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dfwhandyman Highly Recommended
Addison, Texas, United States

Dfwhandiman gave me one of the best massages I have ever received in my life, and I am 63. I also have severe Edema because of my Polimyosytis, so his therapeutic massage techniques, especially his Lymphatic Massage on my legs worked wonders in my feet. I learned a lot fom him today and hope that in the future I may be able to reciprocate the healing for him. He is incredible. We shared a 4 hour session together. Both of us were well rubbed and rejuvenated when all was said and done.

I just want to add, Tuesday the 16th I had a relapse of my Polymyositis. I could not walk afterwards. Dfwhandyman's hands have since worked on my legs again and have gotten me on my feet again. I am still a touch wobbly, however he has miracle hands and also is an extremely kind person to come over to my place to rub me back to health in my time of need. He is just a super gentleman. Thank you Mr. DFWHandyman!
Reviewed by Dallas1951, 2014-12-20 [ID 11165/P]

4handedmassage Highly Recommended
Port St Lucie, Florida, United States

Had a wonderful exchange. This couple was a pleasure to meet, chat with and exchange the massage. The exchange itself was both relaxing and pleasurable. Look forward to exchanging again with them.
Reviewed by M64326, 2014-12-20 [ID 11235/P]

henry1962 Satisfactory
Newtown, New South Wales, Australia

I had a massage swap with henry1962 and it was an absolute pleasure working on his body, very nice and in shape and very well looked after. He gave me back massage was pretty good too, not as firm as I we discussed though but meeting was great for both of us.
Reviewed by shak, 2014-12-19 [ID 11234/P]

acquarius Recommended
Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia

I highly recommend Aquarius, he has a very good overall feel of the client's body needs and gives excellent therapeutic massage where it is needed, I enjoyed his technique very much. He excels in knowing what exactly clients requires and satisfies his requirements in all aspects.
Reviewed by PolynesianMasseur54, 2014-12-19 [ID 11233/P]

Hands4uNow Highly Recommended
Lowell, Massachusetts, United States

I have met Matt and very friendly and warming heart. He makes you feel good with a nice relaxing massage.
Reviewed by redflower6464, 2014-12-19 [ID 11232/P]

Ben27 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I recently met with Ben27 at his place for a swap. He was a great host; polite, friendly and very caring. He very quickly made me feel at ease.

All the massage courses that he has done and previous swap experiences showed in his extremely good and varied technique.

I certainly enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend an exchange with him to anyone.
Reviewed by marcpf, 2014-12-19 [ID 11231/P]

redflower6464 Recommended
Littleton, Massachusetts, United States

I met redflower at my office in Chelmsford. She was on time, very friendly and our exchange was great. I look forward to future exchanges. She is still admittedly a newbie in the business but takes direction well and has good pressure as well as a firm touch. She also is one of the very very few whom have gotten back to me right away after sending an e-mail to. I am still waiting for the others to even read their e-mails. Redflower is also very willing to learn and wants to genuinely please. (it comes through in her touch)
Reviewed by Hands4uNow, 2014-12-18 [ID 11230/P]

NorthamptonMA Highly Recommended
Northampton, Massachusetts, United States

The massage exchange with this member was excellent. He has had training and also is a quick learner with pointers given. He has innate talent for finding tight muscle kinks and isn't afraid of using needed pressure.
Reviewed by Davive2, 2014-12-18 [ID 11229/P]

M64326 Highly Recommended
Port St. Lucie, Florida, United States

M64326 and I corresponded for quite some time before we could coordinate our schedules. As such, we were pretty familiar with each other when we met in person. We spent a little time visiting face-to-face and discussed what each of us preferred during a massage session. M64326 seemed very receptive to the methods used on him and the session lasted a little over an hour. When I was on the table and he worked on me, I was very pleased with his style. M64326 used long, flowing, firm strokes and a variety of stretches. It was a wonderful exchange session and, again, lasted a little over an hour. We spoke of exchanging again in the future. I am looking forward to it and he was a very nice person.
Reviewed by 4handedmassage, 2014-12-18 [ID 11228/P]

biodynamic14 Highly Recommended
Richmond, England, United Kingdom

meet biodynamic14 for my first holistic massage experience i can tell you now that
he is a very nice gentleman he knows what he is doing and had me drifting in and out of sleep while he was working on my body i felt totally relaxed after the massage and can't wait for our next meeting.
Reviewed by alimirza, 2014-12-18 [ID 11227/P]

Vanbrugh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Recently exchanged with Vanbrugh. Very hospitable and warm personality. The massage I was given was extremely relaxing with the right amount of pressure for that occasion. I recommend highly; do not miss the opportunity to exchange with Vanbrugh
Reviewed by IndianPalms, 2014-12-18 [ID 11226/P]

countrylad Highly Recommended
Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Meet up with Countrylad had a great work out, very professional, I would recommend Him & hopefully return.
Reviewed by fun2bwithmale2, 2014-12-18 [ID 11225/P]

PolynesianMasseur54 Recommended
Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

A very pleasing and beneficial massage.
Reviewed by acquarius, 2014-12-18 [ID 11224/P]

