you into a meditative state. I've learned some of his Thai massage techniques. He is trustworthy and reliable. I do recommend him.
Reviewed by itcowboy, 2015-03-23 [ID 11714/P]

rubber799 Highly Recommended
Ossett, United Kingdom

I visited mr and Mrs Rubber on Friday evening while on my way to visit relatives in the Midlands, they have a seperate area curtained off for the massage sessions, Mr and Mrs Rubber are lovely, quiet people, and i felt very comfortable in their presence, Mrs Rubber was a delight to massage, she seemed to enjoy my hands on her silky smooth skin, and the type of massage that i gave her, Mr Rubber came in to keep his eye on proceedings, and appeared to aprove of the way that i was massaging Mrs Rubber, towards the end of the massage, Mr Rubber also joined in, and the three of us had a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and hope that they did too, I would love to visit them again next time that i'm down that way.
Thoroughly recomended.
Reviewed by highlandmassage, 2015-03-23 [ID 11713/P]

rufus11 Highly Recommended
Cardiff, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Rufus11 and I first exchanged messages four years ago but only recently did I have the pleasure of finally exchanging with him. He was warm and welcoming and I realised instantly this would be a good exchange. We chatted a little to get to know one another and then began our swap. He displayed some fine skills working on my shoulders, back and legs, with confident flowing moves, reworking areas as necessary. I felt utterly relaxed and would highly recommend this charming man.
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-03-23 [ID 11710/P]

RestonUnstress Highly Recommended
Oak Hill, Virginia, United States

Just had a massage session with RestonUnstress, and was thoroughly impressed with the level of skill and detail in the massage. I would have thought I was massaged by a licensed therapist. He used a variety of massage styles, some of those which were new to me. He also had a relaxing setting, with candles, nice "zen" music, a professional heated table, etc. His attention to detail is top-notch. He noticed an area in my lower back that needed particular attention, and was not satisfied until the problem was gone, even going back over the area again later in the massage. The massage included a lot of stretching which was a first for me, but also very therapeutic. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, and one should consider themselves lucky to be massaged by him. Looking forward to future massages with RestonUnstress.
Reviewed by TC2164, 2015-03-22 [ID 11712/P]

DoctorJohn No rating yet
Singapore, Singapore

DoctorJohn makes a great massage partner, punctual, respectful, appreciative, considerate, a lovely man. I'm happy to be his first on this site, and look forward to more sessions with him. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a genuine partner.
Reviewed by zzen, 2015-03-22 [ID 11711/P]

TC2164 Highly Recommended
Gainesville, Virginia, United States of America

Had a very nice massage session with TC2164. He showed up slightly before the appointed time and brought the massage oil he preferred me use on him. He is a really nice guy and very easy to chat with. The massage went very well and I look forward to meeting him again.
Reviewed by RestonUnstress, 2015-03-22 [ID 11708/P]

captom Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Have both received a massage from Capton and given. On both occasions it was a pleasure to be with him. He massages superbly and receives with graciousness. Conversation before during and after a joy. I recommend Capton to all who want to experience sensuality during massage.
Reviewed by Mercy52, 2015-03-22 [ID 11707/P]

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom

Dave is a gentleman and a great masseur. I really felt confident, in good hands and welcomed and relaxed. The swap was really amazing and he was very generous with his effort. Highly recommended either if you are a man or a woman.
Reviewed by latinmale1, 2015-03-22 [ID 11706/P]

zzen Highly Recommended
Singapore, Singapore

I had the honor of having an exchange session with zzen. I am pleased to share that she not only is a very decent lady who has a sweet personality but also gave a very soothing massage. She knew how and where to apply the right pressure and her fluent motion and expert strokes relaxes the tired muscles leaving me totally refreshed. I look forward to have the opportunity to have several exchange sessions with her. Thank you zzen:)
Reviewed by DoctorJohn, 2015-03-22 [ID 11705/P]

zenM Highly Recommended
Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom

Very nice guy. What a wonderful touch. Can't oraise the exchange enough. Hope we can meet again
Reviewed by aprilbaby, 2015-03-22 [ID 11704/P]

