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namron Satisfactory
Gainesville, Florida, United States

Met namron today...was on time and a real southern gentleman.

Did well for his massage..is in the learning stage, was open for advice
am sure he will improve with more massages.

Reviewed by r47707, 2015-08-27 [ID 12467/P]

Niceguy0001 Recommended
Cleethorpes, England, United Kingdom

Nice guy, very quiet but soon got down to business...seemed to enjoy every part of the session....had to take his time in getting up as he was so relaxed lol... hope to have him round again
Reviewed by Raymondo27, 2015-08-27 [ID 12466/P]

kyrub Highly Recommended
Charlestown, Indiana, United States

Kyrub is a down to earth friendly guy. He has a good sense of touch His long fluid strokes were relaxing while His firmer bodywork rejuvenated me by easing tight and stiff muscles. He made the exchange a very enjoyable experience.
Reviewed by Bronzman, 2015-08-27 [ID 12465/P]

Robert61 No rating yet
East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thank you Rob for a very pleasent relaxation massage, it was lovely to meet you , i look forward to when we can exchange again
Reviewed by seasidemassage, 2015-08-27 [ID 12464/P]

jimrockfish Highly Recommended
Reading, Pennsylvania, United States

This is a very nice guy, very clean and in great shape. If you like giving massages, you won't be disappointed.
Reviewed by softtouch42, 2015-08-26 [ID 12463/P]

tanlines Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Tanlines hosted a first class session earlier this week and provided a most hospitable working environment for a good unhurried swap. He has a natural style that is both firm when needed and more gentle when appropriate that offers a competent mix of techniques and bodywork routines that belies his claim to be inexperienced. I particularly liked the kneading on the back that loosened me up for the next day. With natural energy and an unhurried approach, Tanlines is an excellent therapist and I have no hesitation in recommending him to all those able to offer a decent massage in return. I hope we can meet up again soon.
Reviewed by rowingandsportmassage, 2015-08-26 [ID 12462/P]

paulbodypump Highly Recommended
Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Had a great exchange with Paul today. His experience & training certainly showed & he delivered a first class massage with a variety of strokes & pressures. Very therapeutic, but also very sensual. Would highly recommend & hope to exchange again.
Reviewed by dixter, 2015-08-26 [ID 12461/P]

gaykingston Highly Recommended
Surbiton, United Kingdom

It was a pleasure to swap massages with Gaykingston. The chemistry was great and it felt like I was in the hands of a professional.

With big strong hands that knew exactly what to do, he applied firm but gentle sensuous strokes on each muscle of my body and made sure he spent enough time on each area knowing what part needed particular attention.

He has a kind, friendly personality and a warm honest smile that made me feel comfortable and in good hands from the moment we greeted. I look forward to more swaps with him and to explore different types of massage together.

Thank you.
Reviewed by ClaphamCommon, 2015-08-26 [ID 12460/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Robert is amazing. Such a lovely guy with magic hands. He made me feel so comfortable relaxed and welcome. He has such a passion for what he does and that shows in his massages. I recommend highly and will continue to see him as often as I can.
Reviewed by j92, 2015-08-26 [ID 12459/P]

produceguy Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States

My experience with Produceguy was more than exceptional. He communicated and he listened - and spoke through his hands and words. This was more than a massage - it was an adventure in the meaning of life. I left feeling physically and spiritually better for knowing ProduceGuy. Thanks PG
Reviewed by nick835, 2015-08-26 [ID 12458/P]

robprenton Highly Recommended
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Recently meet Rob for an enjoyable and relaxing exchange. Firm pressure with fluid strokes was very enjoyable and satisfying. Glad he enjoyed his massage in return. Highly recommended.
Many thanks.
Reviewed by Arty99, 2015-08-26 [ID 12457/P]

Jxmrub Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States

Jxmrub responded quickly to my initial message and fortunately, we were able to schedule a same-day exchange. The only unfortunate part was that I was between meetings and thus, our time was more limited than it might have been otherwise. Jxmrub is a very nice man, and his photos on this site do not do him justice. He has a solid athletic build in addition to a wonderfully intuitive touch. His home is very clean, tidy, quiet, and pleasant. He has an excellent table and used unscented lotion that left me feeling clean and moisturized. His massage was exactly what I needed. I recommend him highly.
Reviewed by M115019, 2015-08-26 [ID 12456/P]

jackbox96 Highly Recommended
Boone, North Carolina, United States

Much appreciation to this nice man for his gentle spirit and wonderful touch.
I am hoping our next session will be longer....
Five stars. :)
Reviewed by feetareneat, 2015-08-26 [ID 12455/P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

I met dexter today very nice guy had a very good massage felt very relaxed after would recommend him
Reviewed by paulbodypump, 2015-08-26 [ID 12454/P]

localman Highly Recommended
Dudley, England, United Kingdom

A very enjoyable exchange, we had been talking on the phone for ages and finally met up. This is a very warm friendly person I met and a pleasure to exchange with. I do hope we are able to do so again very soon...
Reviewed by Adam35, 2015-08-26 [ID 12453/P]

Care4u Highly Recommended
Augusta, Maine, United States

Chris approaches energy work with the purity of lovingkindness as it is taught in all great spiritual traditions. His hands are unusually warm and nurturing - I could feel my body realigning in each area he touched. I also enjoyed the way he coached me as I opened to the flow of energy - the child in me delighted in the affirmation of his words.