IndianPalms Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

15 years experience does not go unnoticed in an exchange with Bodywork Enthusiast. Deeply relaxing and, though I asked for a light touch, I just knew that if I hadn't, I would have had a really deep and satisfying massage. As it was it was perfect for my mood and Bodywork Enthusiast delivered a superb all over massage leaving me with a very peaceful sleep and my body saying a big thank you. I would recommend an exchange with this delightful and skilled guy.
Reviewed by Vanbrugh, 2014-12-18 [ID 11223/P]

NkdMango Highly Recommended
Jersey City, New Jersey, United States of America

I had an exchange yesterday with NkdMango. It was an incredible experience from start to finish. He had the room all set with table, lighting and soothing music. He had warmed the oil to enhance the massage. His technique was experienced and steady with the perfect amount of pressure. He truly should go pro! The ultimate finish was a heated sheet which he placed over me and gave me a few minutes to savor the whole experience. I highly recommend NkdMango!
Reviewed by Jason1960, 2014-12-18 [ID 11222/P]

caringguy11 Highly Recommended
Auckland, New Zealand

I may have re-posted my earlier review, sorry. Tonight I had another massage session with this member, I gave the massage and altered my technique slightly to try and make the massage a little more sensual. Once again this member enjoyed the massage and the conversation after.
Reviewed by captom, 2014-12-18 [ID 10458/P]

PauloNW6 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Another great session last week with this fabulous pro masseur who has all the experience and knowledge to provide a fantastic session. His welcoming venue is impressive at any time, while at Christmas it looks more like a winter wonderland than a front room in London, where he welcomes clients and visitors with a friendly and relaxed approach that would have the most steely cold body warmed up ready for a workout.. His style is a nicely balanced mix of firmer bodywork and a deft lighter touch to deliver another fabulous session as this is the first time I have met up with him for a while, and we have done sessions before. Working on his body in return offers the opportunity to gain valuable feedback and try out some new routines knowing that a professional therapist is not going to let you go too far wrong. Thanks again for a great evening and looking forward to 2015.
Reviewed by rowingandsportmassage, 2014-12-17 [ID 11221/P]

pjon2000 Highly Recommended
Nuneaton, England, United Kingdom

Meeting Pjon after several years gap reminded me of the joy of picking up a book you've read before and discovering you'd missed a chapter. He is charming, articulate and very easy on the eye. There is always a greater ease with soneone you have exchanged with before, and yet I discovered more about him as a person as well as his skills. He is a busy man with an interesting life and I am just thankful that we were able to spend some time together and hope, very much, that we can do so again and soon.
Reviewed by nexus, 2014-12-17 [ID 11220/P]

dilanguy Highly Recommended
Manchester, United Kingdom

Finally caught up whilst in manchester. Received a very good massage, was able to proceed with an arrange of firm and soft strokes which led to a very relaxed and unhurried massage.
Reviewed by North2west, 2014-12-17 [ID 11219/P]

North2west Highly Recommended
Lytham St Annes, United Kingdom

Finally met North2west, he is indeed a very nice and friendly person, very easy to get along with.
He knows what he is doing when massaging, good techniques, definitely one of the best.
Highly recommended and hope to exchange again in the near future :)
Reviewed by dilanguy, 2014-12-17 [ID 11218/P]

IndianPalms Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Early last week I exchanged massage with IndianPalms, it had taken a while to organise (my fault) but he is a friendly understanding guy and I felt at ease in his company as soon as we met.
I believe he trained many years ago and is looking to practice his skills anew, but it was obvious from the start that he hadn’t forgotten how to massage, as everything flowed quite naturally from beginning to end. He has a good physique with strong hands and delivers a firm and stimulating massage. My muscles were sore from a session in the gym and his mixture of different strokes and pressures revitalised my aching body.
If you are looking for a firm deep invigorating massage with a great guy then I highly recommend you exchange with him.
Reviewed by Waterloom4m, 2014-12-16 [ID 11217/P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

On meeting nexus for the first time ,found him easy to get along with .The massage was calm and gentle but firm as I like it ,leaving my body fully relaxed,hope to be seeing him again for a repeat massage .Thank you for an enjoyable and relaxing evening Geoff
Reviewed by jiffys57, 2014-12-16 [ID 11211/P]

Pipajmose69 Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia

Had an amazing massage, was a really relaxing atmosphere as well would highly recommend him
Reviewed by Josh8956, 2014-12-15 [ID 11216/P]

jtrett7 No rating yet
Janesville, Wisconsin, United States

Jtrett7 and I met for our first session last Saturday. He showed a lot of enthusiasm and worked hard to learn new moves as we worked together. He was not shy about making his wants and needs known and encouraged feed back through out the massages. I can give him high recommendations and for certain will be exchanging with him in the future.
Reviewed by oldnavy, 2014-12-15 [ID 11215/P]

khjohnson Recommended
Culver City, California, United States

We had a great time of massage together. khjohnson is knowledgeable and very intuitive to the needs of his partner. His experience added to my knowledge of transferable massage techniques. I would recommend him to any guy who needs a massage exchange. His room was warm, which is a great plus for me as I don't like to be chilly on the massage table.
Reviewed by Tophat, 2014-12-15 [ID 11214/P]

dragon09 No Show
Farnborough, England, United Kingdom

After chatting to Dragon several times, I agreed to host a meeting. On the arranged day, I prepared a room for massage and waited for Dragon, but he did not appear, nor had he the decency to contact me to advise that he was not coming. Several days later and I have still not heard from him.

