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DIS4121 Highly Recommended
Dartford, England, United Kingdom

Had a great time with dis4121,very pleasant guy,good conversation and an expert massage,do contact him,(d12man).
Reviewed by d12man, 2015-05-28 [ID 12018/P]

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Another great massage -- all relaxed and contented here!
Reviewed by skinnydipperdfw, 2015-05-28 [ID 12017/P]

eerf Highly Recommended
Georgetown, Texas, United States

Had a couple of great sessions with David, both were very satisfying. David is a gracious host who makes you feel welcomed and comfortable with the exchange. I learned some new techniques from David and thoroughly enjoyed both giving and receiving.
Reviewed by fmitchell21, 2015-05-28 [ID 12016/P]

jonjohnny Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States

I had a great massage from jonjohnny.
He is a really nice guy
Reviewed by pedrosanc, 2015-05-27 [ID 12015/P]

kiwikees Recommended
Birkdale, Queensland, Australia

Great massage by a man who looks and acts 20 years younger. Easy to chat to and left relaxed after a great massage swap.
Reviewed by sunfrig, 2015-05-27 [ID 12014/P]

brahim Highly Recommended
York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I visited Brahim in his home, immediately put at ease by his warm friendly manner. After a chat we retired to his massage room and enjoyed a wonderful 2 hours spent being massaged and returning the favour.

What a wonderful way to end a stressful day ! Thank you, I can't wait to be invited again !
Reviewed by channelhopper, 2015-05-27 [ID 12013/P]

nd1973 Highly Recommended
Eight Mile Plains, Queensland, Australia

Thank you to this gentleman, I only gave late notice and yet he willingly agreed to come over and visit, I really enjoyed his massage and appreciate so much the effort he obviously puts into his work, it was a very professional and amazingly beneficial massage, I slept beautifully last night
I apologise that my style was a softer approach, I learned a lot from this fellow and plan to include some of his techniques, I realised that firm and deliberate movements can be both relaxing, supportive but at the same time therapeutic, I would love to be able to arrange another event where I could better repay the effort that this man puts into his work, I'd do my best to work deeper into the muscle groups as he did. It was an enjoyable experience discovering his body and beautiful to work on, I cant recommend this gentleman more, do yourselves a favour and make contact with this man, it was warm, safe and enjoyable, thank you again, it was wonderful, cheers David
Reviewed by turtle64, 2015-05-27 [ID 12012/P]

profrd Highly Recommended
Intervale, New Hampshire, United States

I met Profrd at his home yesterday for an amazing ME. After thorough planning and great directions, I arrived to find him a gracious host and ready with table, oils, low classical music and cool breezes for a great experience. He was extremely thorough (giving my hands and feet an amazing workout) an was very enthusiatic in his exchange. While my massage of Rob was a little shorter in time I think we both were pleased and totally relaxed with what I hope will be the first of more Massage Exchanges in the future.
Reviewed by Acer1341, 2015-05-27 [ID 12011/P]

LM55 Highly Recommended
Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom

LM55 was a very welcoming host. It was great having a massage 1st thing in the morning
The massage was relaxing with a good variety of strokes. Including firm and intermittent sweeping long strokes.
LM55 is friendly & easy to talk to.
Looking forward to exchanging again
Reviewed by IndianPalms, 2015-05-27 [ID 12010/P]

kiwikees Recommended
Birkdale, Queensland, Australia

Recently I met Kees for a massage swap at his place, he was welcoming and his home is comfortable and warm, Kees is comfortable working without clothing as am I, it was easy and uncomplicated to establish our initial rapport, his massage room is neat and cosy, Kees massaged me first and has clearly had many years to develop a smooth flowing style that was pressure perfect, afterward I massaged Kees and he was an enjoyable gentleman to work on, I hope in the few years we have between us that I remain half as supple and capable as he, his professional approach means I would recommend a visit and swap with this man to anyone wanting a few comfortable, relaxing and therapeutic hours.
Reviewed by turtle64, 2015-05-27 [ID 12009/P]

cindi72 Highly Recommended
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I highly recommend Cindi as a great professional, knowledgeable therapist.
For a small girl she has very strong hands and knows how to use her bodyweight.
Cindi has a pleasant and possitive personality, and I received the best treatment ever.
It was a pleasure to meet her and looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by Marcus2, 2015-05-27 [ID 12008/P]

IndianPalms Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

We managed to meet on a early Sunday morning. It was a great way to start a day. Indianpalms was on time. He is a very pleasant gentlemen, fit, who looks after himself and has a great body to massage. Before he starts, he will make sure what kind of pressure you like and will work accordingly. Overall his style is more strong pressure which I loved. One of my longest session so fare and I did not realise the time was flying so fast, it was just perfect.
Reviewed by LM55, 2015-05-26 [ID 12002/P]

Marcus2 Highly Recommended
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Marcus2! I cannot express enough this amazing session!!! It's been four months since my last massage, my body (particularly my legs)needed a good overhaul! Marcus2 professional skills & knowledge have left me revived, restored & rejuvenated. Highly recommended!