It's important to trust when this kind of work is done - Chris is very good at establishing a foundation of trust and respect before he begins his work.
Reviewed by samcat11, 2015-08-26 [ID 12452/P]

M115019 Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States

It was easy to schedule a massage exchange with M115019 and he showed up on time. We had a nice conversation before the massage and he was easy to talk to. It is clear that he has received and given massages because his touch is intuitive and flows seamlessly. I would say his style is Swedish. Our time was limited but it felt longer because the massage was thorough and not rushed at all. M115019 listened to my suggestions and was very responsive during the massage. I recommend him for your next session.
Reviewed by Jxmrub, 2015-08-25 [ID 12451/P]

Reply from M115019 of 2015-08-26
Thank you, sir. I enjoyed our session very much.

IG591 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

I had the pleasure of an exchange with IG591. His skills are very impressive and he is a kind host.
Reviewed by hounddog2, 2015-08-25 [ID 12450/P]

r47707 Highly Recommended
Crystal River, Florida, United States

If you want a very pleasant, comfortable, relaxing massage this is the man, The atmosphere is phenomenal and a perfect host. I was glad to meet him!!!!.
Reviewed by ricardo123, 2015-08-25 [ID 12449/P]

Hendersonguy69 Needs Improvement
Henderson, Nevada, United States

I would say to the ladies - beware. This guy is looking to trade more than a therapeutic massage. I will not be inviting him back. The one time we did get together was fine but the second appointment we made he did not show up after texting me that he wanted a sensual massage.
Reviewed by dms1257, 2015-08-25 [ID 12448/P]

Reply from Hendersonguy69 of 2015-08-25
Some people can't take no or I'm not interested as a reply. Then post false statements. Take care.

LeeMassages Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Lee and I have traded massage sessions several times. It is always a wonderful experience. I look forward to each session. He is very intuitive and has excellent flow.
Reviewed by besthands, 2015-08-25 [ID 7107/P]

rowingandsportmassage Recommended
Wandsworth, England, United Kingdom

Had the opportunity to meet with 'Rowing'. Very punctual, chatty and courteous. A very generous masseuse and I really appreciated the way he made sure I was looked after. He also shared his knowledge and gave some really useful tips to me.
Reviewed by tanlines, 2015-08-25 [ID 12447/P]

jerhoo Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

A down-to-earth and friendly guy. He was most welcoming, and had a great sense of touch. He definitely rejuvenated my knotted shoulders, thighs, glutes and calves from my swimming and cycling. Thanks again for a great session ...
Reviewed by uk123, 2015-08-25 [ID 12446/P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom

guilfordexpertmasseur's profile name is a serious understatement. He can read the body's energies like a book. He also has magic hands. I felt incredibly invigorated but relaxed after his massage, in a way that is hard to describe. But to be honest you don't need my clumsy attempts to tell you how good he is: he already has so many great reviews on this site. What is worth pointing out is how welcoming and charming and modest he is. I was nervous at the idea of massaging such a pro, but he put me at my ease and he was an absolute pleasure to meet and treat. So to sum up, here is another understatement: Highly recommended!
Reviewed by adler, 2015-08-24 [ID 12445/P]

ClaphamCommon Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I spent a lovely couple of hours with CC, who is friendly and welcoming and who made me feel very relaxed with a professional massage approach with table, rolled towels etc.

Everything during the massage was just right - pressure, strokes and sensuality - combining to make a very relaxing and sensual massage. A great session and I look forward to swapping again.

Thank you
Reviewed by gaykingston, 2015-08-24 [ID 12444/P]

whitewise Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom

I was late for my rendezvous with whitewise. I am pathological about being on time but the one-way system in Bath foxed me. My host, however, could not have been more forgiving. It was my first experience using a non-oil based massage medium and this added to the interest of the occasion. There is almost a ritual on first meetings of backs first, swapping and then fronts. I actually quite like this pattern as it enables you to get a sense of what strokes and strength appeal to the other.

Although the meeting started quite late in the evening we enjoyed a couple of hours of quality massage, with whitewise exhibiting a range of fluid, competent strokes which were absolutely blissful and well executed. It was a shame to have to clamber back into my car, although, to be frank, I was fortunate to find it in the maze that is the Podium underground car park.

Do find time to chat to and exchange with this man.
Reviewed by nexus, 2015-08-24 [ID 12443/P]

AnitaH Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Anita and I had an exchange at my home. She's very professional and friendly, giving one of the best massages I have had, especially on my back and neck. She also gave me some good pointers on how to improve my massage for next time. Look forward to more exchanges!
Reviewed by tbm79, 2015-08-24 [ID 12442/P]

waz Highly Recommended
Cambroon, Queensland, Australia

Waz was a good host and a Gentleman made me feel relaxed and comfortable ...
He gave a great massage and will be looking forward to my next massage with him
I would highly recommend Waz to anyone
Reviewed by ohforamassage, 2015-08-24 [ID 12441/P]

Boracay Highly Recommended
North Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

Boracay knows his massages. He is professional, friendly and confident. He certainly put me at ease with these qualities. He has a great technique with a couple of powerful moves up his sleeve. If you are looking for a great massage then look no further.