As far as I am concerned he is a complete waste of time.
Reviewed by cadzow, 2014-12-15 [ID 11213/N]

tomharry Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Met Tom today for a swap and he gave me a deep tissue, relaxing massage.
Massage was quite good, could be better but I'm sure that once we get to know each other it will be perfect on both sides.
Respectful gent, welcoming and fun at times.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2014-12-15 [ID 11212/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I had such a terrific massage from Robertmassage the only worry was would mine live up to his.

This was one of the most professional massages I've received from someone on this site. Incredibly firm and confident strokes (which is how I prefer it) and varied, which kept it interesting until I was so relaxed I stopped thinking about it and thoroughly relaxed to the point of almost falling asleep.
Also he's a nice guy to be in the company of and very responsive as a recipient. So you really know what's working for him.
Reviewed by tomharry, 2014-12-15 [ID 11210/P]

Chelsie Highly Recommended
Lake Elsinore, California, United States

I received a relaxation Swedish massage from Cheisie. From the start she made me feel so comfortable and she was professional in everything that she did. She made sure her pressure was perfect, the strokes of her massage was clear and concise, with a relaxing touch, and her manner was all smiles and gentle. Can't wait for my next appointment!!!
Reviewed by Dremel, 2014-12-15 [ID 11209/P]

Hartley123 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I met Hartley123 for an exchange yesterday and was very impressed with the great massage I received from him. He describes himself as a novice when it comes to giving massage but he has received a number of massages In the past and has benefited from this and reading books on massage. I was the first person he had exchanged with since joining the site and I have to say he has a natural flow to his massage style and on top of this he is a very relaxed and friendly guy. I would highly recommend you arrange an exchange with him if you can. I hope to exchange with him again in the future,
Reviewed by SELondon, 2014-12-15 [ID 11207/P]

funkybootz2 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Funkybootz is a great massage partner. Nice personality, interesting to chat with, good at massage, fit and receptive. What else to say?! Till the next time!
Reviewed by naturalindian, 2014-12-15 [ID 11206/P]

Dremel Highly Recommended
Murrieta, California, United States

I had a wonderful exchange with Dremel. He has a warm personality and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. He has really great skills I hope to experience again and I would highly recommend him for your next exchange.
Reviewed by Chelsie, 2014-12-15 [ID 11205/P]

Waterloom4m Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I recently had an exchange with Waterloom4m. Easy to communicate with to arrange the exchange, great host, warm personality, comfortable room dedicated to massage with a great table. The massage was firm & deep when it needed to be & gentle & relaxing otherwise - perfect! Highly recommended
Reviewed by IndianPalms, 2014-12-14 [ID 11202/P]

Waterloom4m Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I was going to say WaterlooM4M was special. However, that doesn't do justice to someone who is wonderful company, talented and probably one of the most instinctively good masseurs I have had the pleasure of meeting. From the moment I walked through the door he made me feel as I was the most important thing in his world. This nurturing side was reflected in his massage technique which was competent, smooth and absolutely thorough. He told me that he had only just completed a training course but this belied his ability. It was wow, wow and a further wow. I really shouldn't write this review as I don't want to share him. However, that would be bad manners and also deny everyone of the chance to experience the pleasure of his touch and the warmth of his personality.
Reviewed by nexus, 2014-12-14 [ID 10990/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I met Robertmassage recently for a deep tissue massage. He was very welcoming, polite, and demonstrated a clear passion for massage and its benefits. Robertmassage explained how he intended to work and as we had only just over an hour, decided to use a variety of strokes in order to give me a 'taster' (to use his words) of what his massage was like.

Robertmassage made sure I was comfortable and then gave a whole body massage. He did indeed use a variety of strokes which really reached the areas that needed it (back and calves particularly), checking in with me to ensure pressure was right and I was comfortable. I left feeling my muscles had had a satisfying workout. I felt very relaxed.

I had a a very good night's sleep and woke up feeling very positive. Two days on I can still feel the effect of his massage. I would highly recommend Robertmassage for a deep tissue massage. I hope we can meet up again soon.
Reviewed by biodynamic14, 2014-12-14 [ID 11204/P]

pj1971 Highly Recommended
Cirencester, England, United Kingdom

Very nice guy.

Our massage exchange was a pleasure PJ is very friendly and a great person to.
We had a laugh and a coffee ;-)

PJ is not qualified but he does have great potential and has a good grasp of the techniques.

You where a great exchange, and I would be honoured to exchange again in future.

Thank you
Reviewed by Banthas, 2014-12-14 [ID 11203/P]

2harry Highly Recommended
Noblesville, Indiana, United States

I had to cancel our first appointment due to personal reasons but we readily rescheduled for the next week. What an experience. We talk briefly before we began the massage. I did his back first and relax him then what a suprise as he did my back his hands just slid on my back very relaxing and just the right pressure. We talk throughout the massage which made a very comfortable setting. We got to know each other as the massage progress. After finishing the back we switch to the front and had a very relaxing massage. He doesn't give himself credit for his massage work I was very impress. Once we finish we continue to talk I offered him the use of my shower and a cold glass of water. Can't wait until we schedule again. Bach

Had my second exchange with 2 harry a couple of days ago on short notice. He brought with him massage oil he got through massage warehouse. The massage was very relaxing and his technique was excellent. His long strokes and pressure were excellent. Upon completion we showered and he went home. This was a very very relaxing massage. Bach
Reviewed by bach, 2014-12-13 [ID 10390/P]

Reply from 2harry of 2014-08-03
Thanks Bach my first exchange was very positive
Ready for a second

stus Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Well I had another very satisfying meeting and a massage exchange with this very gentle understanding person. I can recommend Stus to you all.
Reviewed by captom, 2014-12-13 [ID 11201/P]

LondonNewbie Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

LondonNewbie hosted and quickly made me feel at ease.