aprilbaby Recommended
Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I contacted A to welcome him to the site & potententially setup a future swap ashe is fairly local to me. He replied rapidly, offering to host & suggested a convenient time. His home is warm, clean, welcoming & relaxing, with a spare room set aside. As the more experienced, I played therapist first & gave occasional comments, which seemed to be appreciated. I was able to use plenty of long flowing strokes & "freestyle" with the music he had chosen. A seemed to relax well & enjoyed the session.
As the receiver I found it a deeply relaxing experience, well integrated, flowing & nurturing.
I am awarding 4*s, A regards himself as a beginner, keen to learn more & extend his range of skills. Recommended.
Reviewed by zenM, 2015-03-22 [ID 11703/P]

d12man Highly Recommended
Belvedere, United Kingdom

Had a lovely massage with d12man at mine, he has a lovely soft touch, and gives a nice massage, even though he admits he's a relative newcomer.

He's an interesting person to talk to, and I thoroughly enjoyed our massage together, he was really easy to get on with.

He has a lovely slim smooth body, very easy to work on.
Reviewed by bilbobaggins, 2015-03-22 [ID 11702/P]

massagegive Highly Recommended
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I met up with Massagegive at his apartment. He provided pleasant conversation
and provided a friendly relaxed atmosphere with soft music and candles. His massage technique was top notch. The entire experience was pleasant and relaxing. Best of luck, sincerely.
Reviewed by Bklynguy, 2015-03-21 [ID 11701/P]

massagebuddy141 Highly Recommended
Beaminster, United Kingdom

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this delightful man for an exchange. It was a perfect, warm sunny day which matched his easygoing personality. He used some lovely relaxing strokes applied with care and intuition. It was altogether a great experience and I would highly recommend him,
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-03-21 [ID 11696/P]

idesade Recommended
Springvale, Victoria, Australia

Very good massage. Enjoyed my time there. I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. I would recommend anybody to go for a massage swap there.
Reviewed by tradey, 2015-03-21 [ID 11700/P]

amk87 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I recently had a very enjoyable exchange with Amk87, I massaged him first which unfortunately left little time for him to give me a complete massage, just a taster of his abilities which were excellent, he has strong hands, and his strokes were confident with a good pressure and even flow. I would definitely like to meet with him again to experience a full massage. On this basis and the fact that he has a firm fit body that is a joy to massage, I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by Waterloom4m, 2015-03-21 [ID 11699/P]

KeeneNHMassageSeeker Recommended
Keene, New Hampshire, United States

KeeneNHMassageSeeker may feel a bit uncertain of his skills, but he has the essentials for creating a great massage: firm, sure hands with power and sensitivity in them. He gave me a delicious back rub. The strength in his hands was evident and effective. A large part of our session focused on his feet – both for therapy and sensual delight. He definitely loves a foot massage and I appreciated the opportunity to focus on this often neglected part of the body. I have been able to improve my technique by massaging his lovely feet both to relieve his pain and to bring relaxation and pleasure. A gratifying experience which I would repeat in a featherstroke :) I give four stars only because we both have more to learn in bringing healing and delight to the whole body.
Reviewed by luvbods, 2015-03-21 [ID 11698/P]

piscean123 Recommended
Keene, New Hampshire, United States

It was easy to set up an exchange with piscean123 and he has a very nice massage space with a good sized table – good for climbing on board to bring extra authority to your strokes – which is something I learned from one of those tiny Chinese ladies at those somewhat questionable massage parlors that spring up and also from another mentor from massage exchange. I came to piscean123 with shoulder and back aches and he is one of those amazing people who as soon as his hands touched me...wham! Relaxation sets in. His strokes were firm and sure and soothing and effective. There seemed to be an uncommon heat flowing from his palms, quite welcome. Lots of fun when we got to the sensual parts of the massage, especially around deep gluteal strokes that I had not experienced in quite his way before. Piscean123 has a light touch for passing along relaxation and pleasure, even more sure than his therapeutic strokes. Altogether a wonderful exchange start to finish and the four stars are not five only because I know we both have more to learn on the therapeutic spectrum. I certainly hope we will learn together in future exchanges!
Reviewed by luvbods, 2015-03-21 [ID 11697/P]

rg0100 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I would highly recommend an exchange with rg0100. I felt completely at ease with him throughout our evening session. A seamless journey of pleasure from beginning to end.
Reviewed by smike21, 2015-03-20 [ID 11695/P]