Thanks Boracay! See you again real soon.
Reviewed by Ethan52972, 2015-08-24 [ID 12440/P]

Alcharles Highly Recommended
Cowes, United Kingdom

I recently had the pleasure of an exchange with Alcharles. He is a really friendly person and I enjoyed our conversation before and after our exchange. He is an intuitive masseur, applying just the right amount of pressure and using a range of strokes, checking at all times that I was comfortable. I learned a lot from Alcharles and would have no hesitation in recommending him. I certainly hope to exchange again with him.
Reviewed by ME1973, 2015-08-24 [ID 12439/P]

PhiloL Highly Recommended
London Borough of Camden, England, United Kingdom

I met with PhiloL on a couple of occasions and I definitely would highly recommend him. P is genuinely interested in massage and a great host. He is selfless in his approach, caring and always very attentive, and he is also very intuitive in his approach. I really do hope he will be able to do it as a profession. He will be just great!!!
Reviewed by hesse3, 2015-08-24 [ID 12438/P]

zzen Highly Recommended
Singapore, Singapore

First meetings are always tense, not quite knowing what to expect or say. Zzen put me at ease straight away with her clam & welcoming persona. She was well organised with her oils and creams. I received an amazing massage. Her firm, long and flowing strokes coaxed the tension out as her hands glided over my body. Fingers and thumbs instinctively targeted my tightest muscles. I was left as one very relaxed and satisfied being. It was an absolute pleasure exchanging with zzen and looking forward to our next meeting!
Reviewed by healinghandsoz, 2015-08-23 [ID 12437/P]

ricardo123 Highly Recommended
New Port Richey, Florida, United States

I had my first massage session with Ricardo..
A pleasant satisfying result. Feeling great after the massage...recommend having this guy give you a great massage.
Reviewed by r47707, 2015-08-23 [ID 12436/P]

MassageLincolnHeightsLosAngeles Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

A very well done great massage exchange. Relaxing and enjoyable, great techniques, strong hands, easy going and very friendly. Looking forward to next exchange and Good Luck to his board exam!
Reviewed by Hun011, 2015-08-23 [ID 12435/P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Had the great good fortune to exchange a massage with Nexus a couple of days ago, and it is still an immensely pleasurable memory.
A bit of a last-minute arrangement, but quite incredibly relaxing nonetheless.
It was in fact one of the most professional massages I have received, and from the very outset I felt in completely safe and expert hands.
His strokes were firm, assured, with just the perfect pressure, and his manner gentle, considerate and constantly alert to the responses from my body, which he seemed to take great care and time with.
He was also very helpful in offering tips and talking me through his 'process' - I don't remember feeling so relaxed in a long time.
When it came to my turn to give the massage, I felt we were already so in tune that it became in parts a kind of 'thought-free' process, my hands almost doing the strokes without thinking.
Nexus has a lovely, muscular body, which it is a pleasure to massage, and makes it easy to find any knots or tensions in the layers of muscle.
I would most definitely recommend him, and hope we will be able to do another exchange soon.
Reviewed by whitewise, 2015-08-23 [ID 12434/P]

george07 Highly Recommended
Orange, California, United States

Once george07 starts working on you, it becomes obvious that he is no beginner to giving massages. He has a very sensual touch that leaves you energized and drained at the same time. Unlike most of my previous exchanges we didn't do a direct swap so I wasn't already tired from giving a massage or having to get up and give a massage right away either.

I look forward to our exchanging again.
Reviewed by therealtalcorath, 2015-08-23 [ID 12433/P]

Ethan52972 Highly Recommended
Millers Point, New South Wales, Australia

Had a wonderful and relaxing massage tonight from Ethan52972

As soon as Ethan52972 walked in the door... he was pleasant, and had good personality

I went first with the swap, and Ethan52972 put me right at ease..... .... hands are soft gentle, and .... he knows what to do, as he is fully trained..

I would highly recommend Ethan52972 for swapping massage... and I look forward to our next swap..

Reviewed by Boracay, 2015-08-23 [ID 12432/P]

Caplio Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States

I recently had an exchange with Caplio and I was lucky enough to meet him twice in the same day. I must say that his courtesy in arranging the exchange was second to none with brilliant communication skills. Also his massage was very thorough, confident strokes and good techniques used during the session. I am so pleased that after months of conversation our schedules finally met and I got pampered by his strong hands along with his courtesy and hospitality.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2015-08-22 [ID 12428/P]

Ca524 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Full of knowledge, great disposition, down to earth guy, nice experience, the massage was agreat tune up,
Ca524 is what you wish when you trade massage. Looking forward for the next time
Reviewed by pumita88, 2015-08-22 [ID 12431/P]

ME1973 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Met up with ME1973 a really nice guy ,had a good chat then as i was the guest i went on massage table and had a superb massage ,perfect in all ways ,then we swopped and i gave a nice massage which i hope was good ,would like to return and if you get the chance do make it
Reviewed by Alcharles, 2015-08-22 [ID 12430/P]

tanlines Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

he has a great instinctive touch. i really liked doing an exchange with him and would recommend him.
Reviewed by nakedguy, 2015-08-22 [ID 12429/P]

RobfromBath Highly Recommended
Bath, Avon, United Kingdom

Exchanged with RobfromBath for the second time today and would highly recommend him.