Both of us are new to massage but he took his time and acceded to my needs using both gentle and firm strokes.

Upon finishing our swap, LondonNewbie was talkative and allowed me to get ready at a calm pace creating a very relaxed atmosphere all the way through.

Would definitely swap again.
Reviewed by VariableYellow, 2014-12-13 [ID 11200/P]

jonesy Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I fell asleep during the massage session so I would have been in complete relaxation mode. Always a pleasure to have a massage with someone who takes their time and mutually enjoys the experience.
Reviewed by lazyeye, 2014-12-12 [ID 11199/P]

Therapeutic4you Highly Recommended
Crystal Palace, Greater London, United Kingdom

I think this is my 2nd real deep tissue massage that I had this year although I had quite a few....
Goes without saying that the session was amazing, much above high quality, close to perfection.
Room dedicated to massage, candles, oil, welcoming... all part of a perfect night!
Will definitely swap again with this lovely fella!
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2014-12-12 [ID 11197/P]

GreenCamberwell Highly Recommended
Swanage, England, United Kingdom

I recently had the good fortune to meet the delightful, expert and generous GreenCamberwell for a massage exchange. He is highly skilled at his craft and willing to share his knowledge. However I was not prepared for the excellent, intuitive, caring and deep massage that was to come.
I regularly attend the gym and as soon as he laid his hands on my body he knew I had not been stretching, as he found all (and there were a lot!) the areas of tension in my muscles. He worked these areas very deeply until they surrendered to his touch.
After the pain, which was both acceptable and necessary, came the pleasure, he has a full repertoire of relaxing and sensual strokes all the more pleasurable after the deep tissue work. The hours passed very quickly and at the end I felt completely free and exhilarated, the next day I felt the best I had felt within my body for decades and I spent the day appreciating the simple joy of movement again. I can’t thank him enough for the experience, I now stretch more in the gym but now I know what can be achieved through massage I am eager to exchange again.
Reviewed by Waterloom4m, 2014-12-12 [ID 11196/P]

londonN6 Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Finally got to meet after weeks in the planning. Lovely guy and very welcoming !! Good range of techniques, firm enough but not too firm that you feel like pain's being inflicted !!! Pity we didn't have more time but would hope for a repeat sometime !!
Reviewed by tricky41, 2014-12-12 [ID 11195/P]

DIYafternoon Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I can't believe I forgot to review DIYafternoon! Highly recommend. It was such a good exchange a couple of months back, one of my favorite ever. He was flexible and easy to communicate with about scheduling (and i was having a really tough week for time management) and his hands were great: intuitive, just the right pressure (I like deep tissue), and willing to experiment with different massage techniques which is the best part of exchange, I find, when you try different things out together and learn. I 100% hope to trade with him again when I'm back in Toronto.
Reviewed by parlo, 2014-12-11 [ID 11194/P]

M2Massages2014 Highly Recommended
Janesville, Wisconsin, United States

I thoroughly enjoyed our massage session. Everyone seems to have a different massage technique and this one was one of the best I've experienced. He massaged with more than just his hands, which felt incredible. I look forward to meeting him again and hope to be able to do it on a more regular basis.

Met with him again on 12-10-14 and loved every minute. Very easy to get along with and love his special massage techniques that are very impressive. He definitely knows how to make a man feel good all over. Don't pass this guy up if you get a chance. He is well worth every minute of your time.
Reviewed by Spunkdaddy, 2014-12-11 [ID 10729/P]

efftower Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Reviewed by guia, 2014-12-11 [ID 11193/P]

Chelsie Highly Recommended
Lake Elsinore, California, United States

I had a great exchange with Chelsie. Everything went smoothly from chatting on line to meeting in person over coffee to having our exchange. Chelsie is a charming individual and she had great massage techniques. I look forward to exchanging with her soon.
Reviewed by Ralph9, 2014-12-10 [ID 11192/P]

dms1257 Highly Recommended
Henderson, Nevada, United States

DMS1257 and I have exchanged at least a half dozen times in 2014. She specializes in Esalen massage and has many years of experience. She is friendly, personal and punctual. I have always felt free to either talk or relax in silence. She has been tactful and patient in giving guidance on how to improve my technique (I have asked for this advice). I highly recommend exchanging massage with DMS1257.
Reviewed by love4piano, 2014-12-10 [ID 11191/P]

Keyien Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Already had the 2nd swap with this easygoing lad and his technique is above the amateur level but when comes to hospitality: hat's off! He is awesome and offering you top quality ambient. Food, drinks and music are carefully selected to make the swap unforgettable and also to leave you invigorated and craving for more.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2014-12-10 [ID 11190/P]