Thank you Marcus2. Look forward to booking our next session!!
Reviewed by cindi72, 2015-05-26 [ID 12007/P]

rubber799 Highly Recommended
Ossett, United Kingdom

Meet this nice couple the other day me and her soon got naked and I gave her a 1 and half hr massage my lass and her husband sat and watch and let me get on with it she had lovely skin and I would lv to meet her again sometime all the best for the fuchair J & E xx
Reviewed by jande, 2015-05-26 [ID 12006/P]

zenbrother Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom

had a really nice time with the Zen brother... genuine guy and very relaxing massage...
Reviewed by aperfectcircle, 2015-05-26 [ID 12005/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Robert is in a different league

Great positive communication including reminder text on the morning of the meet
Warm friendly welcome; well equipped hygienic space.
Robert skilfully and confidently performed magic on my muscles. I don’t say this lightly. He worked a mixture of strokes, stretches, acupressure and Lord knows what else. He worked very deep into the muscles and made sure I breathed throughout. Offered valuable advice, guidance and support in a number of areas (massage, lifestyle, self-care, massage exchange website, contacts, etc).
I felt completely different afterwards. Tight hips were now loose. My arms seemed to have vastly improved range of motion. I felt light and loose. Much more than I ever thought possible. That evening I slept better than I have done in a couple of years; I woke much earlier than usual but more refreshed than if I’d slept twice as long.
I’m writing this a week later and still feeling the benefits.
Robert is in a different league, far beyond any high-street massage or even better paid massages.
Robert has very evidently learnt and mastered many techniques which he has molded into his own method, applied with a skill, dedication and his personal energy. This guy isn’t just a ‘professional’, as we often think of that term, but rather a master. Get him while you still can
Reviewed by HumbleMassage, 2015-05-26 [ID 12004/P]

hal6969 Recommended
Leicester, United Kingdom

Met with Hal6969again after a long while and can definitely see the difference now, with growth in his massage experience and confidence. He uses various techniques and alters to the body responses well. This time Hal696 only wanted to give the massage, I hope to reciprocate for him soon. I hope that we are able to arrange a swap on a regular basis.
Now a definite 5* and highly recommended.

Reviewed by knead4massage, 2015-05-26 [ID 11805/P]

doneright Satisfactory
Fort Worth, Texas, United States

A very well done massage exchange. Relaxing and enjoyable meeting looking forward to next exchange.

Had a second massage exchange with doneright and it was done right. Nice relaxing and very well done massage.
Reviewed by johnnybgood, 2015-05-26 [ID 11874/P]

Reply from doneright of 2015-04-28
Thank you Johnnybgood, look foward to our next exchange.

rwlewis Highly Recommended
Hernando, Mississippi, United States

Great trade. The pressure varies and consistent on areas that needed it. He is a very nice guy. He took care of the table and other materials for the session.looking forward for another massage trade.
Reviewed by jeroen, 2015-05-26 [ID 12003/P]

knead4massage Recommended
Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Met Chaz again after 18 months; he has some great techniques - a wonderful opening touch with his large hands, and takes his time to relax the whole body.

He has learnt cupping using cups which I am intrigued to lean more of.

Deffo recommended
Reviewed by hal6969, 2015-05-25 [ID 12001/P]

latinbuck Highly Recommended
Pflugerville, Texas, United States

It was great meeting "Latinbuck"
His friendly nature and "know-how" was very appreciated and I learned some new techniques from our exchange. With gentle spa music and special oils, he gave a thoroughly wonderful massage with skill; great pressure and great hands. I felt totally relaxed and would not hesitate to recommend this friendly guy.
Can't wait for our next exchange.
Reviewed by kneadingmassage123, 2015-05-25 [ID 12000/P]

Rohanraj111 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

We talk before hand and then agree on a time and date to meet for a massage exchange. He was great the warmth from his hands and body made me totally relax. His technique was excellent and he was very professional in his massage. We both were totally relax and enjoy each other massage very much. He doesn't give himself credit for his knowledge and technique that he uses. I can't wait to reschedule with him. Time was not of essence but we did run out of time.
Reviewed by bach, 2015-05-25 [ID 11999/P]

jabez99 Highly Recommended
Camden Town, Greater London, United Kingdom

Jabez99 was a very welcoming host.
The massage was relaxing with a good variety of strokes. Including firm and intermittent sweeping long strokes.
Easy to talk to.
Looking forward to exchanging again
Reviewed by IndianPalms, 2015-05-25 [ID 11998/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

I met Robertmasage today and had the best massage I've had in years. He worked on every knot on my back with professionalism and care. I would give him a 10 over 10 and would look forward in swapping again to hopefully return his favour. A really nice, caring and professional guy who has a special gift with his hands and knows his stuff really well. Thank you.
Reviewed by bravo42, 2015-05-25 [ID 11997/P]

jeroen Highly Recommended
Memphis, Tennessee, United States

I just traded massage with Jeroen & got the most awesome massage I've ever had. He had techniques that I think he had learned from around the world because it was out of this world. It was very therapeutic & sensual at the same time. I look forward to another trade in the future & highly recommend others check him out. Thanks to Jeroen.
Reviewed by rwlewis, 2015-05-25 [ID 11996/P]

Greg54 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom

Greg54 and I met up for an exchange a short while ago. It had been a long time in the arranging, to fit around our commitments, but the wait was well worth it and it proved a great experience.

Although he professes to be lacking in skill he really does hide his talents and he was very accomplished - moving effortless over my body and combining some lovely detailed work with sweeping moves.