Corkie51 No Show
London, United Kingdom

This gentleman did not show up for our exchange, arranged for this evening, neither has he made any contact with me since, to apologise, or to explain why he let me down. A complete waste of my time.
Reviewed by smike21, 2015-03-20 [ID 11694/N]

idesade Recommended
Springvale, Victoria, Australia

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent massage. It certainly is the best I have ever had! I highly recommend anyone wishing to have one with you!
Reviewed by beany7, 2015-03-20 [ID 11693/P]

Reply from idesade of 2015-03-20
Thx beeny,
I enjoyed your body !!

Bklynguy Highly Recommended
Brooklyn, New York, United States

I had an extremely enjoyable session with Bklybguy the other night. We spoke a day earlier on the phone to become acquainted so by the time we met in person, I felt very comfortable. He has a strong, firm touch but uses his strength in a controlled manner. He was also quite receptive to my touch so the exchange felt well matched. Overall however, I found him to be a really genuine guy; someone I could easily see becoming friends with.
Reviewed by massagegive, 2015-03-19 [ID 11692/P]

greyice Poor
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

Don't hook up with this person. He gets his massage then does not bother to reciprocate just gets up and leaves.

Reviewed by duneman40, 2015-03-19 [ID 11691/P]

Reply from greyice of 2015-03-19
it is true i didn't give duneman40 a massage in the short time i was there he pissed in a cup & poured it down the sink he didn't was his dick he didn't even run water down the sink he started giving me a massage huffing & puffing i thought he was going to have a heart attack i felt drops of what i thought was oil but opened my eyes to see it was his swet dribbling off him landing on me i got up & dressed & got out of there as quick as i could feeling discusted raced home and took a long long shower never again!!!!!!!!!!!

myhands4u2enjoy Highly Recommended
Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

We met in Auckland and have to say, this guy is a real nice person who treats you with respect and also really knows how to massage. My lady was so so relaxed and loved every minute of it. Fantastic and thanks for a wonderful relaxing experience. M
Reviewed by MuLo, 2015-03-19 [ID 11690/P]

Horsehead Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America

I have now had three great massage exchanges with Horsehead, each even better than the previous one. Horsehead is a licensed therapist with 14 years of experience. He does a great deep tissue massage that removes all the knots and pain. He is a tall, strong and very fit man who is able to give a strong and deep massage that really zeroes in on my trouble spots. For each exchange we scheduled at least three hours - taking turns for 1 1/2 hours each. That allowed plenty of time to really work through all the kinks. Horsehead is also very generous in sharing his knowledge. I am a much better therapist after these sessions with him. He showed me how to improve my deep massage, how to use my weight and some of his great techniques.

Horsehead has hosted all three exchanges and he has a great space to do it in. He is an incredibly thoughtful and respectful host. He has a space heater in his studio and keeps it very warm - so the client is always warm and comfortable. Each time he has had a glass of water poured and waiting for me in the studio. He checks for comfort level with the pressure and is very intuitive and attuned to the client.