LondonNewbie Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I've meet this fella for a swap at his place and although he's a newbie he did quite well. He is polite, respectful and straight-forward, he is also a good host and easy going lad.
Some of the techniques he used were top notch, some other were a hack's touch but he's eager to learn and soon we'll talk a different story. Don't miss out if you're after a good & honest massage.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2014-12-10 [ID 11189/P]

M158559 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

M158559 is a professionally qualified massage professional and it shows in the highly competent way in which he conducts a massage session. He is just so good it is difficult to put into words what it is like to be laid out on the table with him working on you... nice firm sports-massage pressure when appropriate and asked for, and a slightly lighter more relaxed style when wanted. What I am intrigued by is how far this guy will go in future sessions to work on my stiff shoulders and quads as he becomes more familiar with the body in question and is asked by me to go deeper and stronger.. don't get me wrong, he will not impose hard bodywork on those not wanting it as his light touch is also just at the right level and delivers a most satisfactory session all round. Worth 6 stars if that were possible and highly recommended. I am not expecting to be able to offer him the same quality in return, but I will enjoy learning more from him in future sessions. I really am most impressed, thank you.
Reviewed by rowingandsportmassage, 2014-12-10 [ID 11188/P]

Justforfun Highly Recommended
Weston-super-Mare, England, United Kingdom

A very nice guy (a proper British gentlemen) offering great relaxing massages. He has many years of massage experience and you can tell from the way he puts you at ease and his techniques. Definitely would recommend.
Reviewed by gmcek, 2014-12-10 [ID 11187/P]

johnjak Highly Recommended
Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Had a great massage exchange with Johnjak. We had a chat before hand to get to know each other and to find of what we like etc. John massage me first he has got a very good touch firm in some parts of the body and light handed on other parts. He has had no training but he knows what he is doing. John is a very nice person and great to chat to. I am looking forward to our next meeting in the not to distant future.
Reviewed by cares52, 2014-12-10 [ID 11186/P]

Waterloom4m Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I echo everything written already about Waterloom4m. I recently had the pleasure of doing an exchange with him and found him to be a delightful host and a truly talented masseur. We chatted with ease as though we had known each other for years already and he exudes charm and warmth. He is currently studying for his professional ITEC massage qualification but his massage technique is already of a professional nature using a variety of strokes, both firm and soft, seamless and assured. I would happily pay full price for his massage and hope that I will get to exchange with him again when I return to London. If you get the opportunity to exchange with him, don't miss out! Highly recommended.
Reviewed by GreenCamberwell, 2014-12-09 [ID 11185/P]

massagepalmsprings Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States

Massagepalmsprings and I exchanged recently. He is a true gentleman and an excellent masseur. He knew what he was doing and carefully explained what he was going to do next and why. It was a completely relaxing and enjoyable experience for me and I recommend him to all. His gentle spirit and expertise are a great combination. Looking forward to more.
Reviewed by jlcycle75, 2014-12-08 [ID 11184/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I had a meeting with Robert today
He was very polite and well presented. Robert came to my place and we spoke about what we expected from the massage and i respected his upfront, honest approach.
we exchanged massages and his technique was superb. He has good a good knowledge of the anatomy and great technique and pressure.
Robert left me feeling revitalized and rested.
I highly recommend this masseur, probably higher than most professionals that i have met.
Reviewed by LondonNewbie, 2014-12-08 [ID 11183/P]

hoosierguy Highly Recommended
Steilacoom, Washington, United States

Had a exchange with hossierguy from State of Washington visiting relatives here in Indpls. We set up the exchange prior to this arrival in indpls. What a massage. He is very professional and knows what he is doing. His technique is excellent knows how to get you to relax and he found the aches in my shoulders and work them out. We took turns massaging each other and ended with a shoulder relax massage. I look forward to any return trips he might make to Indpls area. Bach
Reviewed by bach, 2014-12-08 [ID 11182/P]

jlcycle75 Highly Recommended
Cathedral City, California, United States

I just had a REALLY nice trade with Jlcycle75. Nice man!
His massage was very relaxing and nurturing for me. Just what I need after a stress filled week! He intuitively knew what I needed. His kindness was apparent from the moment I walked in the door (beautiful, clean home) through out the entire massage. I would highly recommend working together, and plan on booing another trade soon!
Reviewed by massagepalmsprings, 2014-12-07 [ID 11181/P]

ItsJustAFantasy Highly Recommended
East Northport, New York, United States

I have met Doc 2 times to exchange. Gives excellent massages. Very knowledgeable, great pressure. I had back issues, felt great relief.. I would highly recommend Doc.. Happy to have met him.. look forward to many more exchanges.
Reviewed by Bodyworksqueen, 2014-12-07 [ID 10595/P]

Healinghands1750 Highly Recommended
Romford, United Kingdom

Healinghands, by all the meaning of his name has the healing hands, his great techniques and warm intuitive hands healed all the pain and stress in my body. His wavy hand movements transferred the pleasure of his massage in each part on my body. He is such a professional and patient person, I saw him sweating after his massage, it's just a sign of his great devotion and passion to what he does. Unfortunately, I could not exchange with him today as we've arranged it last minute, I hope to repeat it again and make him relaxed in return. Healinghands told me that he is planning to develop his talent and experience in to a professional career, i have no doubt that the clients will be queuing to have one hour session with him and I will be the first person to visit him in his massage place..... I would really recommend him to my friends and anybody who wants to have hours of relaxation and pleasure. Hope to meet him again very very very soon. I give him 7 stars xxxxxxx
Reviewed by Ricardo1984, 2014-12-07 [ID 11178/P]