Not only that, but he also made me feel very relaxed and I greatly enjoyed meeting up with him and hope to do so again in the near future.
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-05-25 [ID 11994/P]

vthomas Highly Recommended
Baltimore, Maryland, United States

vthomas has a very thorough knowle4dge of human physiology, and I received one of the best massages I have ever had (and I have had a lot!)
A kind and generous gentleman to boot.
Looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by YogiTibetan5, 2015-05-24 [ID 11993/P]

ItsJustAFantasy Highly Recommended
East Northport, New York, United States

I had a great therapeutic and professional massage yesterday from Doc. He was punctual, courteous and above all a very talented masseuse. We began our session with a discussion so that we could tailor the massage experience our individual needs and set expectations before moving into our therapeutic massage. I was very pleased to learn that Doc was amenable to giving me pointers and recommendations as a licensed and experienced masseuse. For those of you who are intimidated with exchanging with CMT's, leave those insecurities at the door with Doc; He'll make you feel at ease and comfortable both on and off the table. On a scale of 1 to 10, my massage was a 9 only because of interruptions do to my being the host for this exchange. Great work Doc!


Reviewed by Troupe, 2015-05-24 [ID 11992/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

I met Robert on Friday morning, I don't know where to start, Robert made me comfortable as and when we met, his room was set up for the session with perfect music, light, table and even a glass of water... He was the first one who asked me that at anytime say what you want as today is all about you and your relaxation, this made me think what a gem he is. His massage is like a sacred practice for him, he is so thorough and so sincere in his work. He knew I was very stiff and with his hands he just melted me peice by peice....it was a swap but he worked on my body for 2 hours non stop without asking for anything in return. Robert has also asked me to come back to him again and again as he felt my stiff body needs softening... He is awesome.... He is a thorough professional with a very sweet smile and I would advice everyone to not miss a chance to swap with Robert. If you want to experience A1 massage with a pleasing personality Robert is your man!!!
Iam seeing him again soon...
Thanks Robert
Reviewed by holisticme, 2015-05-24 [ID 11991/P]

jande Recommended
Worksop, United Kingdom

Had John and Ileen at our house yesterday for massage.after couple of drinks John started to massage,while my husband and Ileen enjoyed watching.massage took one and half hour as it was slow and nice. which lefor my husband and Ileen very little time for massage.will sure meet again and all four have nice time
Reviewed by rubber799, 2015-05-24 [ID 11990/P]

nakedguy Highly Recommended
West Hollywood, California, United States

Had an awesome experience with Nakedguy. He was very friendly and makes you feel comfortable right from the start. His variety of techniques were at the level of a highly trained massage therapist. His firm long smooth hand motions were incredibly relaxing. Nakedguy was very intuitive and was right on in taking care of all areas that needed attention. He made the exchange a relaxing fun time and one I would be more than happy to repeat.
Reviewed by Bronzman, 2015-05-23 [ID 11988/P]

baczka1 Highly Recommended
Longwick, United Kingdom

I have met and exchanged Baczka1 a couple of times and she is a good host, very friendly and welcoming.
To be perfectly honest - I thought I knew a lot about deep tissue massage - how wrong I was and still have a long way to go .
She is an excellent masseuse , very knowledgeable who understands the body intuitively and gives the most invigorating and complete kind of deep tissue/sports massage ( my favorite!). So if you're looking for a thoroughly brilliant and professional exchange - this is the one for you!
5 star recommendation !!
Thanks K
. .
Reviewed by goodmassage, 2015-05-23 [ID 11987/P]

2bob26 Recommended
Hayes, England, United Kingdom

Meet 2bob26 on thursday for massage swap poor guy got stuck in traffic so i said will give u massage only had to get back home he nice friendly person had good body nice to work on and will meet him again very soon and he has good touch
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2015-05-23 [ID 11984/P]

cambdave Highly Recommended
Deepcut, England, United Kingdom

A belated but very positive review for Cambdave, who I met for a swap back in April. A thoroughly pleasant chap and a wonderful, relaxing massage, with a great mix of technique, pressure and intuitive focus on areas that needed it. Very happy to recommend, and hope to catch up again soon!
Reviewed by Axiom, 2015-05-23 [ID 11986/P]

m4m Highly Recommended
Maidstone, England, United Kingdom

Had a marvellous time with m4m,nice chat and coffee beforehand,at ease straight away,he gave an excellent
and througher massage,do contact him, d12man
Reviewed by d12man, 2015-05-22 [ID 11985/P]

d12man Highly Recommended
Belvedere, United Kingdom

I met with d12man this evening for the first time, he instantly set me at ease as we chatted over coffee, it turned out we had some things in common which is always nice.
After a chat we went to start the exchange with him massaging me first, though he says he has no experience I was instantly relaxed as he worked on my legs / back and arms, all too soon it was time to turn over ... I could have laid there for hours.
Once I had turned over he began working on my legs , then my chest and stomach making sure I was fully relaxed, once again I could have stayed there forever ... but it was then my turn to do him, A great first meeting one which I hope he enjoyed just as much as me .. would definately like to meet up again sometime ...
Reviewed by m4m, 2015-05-22 [ID 11983/P]

AlexP Highly Recommended
Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Alex came to my house as arranged.after a short introduction and chat,Alex and i went into massage room.he massaged me,like a professional,taking care of all the muscles.truly it was very relaxing enjoyable massage.hoping to see him again when he is in the area.thanks for good massage Alex
Reviewed by rubber799, 2015-05-22 [ID 11982/P]

rubber799 Highly Recommended
Ossett, United Kingdom

I met Mr and Mrs R this week and they are are lovely,charming couple . We chatted before the exchange and I was made to fell very welcome. The massage with Mrs R was a thoroughly enjoyable experience . She has very nice soft skin and it was a pleasure to massage her. Hopefully we can repeat the experience in the near future when I am next in the area.
I would certainly recommend an exchange with her.
Reviewed by AlexP, 2015-05-22 [ID 11981/P]