He has a very confident, positive, energizing style and makes the recipient feel really safe and cared for; he is also very hospitable and clearly makes efforts to prepare the room nicely etc.

One of the best parts of the exchanges is that i have really learnt something from Rob and adapted my style accordingly, so it was well worth the effort of travelling to meet up.

Unequivocally five stars!
Reviewed by Persephone, 2015-08-22 [ID 12308/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

I had my first swap with Robert almost a week ago. I was very anxious that time but because of his professionalism i was able to carry on. The ambiance of his place( music, equipment etc)is spot on!.I must say that he is a professional masseur. He knows how to deal with a stressed body. I experience one of the best massage ever. It feels that i was in a world class spa. He is very genuine chap, respectful and strict with his rules. And i must say that because of that, we build a rapport. We had a good swap together. We had already our 2nd meeting 3-4 days after the 1st. He offerred me variety. I had deep tissue massage the 1st meeting and relaxing one on the 2nd with a new technique, he called spanking technique!. He is very cool fun to be with and willing to impart his knowledge for the enhancement of one's massage skills. Looking forward to more swaps with him. He is beyond perfection. Highly reccommended! Kudos mate!
Reviewed by Zyrix03, 2015-08-22 [ID 12427/P]

Phoenixstar Highly Recommended
Sylmar, California, United States of America

Phoenixstar is an incredible healer! Wonderful hands, intuitive guidance, and a gifted professional. I experienced one of the BEST massages I've ever had. considering I've been in the business for many years, I feel like he's a golden find! Hopefully we'll be able to continue exchanging. He is a warm, comfortable individual who's a pleasure to be around I hope this experience leads to a friendship as I think we have much to share. Thank you Phoenixstar!
Reviewed by afg, 2015-08-22 [ID 12426/P]

Reply from Phoenixstar of 2015-08-24
Thank you. That was very kind and the experience was mutually enjoyed. Looking forward to our next exchange. There is a lot I know I can learn from you.

tony1 Highly Recommended
Brackley, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Tony came round to my place to exchange treatments and I have to say we spent a very pleasant afternoon. He’s very knowledgeable about different types of massage styles and I enjoyed a very professional massage.

Next time I’ll try and stay awake so that I can learn some of Tony’s techniques!
Reviewed by LotusEater, 2015-08-21 [ID 12425/P]

Gymfan Recommended
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

A very respectful gentleman. I had a nice relaxing massage and would recommend him.
Reviewed by maturefem, 2015-08-21 [ID 12424/P]

Reply from Gymfan of 2015-08-24
Hi J and thanks for your kind review and for making me so welcome in your home and I found you very interesting and respectful too and I'm really pleased you enjoyed my massage. Take care and hopefully see you again soon.

pumita88 Highly Recommended
Pasadena, California, United States

Pumitta88 and I exchanged a great massage. His technique was very relaxing and and time wasn't an issue. I kept waiting for my turn to be over and time kept going by! He was very welcoming, helped me setup and feel comfortable. He also took some time to show me some some proper yoga techniques I could do to help loosen up my problem area. I look forward to a swap again.
Reviewed by Ca524, 2015-08-21 [ID 12423/P]

mei123mei Highly Recommended
Big Bear Lake, California, United States

Between our busy professional schedules it took quite some time to finally have an exchange recently and what an excellent workout I received from mei123. His strong hands, deep tissue massage found so many spots that needed attention badly. Even though his profile says that he doesn't have a lot of experience, he has definitely learned how to give a great massage. He is very personable and it was a pleasure to work on his slim, firm body in return. Our time together was well worth the wait and I look forward to many more such occasions with mei123.
Reviewed by PSJackS, 2015-08-21 [ID 12422/P]

dragonflyuk Highly Recommended
Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Met recently with dragonflyuk when he came to my home. Within a few minutes I felt at ease in his company and we spent some social time before the massage which was lovely. He obviously felt a bit doubtful about giving a massage, as a newcomer, but I really enjoyed the benefit of smooth strokes on my body, unhurried and wishing to please. I can recommend him and know that he would enjoy practice with other guys. I hope we can meet again before long.
Reviewed by fullbody4u, 2015-08-21 [ID 12421/P]

LotusEater Highly Recommended
Bicester, United Kingdom

If your looking for a relaxing, full body massage you won't get any better that visiting LotusEater. Yesterday we had an exchange and I have to say I have never received a better massage. LotusEater is a friendly, easy going guy with a fully equipped massage room. I hope to make our exchanges a regular thing and look forward to our meeting.
Reviewed by tony1, 2015-08-21 [ID 12420/P]