Govanhill123 Highly Recommended
Glasgow, United Kingdom

My first massage ... Ever!
And it was great, Govanhill123 provided a warm, safe and relaxing environment and a very thorough and enjoyable massage. He talked me through what he was doing and identified some areas where I need to look at my posture and office seating.
Then I got to give my first massage, I was nervous and not sure I would have the patience, but I found it was an excellent way to slow down the pace of life and to concentrate on another person in a uniquely intimate way. I really enjoyed it and was very happy that Govanhill123 seemed to like it too.
I guess I'm hooked now :)
Reviewed by EvildDad, 2014-12-07 [ID 11180/P]

GuyN7 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I was really pleased with the massage exchange I organsied with GuyN7 who provided an invigorating and therapeutic massage. All the way from the UK he was in Sydney for only a short while so am glad we mannaged to connect. A thoroughly nice fellow and very interesting to talk to durng and afterwards as we exchnaged details of our respective training and experience over the years.
Reviewed by Pipajmose69, 2014-12-06 [ID 11179/P]

IndianPalms Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had the great pleasure to swap with lndianhands recently and what a pleasure it was. He is a very friendly and relaxed man. His massage was firm and at a measured rate. He is looking to inprove his skills having not practiced massage for a while. If you get the opportunity to swap with him do so since you will have a very emjoyable time.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2014-12-06 [ID 11177/P]

Robertmasage Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Robert is both intense and playful, and this comes through in his very thorough and fun approach to massage. Really enjoyed meeting him and think that the sort of work he does is commendable - a job which is both physically and emotionally demanding, and hope that our exchange was a good escape - it certainly was for me!
Reviewed by guia, 2014-12-06 [ID 11176/P]

Vanbrugh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

A very welcoming host with an amazing place! But the highlight was the massage itself. This has to be one of the most relaxing massages I've had because Vanbrugh just glided with his amazing hands- a gentle touch meant that I wasn't aware of hidden aches and pains but Vanbrugh has an wonderful ability to stay connected to who he is massaging so you just get a continuous flow of what I can only call indulgent luxury. Top treatment from a top guy. Thank you
Reviewed by sennen10, 2014-12-06 [ID 11175/P]

bigrock Highly Recommended
Wilton Manors, Florida, United States

My first exchange on this site and a pleasant surprise a quality massage from someone who knows the body already looking forward to my next exchange. Truly one of the best massages I have had
Reviewed by Christuna, 2014-12-06 [ID 11174/P]

Kamren71 Highly Recommended
Marston Green, United Kingdom

We've met with Kamren after several email exchanges. He is very nice person and I really enjoyed professional massage he provided me and soothed my stiffed shoulder and neck pain. Highly recommended. Hope to meet again.
Reviewed by dolce, 2014-12-06 [ID 11173/P]

RM20 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Had exchange with RM20 and have to say it was the best exchange ever. I felt amazing after my massage really dealt with any issues in my body. RM20 was very proff, had great chilled music and a great table.

For sure would exchange again!
Reviewed by drewbell, 2014-12-06 [ID 11172/P]

sennen10 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Organize an exchange with Sennen10 . . . The experience is everything. A qualified aromatherapist: his oils are mixed to your needs and relax immediately. He is an excellent masseur with hands of a guardian Angel, finding the stress points of the day. His presence, his oils and his massage techniques leave you completely relaxed and renewed. I had a very sound sleep after. This is a ten star experience.
Reviewed by Vanbrugh, 2014-12-06 [ID 11171/P]

EmbodiedMassage No rating yet
South Lake Tahoe, California, United States

12/6/2014: I received a 4 hour massage. EmbodiedMassage brought his table and he used amethyst EMF heated mat. He was very kind, made me feel very comfortable. After the massage, I felt like I was in heaven, he was very considerate with my feelings and what I wanted.
Reviewed by Deanna, 2014-12-06 [ID 11170/P]

dsmexplore Highly Recommended
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

I had a very enjoyable and therapeutic massage exchange with David who certainly had great skill and managed to make me feel totally relaxed and renewed. Even showed me how to fix a bane in my life the odd sciatic nerve problem for which he deserves a medal. A thoroughly nice fellow from the UK and hope to exchange with him again while he's in Australia and will certianly call on his expertise when I make it to the UK.
Reviewed by Pipajmose69, 2014-12-05 [ID 11169/P]

Dallas1951 Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States

Kind and knowledgeable gentleman, very enjoyable massage exchange, Welcoming and genuinely generous with his talents and time, he has years of experience. I'll be smiling for days after this session! Consistent with pressure and checks often to be sure you are comfortable. Looking forward to another massage swap soon!
Reviewed by dfwhandyman, 2014-12-05 [ID 11168/P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom

Had a very enjoyable exchange with Benjiboy yesterday.
Great host, prepared aromatherapy oil specially for the exchange, well prepared room & space. Great variety of strokes, good balance between relaxing & firm massage. The pace of the massage exchange was just right. If you get the opportunity do exchange with Benjiboy - highly recommended
Reviewed by IndianPalms, 2014-12-05 [ID 11167/P]