RRudder Highly Recommended
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

RRudder was a delight to work on and his style is smooth with long strokes. I enjoyed myself meeting him thoroughly and the mutual massage was pleasurable and enjoyable.Look forward to exchange with him again.
Reviewed by globalt, 2015-05-21 [ID 11980/P]

ketan1812 Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

I know Ketan for few years now and have met him many times. He is good in giving massage and a nice gentleman in general.
Reviewed by skinnydave, 2015-05-21 [ID 11979/P]

bilbobaggins Highly Recommended
Gillingham, United Kingdom

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Bilbobaggins,he hosted at his home which was comfortable and clean,although Peter claimed he was not experienced in the art of massage he still delivered a very good massage,as a person Peter is very easy to talk too,we hit it off straight away I found peters approach very relaxing,he has such a good body to massage,l can honestly say this was one of the most relaxed exchanges love had,I would highly recommend Peter,hope we can arrange again soon
Reviewed by goodasitgets, 2015-05-20 [ID 11978/P]

qigongmasseur Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Professional masseur with therapeutic approach but still sensual just in the right amount. Kind and patient to people new to massage like me, learned a lot from ome session only.
Reviewed by Thaj, 2015-05-20 [ID 11977/P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

l had the most satisfactory massage with Dixter yesterday, The massage was excellent, Dixter is a friendly person and his style of massage was great.l enjoyed every second, he uses long strokes and a couple of times i fell asleep. The whole session lasted well over two hours, Dixter was not rushed. l liked the way he used the whole body and i learnt a lot of new ideas from him which i will incoporate in my massage sessions.lf any one gets a chance to swop with Dixter please grab the oportunity as you are missing something. l will definately swop again and this time can do Reflexology on him and Hopi ear candle.Thanks Dixit, it was worth waiting
Reviewed by mukesh, 2015-05-20 [ID 11976/P]

Thaj No rating yet
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Although Thaj is new to massage, it was a good exchange. His hands are not "blind' ; by that I mean his touch has a feeling. I look forward to more exchanges and sharing knowledge.
Reviewed by qigongmasseur, 2015-05-20 [ID 11975/P]

johnnybgood Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Meet for another exchanged with Johnnybgood. As with previous exchange, he was found and took care of my soreness from my workouts. His touch is just right to take care of one's soreness and stress with complete relaxation. Thanks Johnnybgood.
Reviewed by doneright, 2015-05-20 [ID 11875/P]

dsmexplore Highly Recommended
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

great guy, very patient and very knowledgeable....hoping for another visit soon
Reviewed by scousegit, 2015-05-20 [ID 11974/P]

guillaume600 Highly Recommended
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

He´s talented, respectful and has very good hands, also he´s got a table, oils and everything needed for a good massage. I enjoyed a lot our exchange and hope we can repeat it.
Reviewed by MTL40, 2015-05-20 [ID 11973/P]

mukesh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Yesterday, I had a great exchange with Mukesh. He is an easy going and very friendly person whom I immediately felt at ease with. I enjoyed his massage and learnt a few new techniques. Mukesh has a great range of strokes & uses a variety of pressures. His mix of techniques and different styles were very effective. I felt relaxed throughout the massage and would be happy to exchange again.
Reviewed by dixter, 2015-05-20 [ID 11972/P]

nakedave Highly Recommended
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Friendly, warm, lay back and respectful, nakedave put me at ease from the moment we met.

He is generous about spending time on a thorough massage. The long stokes, kneading were given firmly yet gently, complimented by sensual light touches--from a pair of big strong hands.

I lost track of time during this exchange---so relaxing and nurturing! Happily look forward to more exchanges with him. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Soothingvan, 2015-05-19 [ID 11970/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Robert is an extraordinarily sensitive masseur who understands a body intuitively. He has amazing intuition and give the most invigorating and complete kind of massage. I have had 25 years of receiving massage and have never experienced one so thorough, unhurried and beneficial to the body and well-being of the person. The main point about it is that he works on the muscles and sinews with feeling and sensitivity. He is a good host and friendly and welcoming. I hope I am able to return the favour soon and learn from his expertise.
Reviewed by eletheria, 2015-05-19 [ID 11969/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

m proud to be the first female from this website had a chance to meet Robert, thanks for the opportunity! about his massage session is simple and the best. He is naturally good and super professional and intuitive.
He arrived in my house on time, we had a chat before and he explained the way how he works, what he believes and what is correct and decent in the massage session, in any time he made any private questions... he has a lot of power in the hand but his touch is soft in the same time hard explain it...( it s amazing). he worked all across my body, he energy is positive and he put all of him into the movements he does, this was very generous of him because im a sensitive person and I know and I feel when someone does the things on me with pleasure (he enjoy do massage), he did listen carefully my needs and this was the most important for me, he is not a show off guy, he got learn my Brazilian massage technique to help burn fat very quick and also I learned much more with him. he came in the right moment after I had 2 hard pos-surgery week where I passed most of the time in the bed and I needed a decently full body massage and he simply got relax my muscles and made m ready to comeback to the gym. No mistakes from him in the all session, all exchanges I had with Robert he was totally respectfully. thanks. L
Reviewed by mrs1979, 2015-05-19 [ID 11968/P]

mrs1979 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I had the honor to exchange for the first time with a female member of this website and it was an unforgettable experience!
Apart from the fact that she's a welcoming host, she knows very well how to take care of a stiff and delicate body. I received a very good work on the lymphatic system and I was impressed by her strong fingers.
Very good session from beginning to end, good energy and professionalism.
Looking forward for more sessions.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2015-05-19 [ID 11967/P]