LondonMike Highly Recommended
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to exchange with London Mike while working in Johannesburg. He definitely knows his way around with body electric work and firm hands! Strongly recommend him, had a fulfilled experience!
Reviewed by latinbuck, 2015-08-21 [ID 12418/P]

fullbody4u Highly Recommended
Poynton, Cheshire East, United Kingdom

Met Fullbody 4u this week at his lovely home very nice friendly man gave me a very warm welcome.John gave me lots of tips and was explaining technique throughout the massage.enjoying and hour or two of great company I would recommend him to others on the site: you will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by dragonflyuk, 2015-08-21 [ID 12417/P]

jemalt No Show
London, United Kingdom

Bad manners, someone said recently, is worse than criminality. What kind of person is it who gratefully accepts your offer of a free massage, arranges to meet you, says he is really looking forward to it, confirms the meeting the day before, then fails to show? Not only does he not show, he does not have the courtesy to pick up his phone when called, or respond to a message on ME, not so much as a text to say sorry. How does that person live with himself knowing that he treats people with no respect? I doubt he gives a damn. But if I were you, I would stay clear of someone who has so little sense of self worth and instead try one of the very many great people you will find on this site.
Reviewed by samfinch, 2015-08-21 [ID 12410/N]

Ca524 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Ca524 and I exchanged massages recently and I have to say it was one of the best trades I've had in a very long time. He has extremely strong hands and worked on my problem areas for a long time. His training is evident but I never felt like he was doing a "routine" massage. His easy going manner kept things light and we had a nice conversation throughout. I highly recommend trading with him if you get the chance.
Reviewed by Gambit39, 2015-08-20 [ID 12416/P]

kjohnny123 Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I had several massage sessions with Johnny. He is very friendly, safe, fun to be with.
His massage sessions are soft, very sensual and errotic.
I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by Gentlemassage, 2015-08-20 [ID 12415/P]

MassageLincolnHeightsLosAngeles No rating yet
Los Angeles, California, United States

Great, considerate guy! I told him that for someone who has just finished massage school his pressure and flow were excellent! Very down-to-earth and easy to talk to. He made sure I was comfortable in every way (asking if I needed water, privacy, how I liked the pressure, etc). Overall, he did great work and I was able to truly relax. He is the one who told me about this site. I'd recommend him to anyone.
Reviewed by Ca524, 2015-08-20 [ID 12386/P]

nakedguy Highly Recommended
West Hollywood, California, United States

Great massage. A generous and accommodating guy - thank you for arranging 'hosting' while I was in town. Definitely recommended and will make sure I look up again when in the same town.
Reviewed by tanlines, 2015-08-20 [ID 12414/P]

ekimem1412 Highly Recommended
Lees, United Kingdom

hi i met ekimem1412 yesterday ,gave me best massage ive had on here ,realy as sensitive fingers dont miss him
Reviewed by derek1938, 2015-08-20 [ID 12413/P]

Ca524 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

This guy is the real deal!!! If you want an exceptional trade from a truly qualified and intuitive masseur, this is the right person. CA524 does not watch the clock but instead is tuned in to the bodywork that your body is in need of...He is extremely personable and accommodating. Highly recommended. Great guy, great exchange.
Reviewed by bello7777, 2015-08-20 [ID 12412/P]

Gambit39 No rating yet
Los Angeles, California, United States

I talked with Gambit39 a couple of times on the phone before meeting up. He hosted our swap and had a spacious setting with relaxing music and candlelight. I ran a little late due to traffic, but did my best to make it up to him and took my time to really work on the issues he said were bothering him most. Easy to talk to and friendly. Very respectful and I felt very comfortable with him during our swap. He listened to what I said when I told him my main problem areas and spent a lot of time working on me. Great guy!
Reviewed by Ca524, 2015-08-20 [ID 12411/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

After several months of corresponding and a few hit and miss attempt we finally meet up for a massage trade.Due to his fantastic reviews accreditations I felt a little pressured to give him a massage first as I wasn't professionally trained.He is a wonderful person to connect and I must say we kick it off at the start!I literally work a big sweat(no blood...lol) to give him a massage and in return I m rewarded with this amazing self-designed set of massage technique that i throughly enjoyed.Guess our techniques worked of each other and we actually schedule for another massage end of the day!First time for me to trade 2 massages in one day!Awesoooommme!I was lucky enough to experience the POSH massage Robert was renowned for!I think this is a start of a nice therapeutic friendship!Thanks buddy!
Reviewed by Caplio, 2015-08-19 [ID 12409/P]

letsmeet Highly Recommended
Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia

We "Us4fun'' met up with "Letsmeet" this morning and we were not disappointed ,he turned up on time and gave us both a vvvvvvvvvvvery satisfying sensual massage.He is a very capable intuitive Masseur and has an easygoing type of personality and gentle stimulating touch.We would not hesitate to recommend him as we are both very satisfied and have already arranged for another session,Thanx dude you are a genuine nice capable guy
Reviewed by us4fun, 2015-08-19 [ID 12407/P]

kiwikees Recommended
Birkdale, Queensland, Australia

I was apprehensive given Kees age, It was unfounded he gave a superb massage and was great company.
Reviewed by badbear, 2015-08-19 [ID 12406/P]

Piripi Highly Recommended
Peregian Springs, Queensland, Australia

I had the pleasure of an exchange with Piripi recently while he was visiting here in the Desert. From the moment he arrived I knew that we were going to hit it off. His great smile, well kept tanned body, Auzzi accent, sensual and yet strong touch, and friendly demeanor made for a most enjoyable exchange. Little did I know it was his first exchange as he worked my body over well, including some pleasurable techniques I had not experienced before. He said he had taken some classes and it certainly showed. I look forward to welcoming him the next time he is back this way for another relaxing massage.
Reviewed by PSJackS, 2015-08-19 [ID 12405/P]

infinityx Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

After a polite greeting from infinityx and a few emails later, we arrange a meet-up for the following evening.
Despite the horrendous downpour, infinityx arrived at the stated time almost to the minute and it was a delight to welcome this handsome young chap into my home.