Marcek Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Whatever you do . . Don't miss a massage exchange with Bodywork Therapist. I felt amazing after his touch. Such a nice easy person to get along with; immediately comfortable. Knows exactly what hes doing. A great exchange with a great person. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Vanbrugh, 2014-12-05 [ID 11166/P]

jtmassageyou Highly Recommended
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

jtmassageyou is an exceptional masseur. His skills are extremely good and he gave me a wonderful massage. I would recommend him highly to anyone wanting a good therapeutic massage.
Reviewed by terracotta, 2014-12-05 [ID 11164/P]

VariableYellow Highly Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom

Met Simon today
Simon came to my place for a massage. He was polite, friendly and chatty.
the atmosphere was relaxed and we spoke throughout the massage and adjusted to each others preferences.
I certainly enjoyed the experience, his technique was very advanced for someone who is also new to massage.
I would definitely recommend an exchange with him to anyone who they gets the opportunity.
Reviewed by LondonNewbie, 2014-12-05 [ID 11163/P]

matts1234 Highly Recommended
Belper, United Kingdom

matt is relatively new to massage and does not show it,
he is thorough and puts into practice all he has learnt,
very good clean moves that are confident and fluid and demonstrate a natural intuitive understanding for massage.
a really relaxing session , thank you
Reviewed by iantree, 2014-12-05 [ID 11162/P]

GreenCamberwell Highly Recommended
Swanage, England, United Kingdom

what an excellent exchange this was,learnt so much whilst having an amazing treatment, CG really knows his stuff and how to work round the body. He uses many different types of strokes to really manipulate and relax whilst keeping it fluid all the while,
i also felt immmediately at ease and it was delight to share practice.
thanks again CG, i highly recommend him and will look forward to another exchange.
Reviewed by iantree, 2014-12-05 [ID 11161/P]

westclyffe Recommended
Glasgow, United Kingdom

excellent touch and has great technique
Reviewed by Govanhill123, 2014-12-05 [ID 11160/P]

Masseur40 Highly Recommended
Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand

I had a great session recently. Masseur40 was able to show a complete novice some of the finer points of massage. Nothing was too much trouble and above all he had great patience for a newbie. My massage was invigorating and inspiring. I give thanks for this great introduction.

Reviewed by stus, 2014-12-04 [ID 11159/P]

Spunkdaddy Highly Recommended
Marion, Iowa, United States

Clean room, good directions and nice greeting when I arrived. He supplied the oil and gave a great massage. During the hour a couple times I faded away into never never land. Before I knew it an hour had passed and it was time to exchange. Great use of the hands on my lower back issues and felt at ease the entire time.
I gave an hour massage and felt very relaxed with him. Nice experience for a stressful afternoon.

Second exchange today, drove 45 mins. one way it was so worth it. Warm hands and very nice to chat with before and during the massage. Works to make sure you are relaxed, nice background music and a non rush exchange. Put me to sleep on and off during the exchange. Enjoyed giving him a massage for the first 30 mins, except he drifted off to sleep and I ended up not doing the front so he could enjoy his rest. Looking forward to the next exchange. If you have not had an exchange with him, you are really missing out.
Reviewed by M2Massages2014, 2014-12-04 [ID 10728/P]

John50 Highly Recommended
Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Had a most wonderful massage exchange with John. I enjoyed the session and would highly recommend a massage exchange with him. Thanks.
Reviewed by Westendottawa, 2014-12-04 [ID 11158/P]

iantree Highly Recommended
Keyworth, United Kingdom

Just had the most wonderful exchange with iantree which was a true exchange of ideas and techniques. He has so many interesting and different-to-the-norm' strokes, cradles and links that I wrote down a few of them that I will incorporate into my repertoire of moves. He was happy to teach me some of his techniques and equally he liked some of mine which he asked me to demonstrate and he then executed them perfectly. I love this type of exchange where we share and learn from each other. His massage is exquisite with beautiful flourishes, almost like Flamenco hands that link deeper strokes from one muscle group to another. Without any fussy towel management and similar to lomi lomi being naked and oiled from head to toe, he worked on my body with passion for his art while moving quietly and effortlessly around the massage table. I sincerely hope I will get another chance to experience his beautiful technique. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by GreenCamberwell, 2014-12-04 [ID 11157/P]

matts1234 Highly Recommended
Belper, United Kingdom

I meet Matt for a massage and he stunned me with his professional approach as well as with his open & honest personality.
His massage as a student is above average, nice strokes and good efficiency to ease the tension...
I enjoyed so much that I didn't felt how 80 minutes past by under his master to be hands.
Welcoming: top quality
Massage: much above average (considering that he's a newbie in the field)
Communication: excellent, very talkative and explaining what he's doing
Respect of privacy: 100%
Personality: professional all the way
Definitely up for another swap.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2014-12-04 [ID 11156/P]

5thSeason Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

Meet up with 5th Season we had a chat before we started Mike is a very nice person. He knows what he is doing but as he said he has not been trained but you will get a first class massage from him although he still needs a bit more tuition. Looking forward to meeting up again soon.
Reviewed by cares52, 2014-12-04 [ID 11155/P]