Greg54 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom

Had a very enjoyable exchange with Greg,nice guy excellent massage,like to meet again,highly recommend.(d12man).
Reviewed by d12man, 2015-05-18 [ID 11966/P]

ME218244 Highly Recommended
Bournemouth, United Kingdom

I had been waiting for months to get a massage exchange with Simplyheal. He is an established and successful Massage Therapist with over 10 years experience in the business with impressive reviews on his business website. I can now fully understand why he is in great demand following a truly wonderful massage experience that I will not forget. I opted for an aromatherapy massage to help me to de-stress and to sleep better. He arrived on time armed with a personalised essential oil blend and delivered a blissfully relaxing massage which enabled me to sleep uninterrupted for 9 hours! Also qualified in sports massage and acupuncture, he used Soft Tissue Release and Muscle Energy Techniques plus Acupressure points all seamlessly incorporated into the massage whenever he detected areas of hypertonicity in my muscles. Another impressive facet of his technique is the clever use of distractive strokes. When working on a sensitive or painful area such as my lats and intercostals, with his free hand he would deliver a wide sweeping stroke to distract my mind from the area of pain. Highly impressive! I would happily pay full price and more for his expertise and professionalism.
Reviewed by GreenCamberwell, 2015-05-18 [ID 11965/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Recently met with Robertmassage and can honestly say this was the best therapeutic deep tissue massage I have ever had - make no mistake, this man is a professional! I have serious problems with my shoulders and upper arms. Before treatment commenced, he took time to understand my problems and discuss a treatment plan before commencing therapy. He is a strong man and soon finds problematic areas. The massage itself took 2 hours and I certainly slept well that night. His room was warm and clean and he was friendly and welcoming. If you are looking for an excellent therapeutic massage or suffer from muscle problems, I certainly highly recommend Robertmassage. Due to time constraints, I did not get the chance to reciprocate but I hope he will allow me to massage him at a later date as I feel I owe him much. If there were 10 stars, he would get them!!
Reviewed by blueboy1952, 2015-05-18 [ID 11964/P]

Bluey Highly Recommended
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Bluey is an extremely friendly and welcoming person to exchange with. He made me feel at ease and very comfortable right from the start. We enjoyed a very long, relaxing and intense exchange. Bluey used a mix of very long flowing full body strokes with some gentle manipulation of limbs, the whole experience was extremely enjoyable. I felt that Bluey was a very experienced practitioner who used some very effective techniques that made me feel great at the end. I highly recommend Bluey and just wish that we lived closer so that we could exchange more often.
Reviewed by Chris5, 2015-05-18 [ID 11963/P]

aperfectcircle Highly Recommended
Manchester, United Kingdom

Our first exchange this evening was a great experience. His skillful massage was sensitive and deeply relaxing. Looking forward to arranging further exchanges with this friendly man. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by zenbrother, 2015-05-17 [ID 11962/P]

North2west Highly Recommended
Lytham St Annes, United Kingdom

BRILLIANT, first time session was amazing. Will defo be up for the next time. Cant recommend this guy enough.
Reviewed by ME235409, 2015-05-17 [ID 11961/P]

pablo49 Highly Recommended
Birmingham, Michigan, United States

I had a great one on one session with pablo49. It was my pleasure to host
and share a relaxing exchange with him. We had excellent conversation and friendly follow-up emails. Looking forward to another if he is back in town.
All the best.
Reviewed by Bklynguy, 2015-05-17 [ID 11960/P]

Heavenmassage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

my work commitments mean that massage is either feast or famine. Like London buses, three come along together and they are each destinations I would gladly return to.

Heaven massage is true to his name. A very firm, masculine body to work on. Sensual massage for me involves a mix of deep, sports moves coupled with a more sensual flowing style. Heaven Massage displayed a wonderful mix of strokes and deep pressure which I found highly satisfying and really didn't want to end. Despite the lure of bright sunshine outside I was absolutely resolute that I had the best deal.

Highly recommended for a wonderful touch, adept use of pressure and strength and interesting company. What more could one ask? Well, what bout another hour please?
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-05-17 [ID 11959/P]

bisporty Highly Recommended
Kensington, Greater London, United Kingdom

I recently had the pleasure of exchanging with bisporty and not only was he a really pleasant guy but a good masseur and conversationalist. Bisporty is intuitive and used a range of strokes, varying the degree of pressure and checking at all times that I was comfortable. He undersells himself in terms of his ability and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for an exchange and I hope to exchange again with him in the near future.
Reviewed by ME1973, 2015-05-17 [ID 11958/P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Nexus is a very confident and knowledgable masseur. His touch is wonderful and he put a great deal of time and effort into kneading my back muscles. He is also relaxing company and we chatted easily throughout. His palms are very broad and warm and they feel great wherever they touch. It was fantastic to meet Nexus and I look forward to swapping with him again soon.
Reviewed by Hartley123, 2015-05-17 [ID 11957/P]

Hartley123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I was reflecting on the fact that setting up exchanges is a matter of patience. In Hartley's case there were 29 messages between us - my fault through work commitments. This leads to a sense of anticipation and expectation. Four hours in Hartley's company was a rich reward. He combines physical strength with a rare ability to zone in precisely on the painful areas without guidance. He is hugely intuitive and I found myself see sawing between pleasure and pain - but that nice sort of pain which borders on the pleasurable when you know someone is doing you good. Like the old beer advert, Hartley reached parts other masseurs fail to do. Those four hours passed in what seemed like minutes.