After a brief chat; or should I say quality conversation, it was apparent infinityx is a very bright, educated guy and he has the most impeccable manners.

This was a one-way massage as infinityx was in the Receive section only but it was an absolute joy to give him a long, slow therapeutic massage and without any doubt I would recommend him to anyone who just wishes to practice and perfect their techniques. I was pleased with my efforts and enjoyed every moment and I sincerely hope work and life will allow us to meet again very soon.

To summarise. Based on infinityxs punctuality, likeability and gracious manners, I submit 5 very bright shiny stars indeed
Reviewed by DavidE15, 2015-08-19 [ID 12402/P]

Jim1234 Highly Recommended
Derby, England, United Kingdom

Jim1234 and I exchanged yesterday, and I enjoyed it very much. His touch felt very pleasing, he has nice big warm hands which I liked! I wouldn't have realised he was a rookie if he hadn't mentioned it, I think he's a bit of a natural. He was a real sweetie, very down to earth and we had a similar sense of humour! He was very considerate and respectful of boundaries, our session was fun and relaxing, so we'll do it again as we both enjoyed the afternoon immensely. I have felt really relaxed in body and spirit, so I do recommend the ladies to give him a try!
Reviewed by safgirl, 2015-08-19 [ID 12404/P]

safgirl Highly Recommended
Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom

When I met safgirl for a massage session I felt instantly at ease with her, we spent quite a while chatting,before we knew it three quarters of an hour had gone by. I had my massage first which gave me a good idea on how to conduct hers.The afternoon flew by and was a very enjoyable way to ignore the world and all of its woes and problems.Hopefully safgirl enjoyed it as much as I did and we can meet again.
Reviewed by Jim1234, 2015-08-19 [ID 12403/P]

Tilly1976 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I exchanged with Tilly last week. He is definitely the tallest person I have met or massaged !!
A charming man, very polite and easy to talk with. I am delighted that I was able to ease his back pain too.
As a masseur, Tilly has very strong hands and can apply great firm pressure. He has a fantastic touch, better than any professional therapist I have encountered.
I look forward to our next exchange, I am sure I can learn a lot from the wonderfully talented man.
Reviewed by Nellie, 2015-08-19 [ID 12401/P]

bello7777 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

I had a great experience with bello7777. We talked on the phone before we met and I could tell right away he was genuine and easy to talk to. We met and he was very hospitable. He asked more than once if I was comfortable with the setup and if I needed anything to drink, etc to make me feel welcomed. Time flew by! Neither one of us kept an eye on the clock and just really relaxed and enjoyed our session. For a "bodywork enthusiast" he did an amazing job. Would recommend trading with him if you get the chance. I'm looking forward to another swap in the future. I left there feeling like a wet noodle.
Reviewed by Ca524, 2015-08-19 [ID 12400/P]

Pipajmose69 Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia

Recently met up with Pipajmose69 ,He is a congenial host and we had an unrushed massage exchange.He happily shared some massage tips gained from his accreditation with me which is much appreciated. He is a very friendly easygoing guy and a impressive masseur .Overall the experience was fantastic ,and it was an experience that l look foreward to in our next exchange /meetup
Reviewed by letsmeet, 2015-08-18 [ID 12399/P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Met dixter at my hotel for a great massage swap, he really worked in the knots in my upper back area and eased them greatly. I picked up some great tips from hi m during our 2 hours session together. He has so much previous massage experience with others you would think he was a professional masseur. Would be happy to meet him again for another swap session.
Reviewed by Tayguy, 2015-08-18 [ID 12398/P]

Tayguy Highly Recommended
Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of an exchange with Tayguy when he was visiting London for a few days. He is a very friendly laid back guy and delivered a good massage with varying strokes & pressures. Two hours flew by & I hope to have an opportunity to repeat the experience. I definitely recommend Tayguy.
Reviewed by dixter, 2015-08-18 [ID 12397/P]

letsmeet Recommended
Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia

I had a very relaxing and unhurried massage exchange with Jason0000 today. Jason is quite a muscular and strong fellow and it felt satisfying negotiating my way around some of the tense and stresssed muscles on his body. His massage was more gentler than mine which I didn't mind at all as I don't believe one needs to dig and pound muscles to obtain relief from pain and tension. Jason is a pleasant & easy going fellow who was good company and we communicated easily. I enjoyed or session very much and am eagerly looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by Pipajmose69, 2015-08-18 [ID 12396/P]

Reply from letsmeet of 2015-08-18
Thankyou Pipajmose69 for your unrushed and easygoing manner and you are a most welcoming host,you have a sound knowledge of both swediish and shiatsu massage and combine them well to give a very satisfying thourogh massage,