Dandyman39 Highly Recommended
Sprotbrough, United Kingdom

Had massage by Robert yesterday evening.after general talk he massaged all my problem area,by giving special attention.i felt very relaxed.the massage took just over one hour.it was the best massage i ever had.he is truly professional very experienced gent.I will sure have him with me again
Reviewed by rubber799, 2014-12-04 [ID 11154/P]

ME219302 Highly Recommended
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I met him for an exchange in his studio. He is a professionnel. He is Chinese and his specialty, at least with me, was pressure points. He helped me with my back, neck and shoulders. I felt so good after the massage. Thanks. The experience was very good and I hope we will do it again.
Reviewed by Philgood2009, 2014-12-03 [ID 11153/P]

Reply from ME219302 of 2014-12-04
Phil is very nice guy who know very good for muscle,he gave me relaxing and sensual relaxing Dream massage,I gave him a bone setting massage,next time maybe ligament massage or other ways...anyway
Happy to meet you
Hope to see you agian

Leonardes No rating yet
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

It was a fabulous experience, I appreciated your warm welcome, great communication and atmosphere. Your powerful bodywork and amazing touch of modalities facilitated the nature of psychotherapy, physical and heath benefit. I honestly enjoyed your passion for body energy balancing.
Reviewed by exchange1, 2014-12-03 [ID 11152/P]

bach Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Bach and I enjoyed an great exchange. He has very stong form and technique which I really enjoyed. Nice to spend time with this quality indivivual as well.

I hope to be able to see him next time I am in town.

Reviewed by vikingvisitor, 2014-12-03 [ID 11151/P]

wildtiger Highly Recommended
Miramar, Florida, United States

I received an excellent massage from WT. Although he stated he had no formal training, he has learned lots of great techniques from receiving massages. The pressure was firm, medium to deep, and very soothing. He paid attention to many of my problem areas, shoulders, legs and feet, and he’s generous with his time. He got me so relaxed that I drifted in and out of that wonderful massage trance that occurs during a good session. In addition, he’s an interesting fellow and we had good conversation and exchanging ideas. Don’t miss the chance to trade with WT if you can! I hope for another great exchange with him soon!
Reviewed by MIAMITOUCH, 2014-12-03 [ID 11150/P]

MIAMITOUCH Highly Recommended
Miami, Florida, United States of America

John is a very nice and knowledgable in massage. His techniques are great, but that is expected from someone with as much experience as john. He was able to work around my schedule too! He listens and can taylor the massage to your needs. I would highly recommend him and i am looking forward to the next time we have an exchange.
Reviewed by wildtiger, 2014-12-03 [ID 11149/P]

guillaume600 Highly Recommended
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I met with him at his beautiful place. He is experenced, talented, respectful, and has a great conversation. He is all equipped with a massage table and as many massage accessories you may need. I had a great experience.
Reviewed by Philgood2009, 2014-12-03 [ID 11148/P]

shak Recommended
West Ryde, New South Wales, Australia

I recently had a massage exchange with Shak and thoroughly enjoyed it. He has been massaging since he was very young and it showed. He gives a firm massage that eases all the knots and aches and pains which is exactly what I needed at the time.
Reviewed by henry1962, 2014-12-03 [ID 11147/P]

Bal Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Bal was a gracious, welcoming and interesting host. He has the 'Rolls Royce' of massage tables (very comfy), but this is quite outshone by his wonderful massage. Consummate, varied and flowing - I felt really relaxed and learned some new stuff. I'll definitely be back!
Reviewed by gazbear, 2014-12-03 [ID 11146/P]

rubber799 Highly Recommended
Ossett, United Kingdom

I have just come back after meeting this nice couple.
The lady was so relaxed,a real nice lady to massage.
I gave her a full body massage,Swedish deep tissue
She told me it was the best massage she had,
Look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by Dandyman39, 2014-12-03 [ID 11145/P]

Howie12 Recommended
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

I swapped massages with Howie12 a few days ago. He gave me a good massage and seemed very responsive to feedback on his massage. I would not hesitate to swap with him again!
Reviewed by Hopsie, 2014-12-03 [ID 11144/P]

Westendottawa Recommended
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Had a nice massage exchange session with Westendottawa. We have similar profile. There was a rapid connection between us. He has great hands, helped me to relax. That was a real nice time, very relaxing. Thank you so much!
Reviewed by John50, 2014-12-03 [ID 11143/P]

cares52 Highly Recommended
Worthing, United Kingdom

Review on Cares52:
Superb massage. Very professional, really knows what he is doing. A proper massage table too, which makes all the difference. I learned a great deal. Thanks.
Reviewed by 5thSeason, 2014-12-03 [ID 11142/P]

gazbear Recommended
London, United Kingdom

It was a pleasure to meet Gary and do a massage exchange with him. Gary is warm and friendly. He has some basic techniques which he applied very well and he was quick at picking up new techniques. He was adept at combining a light touch with deep pressure. Apart from some initial nerves, he gave a very good massage. I will be happy to exchange with Gary regularly.
Reviewed by Bal, 2014-12-03 [ID 11141/P]

Massagegam Recommended
Newtown, New South Wales, Australia

I felt that Massagegam was very comfortable with me from the start. He looks after his body and it was also a real treat to work on. Will like to swap sometime in the future with him as we ran out of time.
Reviewed by Rydalmereboy, 2014-12-02 [ID 11140/P]

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