Horsehead is also a licensed AIS practitioner and is very focused on healing and teaching the client to improve his own mobility and flexibility. With a warm and welcoming personality he is great healer. I hope to exchange with him again. Each one has been the highlight of the week!
Reviewed by Bigoldbearva, 2015-03-18 [ID 11689/P]

Robertmasage Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

It was easy to arrange a meeting with RM. He was easy to chat to before the massage and careful to ensure that both of us were relaxed, comfortable and clear in expectations. He provided constructive feedback on the massage I gave him and then gave me a very good deep massage that worked out a few knots.
All in all a good swap and I hope we can repeat soon.
Reviewed by londonguy01, 2015-03-18 [ID 11688/P]

acacia Highly Recommended
Teddington, England, United Kingdom

Acacia demonstrated a range of massage styles. He varied his pressure throughout, on each occasion checking that I was comfortable. He is a very good intuitive masseur and was able to identify those areas that are particularly problematic for me (lower back and shoulders) and adapted his style to ensure that I got the best from the experience. I would certainly recommend an exchange with Acacia.
Reviewed by n8whit, 2015-03-18 [ID 11687/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Meeting robertmassage was the most pleasant massage experience I have recently had.
Right from organising the swap, meeting and there after.

We organised a swap with great ease. He was very accomodating with time.

When I arrived, his friendly, pleasant and respectable nature made me feel very comfortable.
Before starting the swap we discussed our expectations from the session.

He was very confident with his truly threauptic techniques and applied the right amount of pressure in his strokes.
His positive energy, joy and passion in giving a massage could be felt in each move which left my body feeling very light.

This gifted guy knows his suff and definetly worth a swap.
Thanks pal. See you soon.
Reviewed by noris, 2015-03-18 [ID 11686/P]

Humble Highly Recommended
Lakewood, California, United States

Humble is my first massage exchange on this site, and I can honestly say he has set the bar for my future exchanges.

His location is very easy to find, and the setup is extremely relaxing. As you can see in his pictures there is a shaded outdoor table and available showers for before / after the massage. There is plenty of space to work around the table.

Humble's technique is sublime, excellent responsiveness, with strong enough pressure to work out the knots, and sensitive enough to find them.

Every aspect of our interaction set me at ease. I will be exchanging with Humble again as soon as time allows.
Reviewed by therealtalcorath, 2015-03-18 [ID 11685/P]

Drews4you Highly Recommended
Doncaster, England, United Kingdom

I had a great massage exchange with Drew tonight. He is a very nice person to chat with and we got on so well together. He certainly knows how to massage and knows the right pressure to put on your body. I can't wait to meet him again for a chat and a massage exchange. He is a must to see him and you certainly won't be disappointed. I would Highly Recommend him.
Reviewed by cares52, 2015-03-17 [ID 11684/P]

britlad Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Britlad is a very nice guy who gave me a great massage. He uses long flowing strokes and employs his forearms as well as hands.

I would definitely recommend him to others
Reviewed by kenningtonmass, 2015-03-17 [ID 11683/P]

robnaturistlon Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I received a great massage off Rob. It was very easy to organise a mutually convenient time. He has a room which is just used for massages. When I arrived, this room was prepared in advance, warm, comfortable and a calming atmosphere. Rob put me at ease straightaway and very easy to get on with. The massage was really good. Great pressure and he worked on some tight areas without causing too much discomfort. His massage was very relaxing and soothing such that at times I drifted off. I would highly recommend Rob for a really relaxing and soothing massage.
Reviewed by mlon30, 2015-03-17 [ID 11682/P]

Waterloom4m Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

A great massage session! Waterloom4m really knows how to do massage well using a variety of techniques and good pressure throughout. He was very welcoming and had a dedicated massage room for the exchange. Would definitely like to exchange again in the near future.
Reviewed by amk87, 2015-03-17 [ID 11681/P]

Barry99 Highly Recommended
Heathfield, England, United Kingdom

Highly recommended as Barry is a fantastic person with a wonderful massage technique that he should be pleased with. Enjoyed meeting and spending time with him and hope to meet up again soon.
Reviewed by relaxchap, 2015-03-17 [ID 11564/P]

bilbobaggins Highly Recommended
Gillingham, United Kingdom

Had a very pleasant time with Bilbobaggins, good massage, interesting person, well worth a visit.(d12man).
Reviewed by d12man, 2015-03-16 [ID 11680/P]

overdale Highly Recommended
Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Met Andy today, really nice guy, and he gave me a great massage treatment.
Considering his lack of professional training he delivers a very professional and tactful massage.
Great delivery of strokes, relaxation and great potential for sports and deep tissue work.