Ca524 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Ca524 and I had one of the best exchanges I have experienced in quite sometime. A true professional that is super skilled, with strong hands along with a great personality. We exchanged great conversation while remaining focused in our work. An absolute delight. I look forward to exchanging with him again, and again and again. Thanks MassageExchange for the introduction.
Reviewed by TwoHealingHands, 2015-08-17 [ID 12395/P]

maturefem Highly Recommended
Maidstone, England, United Kingdom

I met with Maturefem to give both a therapeutic as well as a sensual massage. The reviews that I had previously read were very accurate about her. A smashing woman who has personality and charisma. Maturefem said that she had some pain / sensitivity in her neck and shoulder area and when I had finished, she said that they felt a lot better. I had some very positive feedback. I hope that we are able to meet up again. Thank you
Reviewed by templeknight, 2015-08-17 [ID 12394/P]

templeknight Highly Recommended
Southwater, United Kingdom

I had my first massage today with Templeknight and I hope not my last. Such a nice friendly guy who put me at ease straight away and treated me with the greatest respect.
He really does know how to give a first class massage very experienced and left me feeling totally relaxed.
I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by maturefem, 2015-08-17 [ID 12393/P]

totan71 Highly Recommended
Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada

What a great guy! We've had several sessions and he is very professional, intuitive, respectful and caring. Strong hands and an amazing touch. I hope to continue our association!!
Reviewed by kjohnny123, 2015-08-17 [ID 12392/P]

Gentlemassage Highly Recommended
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

I've had several massage sessions with Gentlemassage. He is great guy - very honest, respectful, intuitive & responsive. I highly recommend!
Reviewed by kjohnny123, 2015-08-17 [ID 12391/P]

SwedishMassageTherapy Highly Recommended
Exeter, United Kingdom

SwedishMassageTherapy is going to open a clinic of his own and I would say he's fully qualified. Very thorough, even with his whole detailed routine paper aside. I'm sure all his future customers will walk out with a complete relaxed body and mind. Best wishes!
Reviewed by zdrano, 2015-08-17 [ID 12390/P]

TwoHealingHands Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Best massage I've had in years! Literally. TwoHealingHands taught me some new techniques. Made me feel extremely comfortable with him and was able to have a great conversation and joke around throughout the time. He really knows what he is doing and I didn't have to say a word. He found all of my problem areas and then even a couple I had no clue I had issues with. Great, great guy. Really looking forward to meeting up with him again!
Reviewed by Ca524, 2015-08-16 [ID 12389/P]

zdrano Highly Recommended
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Zdrano is a charming, gracious and friendly lady who is highly intelligent and well spoken. She is developing her own massage style which is highly effective. She is adept at learning from past massage experiences and is successful in blending Western Swedish style with Eastern Chinese style. I particularly enjoyed her work on the facial muscles using pressure acupoints. Despite her small size, she has extremely powerful hands and fingers and is able to deliver a very strong massage which I enjoyed, particularly her work on my back muscles. I hope I get the chance for a second exchange with her. Thank you Zdrano for a very pleasant couple of hours. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by SwedishMassageTherapy, 2015-08-16 [ID 12388/P]

KPU Highly Recommended
Wilton Manors, Florida, United States

Very thoughtful and intuitive. Excellent technique. A real pleasure.
Reviewed by angelino57, 2015-08-15 [ID 12385/P]

DavidE15 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Had a wonderful time with David, he has truly talented hands and I would definitely recommend him. He was gentle and made sure I was was comfortable at all times. The massage was thorough and not rushed at all. Nice touch with the lighting and music. Thank you for your patience and wonderful work David hope to see you again.
Reviewed by infinityx, 2015-08-15 [ID 12384/P]

amazingtinkerbell Recommended
Westbury, United Kingdom

Tink has been on the site for quite some time (a couple of years at least that I know of, based on our previous discussion timelines) and had yet to pluck up the courage to break her 'exchange duck'.....until today. :-)

Tink emailed me out of the blue, somewhat nervous in her writings, and was wanting to 'take the plunge'. First thing was that I suggested she amend her profile wording, which she has. I challenged her to face her fears and, bless her, she picked up the gauntlet.

I arrived around 12:30 and she welcomed me into her home. I was set up in around 5mins. Tink was nervous at first, which is understandable. We chatted briefly to clarify what she wanted from her first session and then we commenced. Tink relaxed quickly, all her fears and concerns dissipated within the first few minutes. I found her a very lovely natured lady, receptive to massage and a pleasure to work with. A full massage being the order of the day.

Tink reciprocated with an excellent massage for a first timer, with only minor corrections as where to work.. She's willing to learn and I hope she has many more exchanges. Thank you Tink for allowing me to help you. 4 Stars for a bloody good effort. x
Reviewed by RobfromBath, 2015-08-15 [ID 12383/P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
West Drayton, United Kingdom

Amazing masseur, really skilled. He is in fact professional so put me to shame. He is a friendly guy and I hope we get to meet again in the future.
Reviewed by gster1977, 2015-08-15 [ID 12382/P]

RobfromBath Recommended
Bath, Avon, United Kingdom

Polite relaxing respectful gentleman with good technic puts you at ease.
Reviewed by amazingtinkerbell, 2015-08-15 [ID 12381/P]