With some people you just click. Hartley was, for me, one of those and I enjoyed a professional level of massage with an intimacy and sensuality which made the evening one which will stand out for me.
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-05-16 [ID 11956/P]

Skudder Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

There are some people you meet whom you feel instantly comfortable with. Whether it's similar backgrounds, shared interests or just gut instinct. Skudder is one of those.

He was thoughtful, appreciative and good company. Three and a half hours seemed to pass in an instant.

I would highly recommend him and if you are fortunate enough to exchange you will not be disappointed :-)
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-05-16 [ID 11955/P]

skinnydave Recommended
, England, United Kingdom

Hi met this person one month ago nice frendly person like to recevie massage has good body and it nice to work give him a try you will like him
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2015-05-16 [ID 11954/P]

unhurried Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Had a lovely relaxing massage from unhurried earlier this week. He is a very friendly tactile guy who used a variety of strokes and left me feeling serene.
Reviewed by SELondon, 2015-05-16 [ID 11953/P]

Chris5 Highly Recommended
Bristol, City of Bristol, United Kingdom

I was visiting Bristol and had a very relaxed intense massage exchange that was so good in so many ways. Chris is a fit and flexible man who was happy to be practised on as well as giving great advice and feedback on techniques he uses and what works well! I'm just sorry I can't do another swap with Chris as it was one of the best swaps I've experienced!
Reviewed by Bluey, 2015-05-15 [ID 11952/P]

hesse3 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom

Just a single word to describe my experience: fantastic
Chris was patient, with an excellent touch , a real professional and one of the friendliest people
I have ever met through the website. He spent 1,5 hour massaging me, an ideal Sunday afternoon
Reviewed by AlphaX, 2015-05-15 [ID 11951/P]

ce6 Highly Recommended
Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom

ce6 was my first appointment thru Massage Exhange. ce6 arrived on his bicycle, so offered him a shower before the massage. The massage took place on a futon with unscented lotion. After his long bike ride, he was very responsive to a full massage working especially on his back and legs. He was very encouraging and identified areas that needed more attention. It was a great experience for both and hope that there will be a repeat. Repeat is questionable because of the distance involved, but he is always welcome
Reviewed by mckdon, 2015-05-14 [ID 11950/P]

latinbuck Highly Recommended
Pflugerville, Texas, United States

Had the pleasure of exchanging a massage with latinbuck. He has an amazing touch, the pressure was just right, very consistent. I would highly recommend him if you are seeking an awesome massage. Thanks!
Reviewed by jordiee, 2015-05-14 [ID 11949/P]

EsalenGuy52 Highly Recommended
Santa Ana, California, United States

I was looking for an Esalen massage and I found EsalenGuy52. We exchanged massages. His massage to me was more than I expected. I didn't expect to go to cloud 9 so soon or even at all, but I did...a couple times. The Esalen massage from him has encouraged me even more to explore the modality further. Check out the Esalen Institute. EsalenGuy's touch was amazing from the start, as soon as his hands touched my sacrum and upper back. Great massage overall and very comfortable throughout. EsalenGuy has me as a permanent exchange partner.
Reviewed by MassageMusician, 2015-05-14 [ID 11948/P]

Hawaiianmassage Highly Recommended
Caterham, England, United Kingdom

David is a really nice guy and very pleasant company. He has studied Lomi extensively and developed an excellent technique which is both relaxing and invigorating. He has been happy to help us with style and technique instruction which has helped us immensely. A very nice man and a highly skilled masseur. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by SunSeekers, 2015-05-14 [ID 11945/P]

abbot Highly Recommended
St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Had another excellent swap with abbot today,a really sensual body to body session with a very happy ending,can't wait for the next one
Reviewed by tommyc, 2015-05-14 [ID 10355/P]

PracticingLMT Highly Recommended
Miami Beach, Florida, United States

It was great meeting PracticingLMT. He was very nice and gives a wonderful massage. I am looking forward to getting together again.
Reviewed by rediscover, 2015-05-14 [ID 11947/P]

SunSeekers Highly Recommended
Gillingham, England, United Kingdom

Sunseekers were the perfect hosts. They already have a great massage technique, but were keen to learn some Hawaiian lomi massage, which I was able to demonstrate for them. I really enjoyed both giving and receiving a great massage treatment with them. Will definitely swap again (in fact already have)!!
Reviewed by Hawaiianmassage, 2015-05-14 [ID 11946/P]

tennis Highly Recommended
Sidcup, United Kingdom

Yesterday, I had a very good massage session with tennis. He is a very welcoming host & is a great guy to get along with. I was his third exchange on this site & although he is a complete novice, he is very intuitive, has a good firm pressure and is very willing to learn and be advised.
I would recommend tennis & look forward to exchanging again with him.
Reviewed by dixter, 2015-05-13 [ID 11944/P]

turtle64 Highly Recommended
Holland Park, Queensland, Australia

Of all the massages I have ever received, the one from this man, turtle64, to-day is by far THE BEST EVER. He is friendly and warm when you meet him,and one would NOT think , he is a beginner, he is professional a smooth operator and I feel ever so relaxed now.
I certainly would recommend him to anyone who would appreciate his services.