Also his first time with hot stones and it felt amazing. I havent had a massage myself in over a year and I couldnt be happier with his delivery.

Very recommended and looking forwards to swopping again soon.
Reviewed by Redfox66, 2015-03-15 [ID 11679/P]

Redfox66 Highly Recommended
Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Redfox66 is a highly skilled masseur with real knowledge of his subject and an enthusiasm to share and teach. He is also a very pleasant and friendly guy providing a reassuring and safe environment. He used hot oil and hot stones during an excellent massage and explained very thoroughly and carefully what he was doing with great attentiveness. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Reviewed by overdale, 2015-03-15 [ID 11678/P]

g0yman17 Highly Recommended
Manzanares el Real, Community of Madrid, Spain

I finally got to meet g0yman17 for an exchange after a long correspondence when he was visiting London recently. The wait was well worth it as the exchange I experienced was in a league of it's own!

g0yman17 is one of the friendliest people you could meet with a warmth about him which immediately makes you comfortable in his company. He is a naturally very tactile guy and he used his very skilful hands to give a great massage covering all muscle groups. He also used his arms and elbows to add variety to the strokes and pressures. It was one of those massages you wanted to go on forever!

I highly recommend g0yman 17 and really look forward to meeting up with him again on his next visit to London.
Reviewed by SELondon, 2015-03-15 [ID 11677/P]

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom

I had an exchange recently with SELondon and it would be difficult to speak highly enough of this charming man. We exchanged emails over a period of months and were finally able to meet during a recent visit to London. He is a gentle, welcoming man in whose company I felt completely at ease. We chatted for some time before we turned to our exchange. SELondon had prepared the room in advance and his massage was very relaxing. He used long flowing movements and constantly checked that I was doing well and that the pressure was right. After our exchange, we once again chatted at length and would no doubt have continued were it not for the fact that it was getting very late. I have no hesitation in recommending SELondon. I look forward to meeting him again when I next visit. Thank you very much, my friend!
Reviewed by g0yman17, 2015-03-15 [ID 11676/P]

MsgdudeUK Highly Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom

Msgdude is a lovely guy who has a warm and gentle approach to massage.

He undersells himself in his talent since he is methodical and thorough and uses a wide range of techniques appropriate to the area that he's working on. Definitely want to repeat!
Reviewed by kenningtonmass, 2015-03-15 [ID 11675/P]

georgix19 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had a great Swedish massage from georgix. He welcomed me very well and had all the gear in place. Apart from his good massage skills he is a great host, honest and respectful providing a nice & warm room for the session. Straight to the point type of person and easy to get on with. He made me relax right away and considerably eased the tension in my muscles.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2015-03-14 [ID 11674/P]

nomadman Highly Recommended
Oakland, California, United States

Nomadman is a wonderfully gentle yet strong and intuitive massage therapist. He uses deep and long strokes, and carefully adjusts pressure and style as needed. His approach and training in Energy Healing guide his touch and flow to make it a mutually reciprocal, engaging and attuned experience.
Reviewed by sunshine01, 2015-03-14 [ID 11673/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Just had an absolutely fantastic session with Robert, haven't been so relaxed for years:
1.True and intuitive in every massage movement he does.
2.Honest and natural.
3.Very much relaxing and enjoyable.
I will definitely adopt many of his movements.
very highly recommended indeed.
Reviewed by georgix19, 2015-03-14 [ID 11672/P]

kenningtonmass Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I had an exchange with Kenningtonmass and it is definitely one of the best I have received! Brilliant strokes and exceptional skills. He is smply an amazing masseur! A friendly yet professional host. Thank you!
Reviewed by gymfitswimmer, 2015-03-14 [ID 11671/P]

n8whit Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

n8whit is highly professional in his approach and some of his strokes are very skilled and wonderful for the muscles. However he is also a very personable and approachable guy. He made me very relaxed and welcome after a hard week and I soon felt safe and comfortable in his presence. I would warmly recommend him both as a masseur and a person and look forward to seeing him again sometime.
Reviewed by acacia, 2015-03-14 [ID 11670/P]

n8whit Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I've had a very pleasant massage exchange with n8whit recently at his well appointed place complete with sturdy massage table, suitable music and fragrance. He is a very thoughtful masseur, who alternates firm strokes with lighter touches, which provided a very relaxing experience. Together with some other techniques he employed, it made for a holistic approach, which I can highly recommend.
Reviewed by muhcoj, 2015-03-13 [ID 11669/P]