TwoHealingHands Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Wonderful charming professional massage received in his stlyish, clean apartment on a proper massage table. This man is a professional for a reason - such wonderful hands.
Reviewed by tanlines, 2015-08-14 [ID 12380/P]

matthew45 Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Matthew45 provides a wonderfully relaxing, Swedish-style massage. His pace and rhythm are methodical and deliberate and I could feel his healing good intentions through his warm hands.
If you have the chance to get or exchange massages with him, don't miss that opportunity. I'm sure glad I didn't.
Reviewed by malemassage1, 2015-08-14 [ID 12379/P]

ps Highly Recommended
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

PS is a very capable and effective individual. She keeps her agreements and appointments faithfully. PS has a professional knowledge of anatomy and health concerns and can adapt to one's presented issues sensitively and confidently. A clear communicator while assessing suitability of an exchange partner, establishing boundaries/guidelines and forming agreements and contracts for exchanged services. To her praise and credit, PS is highly intelligent and faces any concern raised with great clarity and presence.
Understandably, she is not impressed with hidden or not so hidden agendas of herself or others and I personally find that honesty to be confidence-building and worthy of great respect! As advised, we had a mutually-safe coffee shop encounter as our first face-to-face meeting so we were both free, in that public place, to stand up and walk out if either party was less than comfortable or unwilling to talk further. We enjoyed that meeting and didn't consider having to escape.
Several subsequent exchanges and communications have assured me of her authentic professionalism and formidable depth of knowledge of anatomy. That is why I am compelled to give PS a five-star "Highly Recommended" rating.
Reviewed by krg, 2015-08-14 [ID 12361/P]

Marcek Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had a good exchange with Marcek in his pleasant home. He is clearly experienced and uses a wide variety of techniques (use of elbows and forearms), which I shall try to remember, but it was also a good opportunity to try to put into practice recent newly learned techniques myself. All in all a calm, relaxing and unhurried exchange which I think we both enjoyed.
Reviewed by Kiltman, 2015-08-14 [ID 12302/P]

Kiltman Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

Kiltman has the passion to do a good massage. Good variety of strokes & pressure. Did my feet & hands really well. Great personality and easy to talk to.
Reviewed by IndianPalms, 2015-08-14 [ID 12378/P]

tanlines Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had the great pleasure of exchanging massage with tanlines while he was traveling in the US. Hands are strong with great energy, massage is firm and rejuvenating. I look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by TwoHealingHands, 2015-08-14 [ID 12373/P]

Reply from tanlines of 2015-08-14
Wonderful charming professional massage received in his stlyish, clean apartment on a proper massage table. This man is a professional for a reason - such wonderful hands.

Nellie Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom

Nellie and I had a great exchange today.
She did a tremendous job in easing my chronic back pain and put my entire body at ease. She has a great and sophisticated technique with perfect firmness.
I do hope for and look forward to futures exchanges.
Reviewed by Tilly1976, 2015-08-14 [ID 12377/P]

IndianPalms Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had a really good exchange with IndianPalms today. He is a very friendly man. He is very very professional and clearly well trained. He is strong and can apply a lot of pressure, but always made sure he asked if it was too much and varied it accordingly. He was terribly helpful giving me (the very much more inexperienced exchange partner) some good tips and gentle guidance when it was my turn to work on him. Highly recommended
Reviewed by Kiltman, 2015-08-14 [ID 12376/P]

din1980 Highly Recommended
Harrow, United Kingdom

I had a really wonderful exchange with Din1980, we had a nice talk at first and he has a very warm and friendly personality. Also he proved to be a great masseur with an excellent technique and he was using just the right pressures and strokes.. I felt very relaxed which lasted into the next day.. Would definitely swap again!
Reviewed by funkybootz2, 2015-08-14 [ID 12375/P]

jsaxmassage Highly Recommended
Blacksburg, Virginia, United States

Had an excellent massage session with jsaxmassage. He gives great massages and has great hands to massage with.
Reviewed by davemclv0322, 2015-08-13 [ID 12374/P]

MasLov Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

I have met with MasLov for a massage session recently. She is kind hearted, sweet and felt comfortable being with her from the moment we met.
We first met for a nice lunch where we got to know each other and share experiences. We had a wonderful and relaxing massage session afterwards which lasted for about 2.5 hours. She is well worth the exchange time and experience. Thank you MasLov! you are an amazing woman!
Reviewed by ActiveLA, 2015-08-13 [ID 12372/P]

gaykingston Highly Recommended
Surbiton, United Kingdom

Gaykingston is a friendly reliable guy who provides a very good massage. A delight to swap with.
Reviewed by guyguy, 2015-08-13 [ID 12357/P]

dannyg Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

What a gentle yet powerful practitioner. You will be in great hands with this gent.
Fierce reflexology combined with body-work, my body adored our time spent together.
Reviewed by thomas1111, 2015-08-13 [ID 12371/P]

Avee8r Highly Recommended
San Rafael, California, United States

We met for a quick coffee at Starbucks to break the ice and I was a bit nervous as this is my first massage and then we went to my apartment ; By the time we got there I wasn't nervous at all and I really enjoyed my massage with him - he was very respectful and put me at ease right away.

He focused on the areas I was most concerned about and has strong hands with long strokes up and down the entire body when needed and a gentle touch when needed as well.

I look forward to seeing him on a regular basis if our schedules allow.
Reviewed by unicornz, 2015-08-13 [ID 12370/P]

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