Reviewed by kiwikees, 2015-05-13 [ID 11943/P]

Dino33 Highly Recommended
Grant, Michigan, United States

Our first Massage exchange was awesome. Great hands, great pressure. Dino( Donnie) Great personality and all around nice guy. Cant wait until our next exchange. We all discussed about a Group Massage soon
Reviewed by FruitportMaleMassage60, 2015-05-13 [ID 11942/P]

PSJackS Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States

I recently had a great exchange with PSJackS. From the time he entered my studio, he was respectful, discrete, and very personable.

For someone who has not had formal training he certainly gave a professional type massage. It was MUCH BETTER than many that I have had over my many years of experience by people who were trained, certified, and licensed.
Give PSJackS a try – you won’t be disappointed.

I am certainly looking forward to another session as soon as our schedules allow.
Reviewed by Mauiunit611, 2015-05-13 [ID 11941/P]

Mauiunit611 Highly Recommended
Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Met Jim recently for an exchange and don't let his age fool you. He has had excellent training, years of experience and a very nice massage studio in his home. His sensitive hands of steel with hot lotion, gave me a workout from head to toes that was very professional, esp. working on my kinks as he found them, and leaving me relaxed and not wanting the massage to end. Am sure that we will exchange again--it took a while for our schedules to match but it was well worth the wait. Give him a try!
Reviewed by PSJackS, 2015-05-13 [ID 11940/P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

After only having been on this site for less than a month it's so pleasing that my first review is such a positive one.
Dixter visited me today and was very generous with his advice and encouragement and was extremely patient as I am novice at massaging. In addition he is also such a pleasant and likeable person and I trust that I shall be able to experience another massage with him in the not too distant future.
Reviewed by tennis, 2015-05-13 [ID 11939/P]

Marcek Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

What an afternoon of bliss I had with Marcek. A few hours were spent exchanging massages and I even learnt a few new tricks. The massage was unhurried and calm. I would definitely recommend Marcek and look forward to exchanging with him again soon.
Reviewed by SPS77, 2015-05-13 [ID 11938/P]

Bklynguy Recommended
Brooklyn, New York, United States

My visit to NYC was enhanced by a massage exchange with Bklynguy. He was prompt with messages so it was easy to organize.

He welcomed me to his home with a cold drink. The candle-lit room was already set up with a professional massage table and music playing. He gave me a skilled massage. He's got good hands and a good touch. The pressure was just right for me.

I very much enjoyed our conversations afterward too. I hope we'll get to meet on my next trip to NYC.
Reviewed by Benoxf, 2015-05-13 [ID 11937/P]

Benoxf Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had the pleasure of exchanging a massage here at my home with Benoxf.
He arrived on time and was very friendly and easy to talk to. Benoxf had
a very gentle relaxing touch. I really enjoyed his massage. Benoxf also
provided great conversation as we finishing our session. Best of luck and
kind regards.
Reviewed by Bklynguy, 2015-05-12 [ID 11935/P]

MassageMusician Highly Recommended
Downey, California, United States of America

MassageMusician and I have now exchanged. My upper-traps are normally as tight as piano strings. And, my sciatic nerve sings to me due to my spinal issues. So she treated me with deep tissue to mainly my neck, back and hips. Her pressure was perfect and she nailed the critical muscles. I'm expecting that tomorrow morning, (when I have most of my pain,) I'll be pain free! I'm going back!
We also had a wonderful conversation about music and composers, from Mozart to Lou Reed. So it was a fun massage session too!
Reviewed by EsalenGuy52, 2015-05-12 [ID 11934/P]

Waterloom4m Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I recently enjoyed a massage exchange with Waterloom4m.

I found him knowledgeable and sensitive and he is excellent in his forthcoming professional experience in massage.

He provided a comfortable and warm room for the masssage and he was very warm welcoming gentleman.

Waterloom4m showed me some strokes I had not experienced before and he took no time to make me feel completely relaxed.

He is relaxed and humorous and makes a great host. I will recommend him anytime for a professional massage exchange.

Thank you so much Waterloom4m.

Best wishes
Reviewed by Heavenmassage, 2015-05-12 [ID 11933/P]

Keith714 Highly Recommended
San Clemente, California, United States

One of the better massages I have ever had,highly skilled,with strong intuitive hands.Highly Recommend.
Reviewed by Coolstk, 2015-05-12 [ID 11932/P]

hendersonchicago Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States

I had good exchange with Hendersonchicago during my visit to Chicago. He had good technique and was very pleasant. I hope we have another opportunity for an exchange.
Reviewed by Guy2011, 2015-05-12 [ID 11931/P]

johny3108 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Johny was excellent it was the best massage I have had i highly recommend him you will be doing your self a favour...
Reviewed by Jamesmic, 2015-05-11 [ID 11930/P]