Hopsie Highly Recommended
Dover, Massachusetts, United States of America

Hopsie gave me a great massage,I would meet with him again.
Reviewed by saltydog51, 2015-03-13 [ID 11668/P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Dixter gives a superb massage. Nice guy, open and friendly, really knows how to make you relax. I will certainly exchange with him again.
Reviewed by 5thSeason, 2015-03-13 [ID 11667/P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Met Nexus on Wednesday, picked him from station,had a chat before our session.Nexus is very polite and friendly person. His massage was very good, he knew what he was doing, long strokes and firm on my back which was execellent. i had stiff neck and he quickly found my problem without telling him that my neck was stiff. l was asleep twice and was completely relaxed. My feet were quite sore due to hard days work but Nexus soon worked on my feet to which felt much easier. lf anyone gets the chance to swop with Nexus please grab the opportunity!.our next session is next week and am sure iam going to enjoy.Thanks Nexus!
Reviewed by mukesh, 2015-03-13 [ID 11666/P]

5thSeason Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of an exchange with 5thSeason. He is a very friendly laid back guy and delivered a great massage with varying strokes & pressures. Two hours flew by. I hope to have an opportunity to repeat the experience. I definitely recommend 5thSeason.
Reviewed by dixter, 2015-03-13 [ID 11665/P]

saltydog51 Recommended
South Attleboro, Massachusetts, United States

I swapped massages today with saltydog51, and can recommend him. He has strong hands and smooth style. I gave him a couple of suggestions on how to improve his massage, and he accepted them readily.
Reviewed by Hopsie, 2015-03-12 [ID 11664/P]

Greatmasseur Highly Recommended
Greenslopes, Queensland, Australia

Thank you so much for a fabulously relaxing session and lovely company. I highly recommend Great Masseur and take a number because I will have him on speed dial!
Reviewed by Bettyboop39, 2015-03-12 [ID 11663/P]

skyclad247 Highly Recommended
Coxheath, United Kingdom

I met Skyclad247 again today, Once again we were perfectly at ease with each other being naked, the session started with him massaging my back first, followed but some Tantric instruction as I had never experienced anything to do with tantra massage, I found this to be very interesting, then he did my front which was very relaxing, After a break it was my turn to massage him , starting with his back and finishing on his front ... Thank you once again for a very good mutual rub session .
Reviewed by m4m, 2015-03-12 [ID 11344/P]

Patgeo44 Recommended
Northampton, United Kingdom

Had a very nice session with Patgeo today. I found him very easy to get on with and, though he says has no training, he performed a series of different strokes which were enjoyable and kept the massage interesting.
Reviewed by ringer, 2015-03-12 [ID 11662/P]

colnedweller Highly Recommended
Colne, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Met up with David today at my place. What a great friendly guy he is too - he even brought cake as well! We had a very mice long mutual massage session which was very enjoyable.
Reviewed by Grayglove, 2015-03-12 [ID 11661/P]

JJ01UK Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

My swap with JJ went well beyond expectations. From our exchange of messages beforehand I knew he would be a considerate, attentive and appreciative guest, a gentleman, and indeed he was. What they had not prepared me for was just how cared for he made me feel, which seemed like a reversal of roles as I was the host. His smooth toned body was pleasing to the eye and the touch and the massage each way was sensual in the best sense of the word. Whilst I thought I might help him learn a couple of new techniques as we took turns, he blew me away by being so comfortably active and I ended up being the eager recipient of his accomplished ministrations. I really hope he and I can practise together some more and would recommend him to anyone looking for a completely satisfying swap.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2015-03-11 [ID 11660/P]

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