eversalt Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Prior to my trip to Los Angeles, Eversalt and I were in contact. Once in Los Angeles, the set up was finalize, which turn out to be the only pre-trip contact that followed thru with what was arrange. Unfortunately, others would not respond or cancelled once I was in Los Angeles. Needless to say, the exchange with Eversalt was well worth the time and energy it took make it happen which wasn't that much. His table was set up in a warm environment. Reading his profile and with our talk I found out that Eversalt had been a previous MLT, given me confidence that it was well worth the trip. He was quick to find my areas that need his expert attention and covered all areas from head to toe. I wasn't ready to leave the table for my massage of him but he set me at ease that I was correct in my techniques even though I have had no previous training. Our sensual massage ended with a good deal of self expression and a great tension release like I have not experience many times. We've set to keep in touch so the next I'm in Los Angles we can set aside more time. Thanks Eversalt.
Reviewed by doneright, 2015-05-11 [ID 11929/P]

khjohnson Highly Recommended
Culver City, California, United States

On my recent trip out to Los Angeles, I was contacted by khjohnson. Once entering comfortable surrounds and a brief small talk, there was energy between the two of us that was very apparent. I first on the table for what would turn out to be a firm relaxing sensual massage by khjohnson. It was my turn to massage and I was left with no doubt that he was appreciative of the massage he was receiving for his vocal and physical expressions. We both were well releases of all tensions and relaxed that the we were sensitive to the softest of touches. Thanks again and look forward to another exchange in a future trip to Southern California.
Reviewed by doneright, 2015-05-11 [ID 11928/P]

GreenCamberwell Highly Recommended
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

In a word... Awesome. Deep tissue work like I've not had previously in the UK.

Attention to the detail of the muscle that is being worked on.

Fantastic pressure applied with just the right amount of consideration. i.e. sometimes, you have to continue working evening of it hurts. There is a good and bad hurt and Greencamberwell eased off then put the pressure back on based on the feedback provided.

There were a number of strokes that I'd not encountered previously that I hope to get an overview of the next time we meet. the crossed forearm stroke on the quads one in particular that was fantastic.

A fantastic exchange which I will repeat again.

Many thanks.

Reviewed by AntsNZ, 2015-05-11 [ID 11927/P]

AntsNZ Highly Recommended
Hythe, England, United Kingdom

Wow! Hours after my massage with AntsNZ and I am still floating on cloud nine. What an incredibly talented and gifted massage therapist he is. He located every bit of tension in my body and teased it out using a variety of deep tissue strokes that were new to me, I hope I can remember at least a couple of his techniques that I will try to build into my repertoire, and I sincerely hope I will be able to exchange with him again to be able to benefit from his skill and learn more techniques. The massage closed with light sensual strokes that had me drifting in and out of sleep and finished with a profound chakra balancing routine. AntsNZ is a gifted healer on many levels. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to exchange with him.
Reviewed by GreenCamberwell, 2015-05-10 [ID 11926/P]

Kass13 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Kass is a very gentle, tactile and beautiful person.
It was a real pleasure massaging him. He learns fast and repeats impeccably.
His own touch is very relaxing and intuitive.
I guess I did something right day before, so Almighty sent Kass over.
Thank you very much and hope to see you again.
Reviewed by georgix19, 2015-05-10 [ID 11925/P]

Justforfun Highly Recommended
Weston-super-Mare, England, United Kingdom

A very relaxing, soothing and sensual massage in a patient and unhurried way. Pleasant conversation too. Justforfun does exactly what it says on the tin!
Reviewed by Crumpet69, 2015-05-10 [ID 11924/P]

Reply from Justforfun of 2015-05-10
Many thanks for your review. When massaging someone as pleasant as you it is a very rewarding experience for me too.

rubb1 Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States

After several attempts rubb1 finally got together today and exchange a massage. I enjoy his massage he had good technique and his hands just seem to flow. We had a good exchange and we talk during the massage and discuss different technique. For someone who is new at it he did quite well. I look forward to exchanging with him again.
Reviewed by bach, 2015-05-09 [ID 11922/P]

romoma Highly Recommended
Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom

Romoma is a mobile therapist who is qualified and experienced in a variety of complementary therapies. He visited me for a massage exchange at my home, and he gave me an excellent massage for an hour, skilfully combining Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy. I enjoyed giving him a massage combining Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage and No Hands Massage. We were both deeply relaxed at the end of the exchange, and I'm looking forward to exchanging with Romoma again.
Reviewed by zenbrother, 2015-05-09 [ID 11921/P]

funkybootz2 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Had a massage swap with funkybootz last week. He is a good person who is easy going, down to earth, friendly, very jolly and charming. The massage was unhurried, good variety of strokes applied with right amount of pressure. A most enjoyable experience that look forward to repeating. We also shared good conversation and food
Reviewed by ajnabee, 2015-05-09 [ID 11920/P]

2013mazi Highly Recommended
Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden

Waleed is a very nice person very considerate, sociable and helpful. He is listening to your needs about massage and have a mix of long strokes and quicker movements. Very calm and relaxing massage performed with an ease and sensible hands. I can recommend him highly for relaxing massage.
Reviewed by kenxx1000, 2015-05-08 [ID 11919/P]

njjeff Highly Recommended
Sayreville, New Jersey, United States of America

Recently I had the pleasure to exchange with Jeff as our paths crossed on both our travels. Considering the distance we both were and the time we had to arrange it in, it was the most easiest to set up that I've ever had done, less than a handful of communications. From start to finish we connect with our touch and on all levels. Thanks Jeff, and will look forward to our paths crossing again.
Reviewed by doneright, 2015-05-08 [ID 11918/P]

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